Messages from 12 Journalists representing 120 World Journalists


1. Hugh Love Died 2002 at age 73. Reported for Belfast Telegraph, UK

"Jesus asked me to report on the situation here to people on earth."

I, Hugh Love, would like to file a news flash to the earth from the spirit world, the world after death. I believe the fact that I am able to do this is already shocking news. Here, I've experienced something unimaginable. I met Jesus, who is adored not only by all Christians but also by all humanity. He greeted me, "Welcome. You're new here, aren't you?" and treated me with utmost kindness.

He then continued, "As people on earth are not acquainted with the actual situation here in the spirit world, I would like you to report it factually to them so that when they come here, their souls may have definite knowledge of the place where they can remain with God." In order to fulfill this request, I would like to submit as accurate a report as possible of the events taking place here to the people on earth.

I could not understand what was happening that so many people would be gathered here. As soon as I entered the place, cameras began to flash all around. Although I had been a reporter on earth, I was not a cameraman and therefore had never taken pictures. In one place, a person I did not recognize kept taking pictures with a flash, and the flashes of light made me feel dizzy. How should I report these things to people on earth? There were many people in this place, but it was very quiet. I did not dare to breathe too loudly. This place is a lecture facility were the Divine Principle is conveyed. It is a place where lectures are given on the Divine Principle and Unification Thought, which God had revealed to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church who is on earth. The atmosphere surrounding the lecturers and the audience was more sober than anything I had ever seen before. I was so affected by the atmosphere that it was difficult for me to cover the event. I did not feel I could walk around as I pleased.

The lecturers explained to me that the camera flashes had been my momentary spiritual experience, and the flashing light that I saw was a manifestation of God. I also listened to the Divine Principle lecture, but for the most part I paid little attention to the contents. The topics and contents of the Divine Principle lecture were unfamiliar to me. Perhaps because it has not been long since I left the earth, I find it amaazing that such things as these are going on in the spirit world. It is incredibly mysterious. Oh! How can this be? Most people in the audience looked enraptured by the Divine Principle lecture. It appeared clear that some superhuman power was at work. Outside the lecture room, a sea of people waited their turn to enter, and the atmosphere inside the room was solemn and sober. I am not yet ready to gather information on the profound depth of the Divine Principle. As a reporter, I can only convey the atmosphere of this place to people on earth. I saw Jesus sitting humbly in a respectful posture in the front row. It appeared to me that there was something in this place that humankind has never experienced before ? some kind of secret of Heaven. I cannot rid myself of the desire to step out of my position as a journalist and study the Divine Principle.

Hugh Love, 14 May 2002

 2. Fernando Pessa 1902-2002. The well-known RTP and BBC Radio commentator was hailed as the world's oldest journalist when he died the previous month in Portugal, a fortnight after celebrating his hundredth birthday. This well-liked reporter made a name for himself when broadcasting during World War II for the BBC, for which he was subsequently decorated by King George VI with the Order of the British Empire (OBE). He then went on to launch Portugal's radio and TV system (RTP).

"It is my infinite honor to gather information about this place and report it to you."

Special news bulletin to people on earth! This is the heavenly world. Because there is news here so incredible as to be beyond the imagination of people on earth, I, Fernando Pessa, act on my professional spirit and convey this news to people on earth. Generally speaking, during their lifetime, people are unable to either definitely affirm or reject the existence of a world after death. Most people just live with the question, "I wonder if it exists?"

People on earth, I will definitely prove to you that the world after death exists. Recently, a special bridge was established so that messages can be conveyed to the earthly world. This is generatlly not possible, but it has been made possible now by the special consideration of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on the earth. It is possible only for a special period for the purpose of telling people on earth about the existence of God and the world after death. Reverend Sun Myung Moon has been manifested on the earth as the True Parent of the heavenly and earthly worlds for the purpose of bringing about a world of peace centered on God.

