"God is the Parent of Humankind"

Reflections of 120 Christians Who Illuminated History

Conveyed from a Seminar in the Spirit World

An Advertising Supplement to "The Washington Times"


 I. The Twelve Disciples of Jesus
II. Central Figures in the Old Testament Age
III. Figures representing Christianity

IV. Church, Denominational and Group Representatives

V. Disciples of Confucius
1) Simon Peter
1) Abraham
1) Apostel Paul
1) Theodosius
1) Youm, Peak
2)  Andrew
2) Isaak
2) John Calvin
2) Antony
2) Jaro
3) James, son of Zebedee
3) Jacob
3) Martin Luther
3) Dominic
3) Minjagun
4) Judas
4) Joseph
4) John Wesley
4) Henry VIII
4) Jeaha
5) John
5) Moses
5) StAugustine
5) Roger Williams
5) Youmyou
6) Philip
6) Josuah
6) Polycarp
6) Ignatius Loyola
6) Joungkung
7) Mathew
7) Samuel
7) Tertullian
7) Francis Xavier
7) Anyoun
8) Simon Zealoth
8) David
8) Origen
8) George Fox
8) Jakong
9) Thomas
9) Solomon
9) Emperor Constantine
9) Philipp Spener
9) Jaha
10) Barthomoeus
10) Elijah
10) Athanasius
10) N L von Zinzendorf
10) Jayou
11) Thaddeus
11) Nehemia
11) Benedict
11) William Booth
11) Jeungja
12) James 
12) Ezechiel
12) Thomas Aquinas
12) Mary Baker Eddy
 12) Jayou
13) Isajah
 13) Francis of Assisi
13) Charles Taze Russell
13) Jajang
14) Jeremiah
14) John Wycliffe
14) Edward Herbert
15) Daniel
15) Joan of Arc
 15) George Whitefield
16) Menno Simons
16) William Tennent, Sr.
17) Emanuel Swedenborg
17) George Williams
18) Matteo Ricci
18) John Smyth
19) William Carey
19) Barton Stone
20) Dwight Moody
20 Tomlinson
21) Karl Barth
22) John XXIII
22) Joseph Smith
23) Martin Luther King
23) Brigham Young
24) Daegun Kim
24) William Miller
25) Seon Ju Gil
25) Karl Rahner
26) Yong Do Lee
26) William Temple


The text contained within these pages is a gift to you from the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification for your prayer and contemplation. It contains a series of reflections from major religious leaders in the spirit world. Though some of the ideas expressed may challenge your conventional understanding, the urgency of these times calls for new and deeper insight into the nature of life itself. Accordingly, this text is being presented in newspapers and other media throughout the world.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, have also challenged our conventional understanding.
A world that once seemed safe and comfortable now appears vulnerable, as we are reminded of the fragility of life itself. The hopes for peace that arose with the new millennium have all but been dashed. In the face of uncertainty, we hold fast to family and loved ones, searching for what is truly lasting and meaningful in our lives.

Long before this crisis, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon began working together with the world’s major religious leaders to remove the barriers between religions and build bridges of peace. Immediately following the tragedy of September 11th, they convened a gathering of 500 religious, educational, diplomatic and political leaders from 101 nations in the heart of New York City to address the roots of the crisis under the theme, "Global Violence: Crisis and Hope." Leading Muslim clerics and scholars joined with Christian and Jewish leaders in prayer, and to establish bonds that would exalt faith in God and lead toward global peace.

Subsequently, from October to December 2001, they conducted a speaking tour in 25 major cities in Korea, Japan and America to consider, "The Nation and World of Peace Which God and All People Desire." In the process, they have appointed 7000 leading men and women from diverse faiths and walks of life as "Ambassadors of Peace," who share the commitment to transcend the barriers of religion, race and nationality in the common cause of peace.