I am now in a place where religious leaders of various levels and communist leaders are receiving education in the Divine Principle by special invitation. There is a sea of people gathered here. Among the several unique features of this place is that order is very well maintained, despite the presence of thousands of people. It is so well maintained that it seems strange. Nothing on earth compares with this. Another unique feature is that everyone without exception, after receiving the Divine Principle education, comes to a realization about the original state of human beings and the fundamental direction of life and becomes a new person. A third is that there is a total absence of any barriers between religions and races. Neither are there any conflicts among ideologies. The representatives of the four major religions - Jesus, Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed, as well as St. Augustine, Socrates, and recently communist leaders including Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin are gathered here together. Here one can meet all the famous people who have appeared in the course of human history. People on earth, isn't this incredible? They sometimes guide newcomers and give them encouragement. Some of them speak directly about the life of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who revealed the Divine Principle and Unification Thought. This is a unique place where all these people have torn down all barriers between religions, races and philosophies. They love and respect each other; they are all one with each other. What deep content does the Divine Principle hold that such things are possible? People on earth, I consider it an infinite honor that I am able to gather news about this unique situation and report it to you. It is of greater honor than anything I ever experienced during my earthly life. I have not the slightest doubt that if everyone could become one by the power of the truth and of love, as is happening here, peace would certainly come to all humanity on earth as well. I hope that those people on earth who are lacking in their belief in the world after death and the existence of God will not ignore what is happening here. If people in the earthly world would do as is happening here in the heavenly world ? that is, break down the walls between religions, races, and ideologies, and live centering upon God ? then all the confrontations, friction, conflicts, and wars would naturally disappear. Let us put our heads together and find out about the power of the Divine Principle.

Fernando Pessa, 14 May 2002


3. Esau Jaramillo A well-known sports reporter in Columbia.

"I much deplore not being able to interview the Four Great Saints about their impressions."

When Esau Jaramillo was alive on earth, he never handled a scoop like this. Really, this is the most amazing and shocking scoop in all human history. When will there be another opportunity to send a story from the heavenly world to the earthly world? People on earth, please listen carefully to this news. This is the heavenly world, where the so-called spirit lives eternally after human beings die. Here, I've met the Four Great Saints, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed. The leaders of various religious groups come and go freely and live here. In particular, there is a Divine Principle lecture facility here. The Divine Principle is God's revelation, and the new truth for the twenty-first century revealed by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. According to the Divine Principle, Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah and Savior of humankind and the True Parent of Heaven and Earth. The founders of the four major religions attend Reverend Sun Myung Moon as their True Parent, and believe absolutely in the Divine Principle. This place qualifies to be called Heaven.

People here live as brothers and sisters. They always live harmoniously as members of one family, respecting and loving each other, and doing things for each other. They are kind and warm even to those who come here for the first time. Thousands gather to listen to the lectures on the Divine Principle, but they do not talk among themselves and the atmosphere is quite solemn and serious. Anyone who experiences this atmosphere would find it overpowering. I deplore very much not being able to interview the Four Great Saints about their impressions. I intend to study how it is that people are born again as new people after they are educated in the Divine Principle. When that becomes clear, I will send another exclusive story to people on earth.

Esau Jaramillo, 15 May 2002


4. Clem Lloyd Died on last New Year's Eve at age 62. One of Australia's leading journalists and journalism educators. Worked for almost fifteen years as chief of staff and press secretary for leaders of the Australian Federal Labor Party. Research professor at Canberra University. Appointed an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) in 1993 for services to public policy, public administration, journalism and education.

"Can it be that the peace of humankind begins with the Divine Principle?"

The lecture facility with the strange sign saying "Divine Principle Study Facility" always has many people coming and going. It is a place where mysterious miracles take place every day. I cannot give too much praise to the courtesy, geniality and orderliness shown by the participants here. There is a new revolution in human character transpiring here. I, Clem Lloyd, had heard the common rumors when I began to gather information. The moment I set foot in the lecture hall, I could not help but be surprised again by the solemn and quiet atmosphere of the lecture hall. Although many people are listening to the Divine Principle lecture, it is so quiet that one can hear a pin drop. The only sound is the voice of the lecturer that resonates in a harmonious union of excitement, heart and passion. It was like an orchestra in concert. In the lecture hall, my heart was struck by the placard carrying the theme "God is the Parent of All Humankind."

Here and there, I could see people trying hard to hold back tears. I myself, having been completely immersed in this atmosphere, began to shed tears. What did it mean that God is the Parent of humankind? And what did it mean that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah, Savior and True Parent of all humankind? I quietly took a seat so as to listen to the lecture. The more deeply I became involved in the lecture, the more I was moved. I continued to shed tears, though I did not understand why. It is very difficult for me to describe this in a few words. Suffice it to say that the content of the lecture was completely new, and it was well organized. This was the Divine Principle. According to the explanation of the lecturers, the person who revealed the Divine Principle is the Messiah and True Parent of all humankind, and his name is Sun Myung Moon. The Divine Principle is something out of the ordinary. I cannot suppress an intellectual curiosity that makes me want to study it further. Can it be that the peace of humankind begins with the Divine Principle? I leave that up to the judgement of readers on earth.

Clem Lloyd, 15 May 2002


5. Donald Woods Died 2001at age 67. Veteran South African newspaper editor and anti-apartheid activist. Africa). Returned to South Africa in August 1990 after 13 years in exile. Made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000 for his human rights activities.

"All roads lead to the Divine Principle."

Freedom of the press is protected in the earthly world for appearances' sake, but it is not protected a hundred percent. Right now in the heavenly world, I, Donald Woods am able to gather news on anything without anyone's control or interference. Freedom of the press is completely protected in the heavenly world. I intend to report to the earthly world exactly what I see and feel concerning the situation here. Very shocking things are happening here.

People on earth! This is the heavenly world. I have received the special grace to convey a message from the place where the souls reside, that is, the world after death, to the earthly world. What is the Divine Principle? In short, it is the doctrine of the Unification Church, revealed by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon through a revelation from God. Actually, though, it would be much better to refer to it as a truth that transcends all religions, philosophies and races. This is because religious leaders, philosophers and politicians of many dimensions have all changed to become new people after hearing the Divine Principle.

For example, the representatives of the four major religions have formed a oneness with each other centering on the Divine Principle, and are cooperating with each other on all their activities. In the earthly world, there was once a saying, "All roads lead to Rome." Here in the heavenly world, I believe a new proposition will soon appear that says, "All roads lead to the Divine Principle." I would like to find out the details of what has made it this way. In this place, I met personally with Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam. This was a totally unexpected development. What was particularly amazing was that he is now the director in charge of the Divine Principle Education Program. When did he come to be this way? That is a complete mystery. People in the world adored him, so why is he working here in this way? I am most concerned about the reaction of Muslims on earth when they learn this fact. How can the realities of the earthly world and heavenly world be so different? It is only to be expected that earthly people will not believe these things. In fact, I, too, have experienced these things directly, finding them hard to believe. I only report these facts. Mohammed is the very essence of gentleness, humility and kindness.

In this place alone, there appear to be no walls between religions, races or philosophies. In this place, all have become one. Here, one can truly experience joy, happiness, peace, freedom, equality and righteousness for the first time. There are so many interesting stories for me here that I cannot bear to leave.

Donald Woods, 15 May 2002

6. Sailen Chatterjee Died 2001at age 78. Journalist, freedom fighter and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. Long remembered for his coverage of Gandhiji's peace mission in Noakhali district of undivided Bengal from December 1946 to March 1947, which greatly restored the confidence of the people. Chatterjee, then only 23, toured the villages barefoot with Gandhiji braving communal violence.

"The new typhoon of the Unification Movement is blowing here in this place."

In this heavenly world, I, Sailen Chatterjee, have been able to do something that I wanted to do all my life. I came to the Divine Principle lecture facility. This place transcends the many barriers that one often experiences on earth. It is a place where the Divine Principle is taught so that people can live freely and in peace. The Divine Principle can be seen as the teachings of one particular religion, but anyone who examines its contents in detail finds that it is a fundamental teaching about God, the universe, and human life. Of course, I, too, received Divine Principle education here. Representatives of the various religions, general leaders and intellectuals are gathered here. They are always discussing and sharing their opinions with each other freely and peacefully.

The most amazing fact here is that famous saints and sages from human history come and go as they please and are cooperating with the educational proceedings with enthusiasm. The Divine Principle appears to contain the necessary elements for manifesting humanity's peaceful world for all. According to the Four Great Saints here, the Divine Principle is the truth revealed by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church through a revelation from God, and anyone who receives Divine Principle education will be reborn as a new person. The new typhoon of the Unification Movement is blowing in this place. No one can predict what results the Unification Movement will bring to this place.

I, too, will actively participate in this movement. Also, it appears it would not be unreasonable for people on earth to believe that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah and Savior of all humankind. From what I have seen here, this can be easily substantiated. All the people here, without exception, are free and peaceful. The Four Great Saints are walking the path of being examples of the Divine Principle. I am truly glad that I am given the chance to do things here that I was not able to complete on earth.

Sailen Chatterjee, 16 May 2002


7. Igor Alexandrov Investigative journalist. Brutally murdered in Slavyansk, Ukraine on 3 July 2001 by unknown assailants in one of a series of violent incidents involving journalists.

"The Divine Principle will bring about a paradigm shift for traditional theology."