At the heart of Reverend Moon’s worldview is a rich understanding of the inner, or spiritual, dimension of life. The world’s great scriptures concur that human beings have both a temporal, physical nature and an eternal, spiritual nature. Saint Paul noted that, "It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body" (1 Cor. 15:44). With the new Millennium, we have entered the Completed Testament Age in which the spirit world is coming closer to us than ever before. To respond to this new age we are sharing new insights revealed from the spirit world itself so that we might contemplate the fuller meaning and purpose of life, the afterlife and our long cherished path to reach heaven. In an age of reason, science and skepticism, some have tended to doubt all that could not be measured with our physi-cal senses. But 20th century science, with its quantum theory, particle physics, and relativity, has made traditional understandings of matter, time and space obsolete, opening the door to the infinite. We live in a world that is moved by invisible forces, governed by invisible laws, and ultimately made of invisible energy. Now, a new paradigm is being introduced through which to understand reality.

In his letter to the Hebrews, Saint Paul referred to this physical reality as a "copy and shadow" of the heavenly, or spiritual realm (Hebrews 8:5). The Bible makes clear that life does not cease with the death of the flesh.

Modern society seeks comfort and satisfaction in the material reality, relegating the spiritual di-mension of life to the realm of superstition. But many of our own daily experiences transcend the scope of our physical senses. A mother is aware of the death of her soldier son or daughter in a distant land at the moment it occurs, long before receiving notification; we think of a friend out of the blue, and in the next moment they call or visit; we feel the presence or guidance of departed loved ones, or they appear in a dream far more intense than our experience of day-to-day life, sharing intuition and foresight. These and other insights teach us that our mind is not limited by time or space.

The following is a communication from the spiritual world, resulting from a seminar conducted with the historical leaders of the world’s faiths. The seminar’s purpose: to break down the barriers between the four religions of Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam in the spiri-tual world, paving the way for peace and harmony on earth. The content includes the reflections of 80 historical leaders of Judeo-Christianity, as well as 13 disciples of Confucius. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Sang Hun Lee, who was President of the Unification Thought Research Institute in his earthly life, and who passed into the Spiritual World in 1997. Dr. Lee interviewed the parti-cipants and conveyed these messages, which were recorded by Mrs. Young Soon Kim between August 27 and November 13, 2001.

Knowing that such information is new and unusual to many western readers, we encourage you to digest it thoroughly with a prayerful yet open mind. Translation from Korean to English presented some difficulties in terminology. The term "Messiah," for example, as used throughout the narra-tive should be understood broadly. Its literal meaning is, "anointed one," and refers not only to Jesus, who was anointed by God for the restoration of humankind, but also to those anointed by Jesus to carry on and complete the work of restoration upon his foundation.

When Jesus was accused of making himself God in John 10:33-35, he answered by quoting Psalm 82:"I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high," comparing his divinity to that which all are meant to inherit. Thus the anointing, or messiahship used here in reference to Reverend Moon does not mean that the revelations claim that Rev. Moon is Jesus. Jesus’ role as savior and Messiah will never change. Rev. Moon teaches that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the True Parents of spiritual rebirth. What it does indicate is that Jesus anointed Rev. and Mrs. Moon as the True Parents of Humanity to complete the work of the Second Advent by establishing true families within all faiths, as the dwelling place of God. As Jesus predicted: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do…"(John 14:12). The narrative testifies to the value and position of Jesus, while at the same time highlighting the crucial role played by those alive on earth in completing the providence of restoration.

We pray for God’s blessing for you, your family and your work.


Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

We welcome your comments, questions and insight. For further information or study, contact us at (202) 319-3200 or by Email at publicaffairs@familyfed. org.

I. The Twelve Disciples of Jesus

1) Simon Peter

"We have to obey what the Messiah directs and teaches."

First, I will briefly tell how I felt about this seminar, "God is Parents of humankind." Either on the earth or in the spirit world, I have never had this kind of education, and this unfamiliarity made me feel even ill at ease at first. The contents of the seminar, however, truly were full of grace, wrapped up in a good atmosphere. I found the lectures very familiar and impressive, reminiscent of the words of God and Jesus. So far, Jesus has guided and taught us, but from now on the Messiah at the Second Coming must be our guide and teacher and we should attend him as our Parent.

Simon Peter also determined to have absolute faith in the Messiah and follow the Messiah, saying, "I would like to have another opportunity to listen to all the lectures that I heard here."