We are not able to have definite knowledge of the existence of God. We only live with the supposition, "He must exist." It is possible for us logically to deny God's existence, but it would probably be impossible for us to deny His existence in our actual daily lives. What can this God be? I, Igor Alexandrov, am no longer living on earth. I live in the world after death, which has always been the object of people's curiosity. Not having been here long, I am not yet accustomed to the phenomena here.

I was given a special grace, allowing me to report from the heavenly world to the earthly world, I find it quite novel that things which cannot normally be experienced on earth are occurring here in the heavenly world. Divine Principle education must be going on in many places in the earthly world as well. Having received it here, I would like to report briefly on my own views regarding the existence of God.

The Divine Principle, under the overall theme "God is the Parent of Humankind," explains in amazing details God's attributes, the relationship among them, the motivation for His creation of the universe, its method and purpose, and innumerable other matters. This content is truly original and the presentation is very logical. Things are described in terms not of probability but certainty. The Divine Principle explains that God exists as the unified body of the dual characteristics of internal nature and external form and the harmonized union of masculinity and feminity. I cannot begin to explain the shock and excitement that this proposition gives me. I believe it will bring about a paradigm shift for traditional theology in particular. The Divine Principle is causing human consciousness to evolve to a new dimension.

Thousands have gathered here to listen to the lectures, but they exhibit an exceedingly disciplined attitude toward their education. God is the Parent of humankind, and we are all brothers and sisters. This is the prerequisite for humanity to bring about a world of peace. I now am certain that this will be realized by the Divine Principle, which is the new truth of the new age of the new millennium brought to light by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon who received God's revelation. I regret that I cannot introduce all the sections of the Divine Principle at this time. I look forward to the day when the heavenly world and the earthly world are one.

Igor Alexandrov, 16 May 2002

8. Charles Templeton 1915-2001. Died at age 85. Canada's legendary newspaper and magazine reporter, and CBC and CTV broadcaster and news director. Received two ACTRA (Association of Canadian Radio and Television Artists) awards and the B'nai Brith award in 1967. As a young man, he quickly rose to the top of protestant evangelism together with his close friend Billy Graham in the 1940s, but later went to the seminary and came out an agnostic. In 1995, he published a book entitled "Farewell to God: My Reasons for Rejecting the Christian Faith."

"I am inspired by the greatness of the Divine Principle in its ability to unite the Four Great Saints as one."

There seems to be no accepted theory as to the world of the human soul. I, Charles Templeton, am now sending a message from the heavenly world, that is, the world after death. It would give me utmost pleasure if this message were to aid people on earth in improving their understanding of the world after death.

I am now in the Divine Principle lecture facility in the heavenly world. I will report to you on the unique life and incidents here. In the earthly world, there are many religions and denominations, and sometimes there is confrontation and friction among these. Here, though, there is no such thing. What is particularly surprising is that the Four Great Saints of the four major religions - Christianity (Jesus), Confucianism (Confucius), Buddhism (Buddha) and Islam (Mohammed) - are together here. I don't know if I will ever have another opportunity here to meet such great saints. Despite my humble position, I ventured to ask them, "What is it that made you one?"

Jesus answered me, saying, "The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Savior, Messiah and True Parent of humankind. So it is only natural for us to accept the philosophy and guidance of the Messiah. I, Jesus, was the Messiah of the New Testament Age, but the Messiah of the Completed Testament Age is the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Yet my mission and his mission from the viewpoint of God's will, are one and the same." I still do not understand the meaning of Jesus' words. I do know that most of what the saints said is the same as what Jesus said.

Confucius said, "God is the vertical True Parent of humankind, and the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the horizontal True Parent. Also, all people belong to one brotherhood and sisterhood. The Divine Principle has made this clear from many aspects. All people, without exception, must become one with one another centering on the True Parents." I do not understand what Confucius meant when he referred to vertical and horizontal True Parents.

Buddha answered me, saying, "Until now, the teachings of Buddhism were very vague on the fundamental reason for God's creation of the universe. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Messiah of humankind, has now taught us this through the Divine Principle. He has also taught us clearly about what human beings are and about human life. It should not be strange at all that we have become one with each other through the new truth." Buddha's reply made me feel that I had asked a very obvious question.