Simon Peter — 2001. 8. 28
2) Confession of Andrew

"I feel acutely the responsibility of the twelve disciples."

First of all, I feel grateful that I was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and I also feel it a great honor to take part in this holy education. Andrew feels too much pain in his heart, knowing that our Lord Jesus suffered innumerable hardships on the earth and that the Messiah at the Second Coming must come again for the fulfillment of God’s providence.

It pains my heart even more to think of the pain our Lord Jesus must have felt over this, especially as the one responsible figure recorded in history. Jesus’ effort to persuade and advise us to "attend the Messiah well from now on" made us feel more remorseful. In this seminar, we definitely came to realize that even though Jesus fulfilled his responsibility as the Messiah in spite of such diffi-cult, antagonistic circumstances, we twelve failed to fulfill our responsibility as the disciples of the Messiah. With this lesson in mind, I earnestly wish that the disciples of the Messiah at the present time, even though I don’t know exactly how many there are, fulfill their responsibilities, never creating a history as painful as we did at the time of Jesus.

Andrew earnestly requests, "We twelve disciples strongly determine and pledge that we, together with Jesus, will attend the Messiah at the Second Coming as the Parents of humanity."

Andrew — 2001. 8. 28
3) James, son of Zebedee

"Fully realize God’s providence and man’s responsibility."

Jesus said that it would be the gathering of the twelve disciples, so I thought it simply would be the twelve disciples only.

There’s no way to express my heart. I felt both surprised and sorrowful in my heart. And I felt so much sorrow as well. It is even shameful that I was one of twelve disciples. I never realized that God’s providence is systematic and purposeful to such an extent. I never realized the extent to which the human responsibility is crucial. I felt deeply ashamed, recognizing that we are none other than sinners before this amazing Providence of God. In this situation, how can I dare give my confession? Furthermore, I don’t know how to express my feelings in knowing that my confession will be conveyed to humanity on the earth. Nevertheless, if I am allowed to express a single view, I only hope that I will be forgiven, because I am definitely the sinner who didn’t fulfill my respon-sibility as a disciple of Jesus. And all of us, the disciples of Jesus, feel deep remorse before this new truth. My sincere desire is that the Messiah at the Second Coming not suffer hardships as Jesus did in his time, and that people on the earth support the Messiah, thus not bringing sorrow to the heart of God who has been waiting for ages.

Messiah at the Second Coming, you may not know who Jacob is, but please forgive me." Messiah, we came to realize that we disciples were the cause of Jesus’ hardships, which in turn are related to your suffering. We truly ask you to forgive us for this. I pledge that I will attend the Messiah as the Parents of humankind.

James, son of Zebedee — 8.28.2001
4) Confession by Judas

"The Teaching of Jesus is that the Lord at the Second Coming is True Parents of humankind."

It is unbelievable that Judas was allowed to make a confession. In fact, however, he was allowed to do so because Jesus and other brothers gathered together here in spirit world when Jesus joined in the seminar on the Unification Principle. He loved his disciples even more than he did on the earth. Such grace of Jesus is indescribable.

Today, in particular, Jesus asked us 12 disciples to gather together and take part in the education program, the seminar on Unification teachings. The long-term schedule of the seminar was hard for us, but we were truly well educated just as we were taught by Jesus. Listening to the detailed and enthusiastic lectures, our minds were awakened.

Through multiple themes in the lectures presented under the main title, "God is Parents of Human-kind," we came to realize an enormous but concrete truth. Those lecturers explain the essence of human life, as if wanting to clarify each point in the textbook of human life. With so much tou-ching material with which we are unacquainted, we are going through many changes every day.

In particular, Jesus took in the entirety of the lectures with serious attention, and so we also strong-ly endeavored to sit straight the entire time. An appearance of such efforts could be plainly seen. In the middle of the lecture on the Messiah, Jesus cried so much and we also loudly wailed, and the lecturer also cried while giving his lecture. As soon as the lecture on the Messiah came to an end, Jesus stood up and called us twelve disciples together and exchanged friendly talk with us, reflec-ting Jesus’ love toward his disciples in the past. And before giving us his conclusive remarks at the end, Jesus made us pledge as follows.