Mohammed spoke to me as follows: "The Divine Principle makes it completely clear that Allah (the absolute God of Islam) and God (the absolute God of Christianity) are one substantial Being. So the teachings of Christianity and those of Islam are fundamentally one. The teaching with the greater realistic meaning is that which says that God is the Parent of humankind, and that all human beings are His children.Also, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Savior, Messiah and True Parent of humankind. With the appearance of this new truth, we can but only move toward oneness. We always belonged to one brotherhood and one sisterhood, but we did not know this until now, and this is the reason so many religious bodies and denominations came into being. We have all become one in God's love and truth. Now that we have done so and experienced resulting peace and happiness, we wonder why we were not able to do this before. The earthly world must become one, too, in the same way as the heavenly world. We human beings can become one only when we live in attendance of the True Parents."

In any case, these were their answers. I have yet to grasp the true meaning of their statements. I am merely reporting to you their replies as they gave them. They were all very gentle and humble. More than anything else, it was the Divine Principle that brought them together as one. I would like to emulate their character. I hope this will be of assistance to your lives in the earthly world.

Charles Templeton, 16 May 2002


9. Alexandre Jose Barbosa Lima Sobrinho Died 2000 at age 103. Longtime president of the Brazilian Press Association of Brazil and believed to be the world's oldest practicing writer. Opposed the military administration and defied corrupt politicians and wrongdoers. Was a three-time congressman and governor of the northeastern state of Pernambuco Ran for vice-president in 1974.

"Now the True Parents are guiding both the heavenly and earthly worlds."

I, Barbosa Lima, have received not a small amount of excitement and deep emotion as I witnessed the scene here in the heavenly world of an education that is unprecedented in human history. Large crowds of people continuously come and go here. I was curious about the type of activity going on in this place, so I met the person responsible. He immediately understood what I was trying to do, and responded to me with candor and kindness as he explained about the Divine Principle education. He introduced himself as Sang Hun Lee. According to teacher Lee, this facility provides education in the Divine Principle, which was revealed by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon through a revelation from God. As he explained to me the topics of the Divine Principle one by one, he gave me a philosophical perspective on the fundamental reason that we human beings have not been able to become one. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon currently is in the earthly world, but he is the Messiah and True Parents of humankind, who directly controls the various realities of the heavenly world as well. Teacher Lee told me that this place provides Divine Principle education, in accordance with directions from the True Parents, to religious and political leaders, philosophers and leaders in other fields who have exercised a degree of influence in human history.

He said that when the educational program was first launched, there were quite a few who did not understand its significance and were reluctant to attend, but now there are so many prospective participants that it is provided only to those who are specifically chosen. I am unable to record here the full content of the Divine Principle lecture that I received from him, but it seemed to reveal surprising facts about God, humanity and nature. In any case, there can be no doubt that many people are being renewed through Divine Principle education. I feel that I, too, have been assimilated to a great extent by teacher Lee's sincere and passionate explanations, and his humble demeanor. I keep feeling a strong urge within me to listen to the Divine Principle lectures at the next opportunity.

Alexandre Jose Barbosa Lima Sobrinho, 16 May 2002


10. Peter Smark 1936-2000. Died at age 63. Famous Australian journalist who worked for AAP-Reuters, The Australian, The Age, and The Sydney Morning Herald as a foreign correspondent.

"Famous and historical figures are one centering on God."

This is not a dispatch from the earth to the earth, but a special dispatch report from the heavenly world to the earthly world. This is the heavenly world, the world after death, where so-called souls live. I myself am deeply surprised at the phenomenon of being able to report from the world after death to the earthly world. Also, this Divine Principle lecture facility is filled with exclusive stories of such great significance that they are unprecedented in history. The Four Great Saints are here together, providing all the famous people in history with Divine Principle education so as to establish a new view of God, of the universe and of human life. Through this program, all the famous historical figures are being united as one centering on God. How can such a thing be possible? On the earth, putting the idea of a universal community into practice is nothing more than a slogan. There is no instance in human history where it was actually accomplished. I hope people on earth will keep in mind that this is not something happening on earth, but in the world after death. Such a thing would be impossible in the earthly world.

Then who is the one who is behind all these phenomena in the spirit world? According to the people in charge here, his name is Sun Myung Moon and he is now on earth. I am told he is the True Parent and Savior of humankind who, after Jesus, has taken on the mission of Christ at the Second Advent and received the Divine Principle in a revelation from God. He has lived his entire life for the sake of peace among humanity, and he administers the heavenly and earthly worlds. Frankly, I, Peter Smark, find it almost impossible to understand this. What ability could a person on earth have that would allow him to administer what is happening in the heavenly world? Have you on earth heard of such things? I am certain that you will answer, "No." That is my answer, too.

According to the explanation by the sponsors, there is a specific period during which things in the heavenly world can be made known to people on earth, and people on earth can be told that the world after death definitely exists. They say this can happen only by the authority of the Messiah. I can neither affirm nor deny this. I can only conscientiouslly report that such things are happening in the heavenly world. Right now, there is a very sober atmosphere here. Everyone is being changed by the Divine Principle.

Peter Smark, 17 May 2002


11. Jerzy Turowicz 1912-1999. Died at age 86. Editor of the Polish Catholic weekly Tygodnik Powszechny. Decorated with the Commander's Cross with the Star of the Polonia Restituta Order. Received honorary degrees from Yale University and Boston University.

"The Divine Principle contains the pain and sorrow of history."

We are born with freedom of thought. So, in society, freedom of expression and freedom of the press are constitutionally protected. I, Jerzy Turowicz, have received a special opportunity to experience freedom of the press to its fullest extent here in the heavenly world, the world after death. This is an opportunity to send a message from the heavenly world to the earthly world. This is the greatest honor and joy. I met Dr. Sang Hun Lee here in the Divine Principle lecture facililty and received new wisdom concerning the Divine Principle. I would like to candidly report this to people on earth. Dr. Lee devoted his full sincerity and his heart and soul in lecturing to me.

The content was as follows:

Does God Exist?

Cosmology (The Principle of Creation)

The Path We All Must Tread (The Fall)

The Last Days And Our Attitude (Eschatology)

The Messiah We All Await:

Who Is He?

From Where And How Does He Come?

Resurrection (Will We Really Be Resurrected?)

What Is The Extent Of God's Predestination For Us?

(The Human Portion of Responsibility and the Predestination of God's Will)

Is Jesus God Himself? (Christology)

Where Is History Headed? How Is It Getting There?

(Principle of Restoration through Indemnity)

The Missions of Historical Central Figures (from Adam to Jesus)

Age of the Prolongation of the Providence of Restoration

viewed in the Parallel Providential Periods

When And Where Will Jesus Come Again?

This is very wide-ranging content. For me, it was a time of tears. I regret that I cannot report everything here. People on earth, pay attention to this exclusive report from the heavenly world. This Divine Principle contains the bloodstained pain and sorrow of history. People on earth should not miss the opportunity to attend the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and study the Divine Principle. I went to the Divine Principle lecture facility in my capacity as a reporter, but I came to realize an incredible fact. I only regret that I can only convey it to people on earth in simplified form. I sincerely ask that you not miss that opportunity during your life on earth.

Jerzy Turowicz, 17 May 2002


12. Shigeo Saito Died 1999 at age 71. Reporter for Kyodo News Service and non-fiction writer. Recipient of the Japan Congress of Journalists Award.

"Reverend Sun Myung Moon deeply loves Japan."

I, Shigeo Saito, convey this message to the people of Japan. There is an eternal heavenly world for humankind. When I had a physical body, I was unconcerned and ignorant about this heavenly world, but it definitely exists. Today, I would particularly like to convey to Japanese people that there is something Japan today seriously misunderstands and over which Japan is in serious error. I am now in the Divine Principle lecture facility. A great many people are changing here through the Divine Principle. This is a place where there is absolutely no religious or philosophical prejudice or racial discrimination. The heavenly world is creating the world of peace centering on this place. Japanese people here know the Divine Principle very well. People here are aware that the Japanese media have for the past several years reported that the Divine Principle creates confusion in society. As I come to realize the true nature of the Divine Principle in the heavenly world, however, I must point out the bias and prejudice of the Japanese people.

Japanese people are mistaken about the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who discovered the Divine Principle. He is living a life of total dedication to the purpose of leading all humanity on the right path. The Japanese people and government should correct their perception of this teacher and be guided by him. We Japanese should live our lives with a heart of atoning for our oppression of the Korean people, which is historical fact. Only then will Japan's future be certain. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon loves Japan deeply. He loves our country with the heart of a father. I sincerely hope that Japan will never repeat its historical error toward the Korean people. For Japan to have a bright future, we must receive the guidance of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. All the young people of Japan must receive the Reverend Moon's philosophical guidance. I strongly felt and realized this here in the spirit world. I sincerely urge that Japan not repeat its providential historical errors, and advise that it receive guidance from the teacher whom God has sent. This is because you must practice the teachings of the Divine Principle and Unification Thought in your daily life on earth if you are to live well here in the heavenly world. The world after death definitely exists.

Shigeo Saito, 17 May 2002