First of all, Jesus asked us exactly the purpose of "the Advent and Second Coming of Messiah." Furthermore, Jesus asked us, "Will you believe and follow me?" ascertaining our faith. Lastly, Jesus said the following with a very emphatic tone of voice and with utmost seriousness: "I, Jesus, am resolved to attend the Messiah who has already descended on to the earth as my teacher. And I, Jesus, have formed a conjugal tie with one woman living on the earth, in front of the Lord at the Second Coming, that is, the Messiah. Now I will follow the true teacher who had revealed new truth. This is none other than the Messiah at the Second Coming, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Reverend Moon came as the Parents of humanity, so you must attend him as your Parents." After this, Jesus offered an intensely emotional prayer to God.

"Heavenly Father, I didn’t even imagine that the mission of I, Jesus, caused your heart to bemoan to such an extent. How deeply painful and sorrowful your heart would be when you had to restart your providence by sending another Messiah. And what a painstaking efforts of the Messiah, who had to reorganize that remorseful history! Now here, the twelve disciples and I, Jesus, have made determinations and pledges before God. We all determine and pledge that we will attend the Messiah working on the earth, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, as our eternal True Parents. Thus, I pray that God will bless our gathering here and God may be glorified."

Looking at this desperate prayer of Jesus, some disciples were choked with tears, and others cried stamping their feet or hitting their own bosoms. I also found myself crying, hitting myself on the head. We really created a sea of tears.

All of us knew that. We understood the suffering at the time of our Lord Jesus better than anyone else. We all knew well that in those times, Jesus was confronted with circumstances too difficult for Jesus himself alone to walk the way of the Lord. In this educational seminar, we came to know and realize more deeply the providential reasons the Messiah at the Second Coming should come to the world and the path that the Lord at the Second Coming would walk on the earth. We all are ready to follow the road of the True Teacher whom our Lord attends.

Now Judas made resolutions again and again not to become an unfaithful son, saying, "I would like to return to the true original self of Judas."

Judas — 2001. 8. 27
5) Confession by John

"I feel touched by the theory of the invisible substantial world and the visible substantial world."

People on the earth, in particular Christians, can barely understand the reality of what has been happening in the spirit world, the fact that Jesus and his twelve disciples got together and have been studying the Unification Principle. In this spirit world we have no physical body but feel free and more comfortable than on earth. Here we lack nothing and we are being taught the Unification Principle at a location chosen by God. How can I express what I have learned? I was considerably impressed by the fact that the Messiah who came after Jesus, through painstaking effort, revealed the truth and theory about the invisible substantial world and the visible substantial world. My deep impression at that time is beyond description.

"The single most important point that I would like to express is that we must attend the Messiah as the teacher of humankind, but still more as the Parents of humankind. How can I express my heart of gratitude for having been taught this in this seminar? The only thing I can do is to give thanks forever.

John — 8. 29. 2001
6) Confession by Philip

"I feel acutely man’s responsibility." Philip had thought that a man is predestined to be blessed when he is born.

After being taught at this seminar, however, I woke up big time. Learning that every man has a responsibility of his own, and that his failure to fulfill his responsibility prolongs the providential history, I became repentant. When the failure of central figures obstructed and prolonged God’s providential history, God, the absolute being, had to wait for ages just cherishing his plans. Until another new central figure was properly established, the providential history had had to endure a long wait. I came to think that our Lord Jesus was not exceptional in undergoing such path. When I think of what Phillip’s own responsibility had been, I felt extremely remorseful.

Now that I came to realize the truth after this prolonged history of interminable waiting, I, with all my heart, am thankful to the Messiah who has revealed this truth. I realized that human destiny depends upon the seemingly petty but in fact highly significant responsibility of every individual.

Everyone cannot help lower his head before this truth of immense value. In particular, the doctrine of predestination in Christianity seems to be wrong. I look forward to seeing the time when all the

Christians came to realize that the human responsibility is of absolute necessity for the fulfillment of God’s providence. In my opinion, the truth that we have to attend the Messiah as the Parent of humankind is not only self-evident but also totally unexpected. I am endlessly grateful for this truth. Philipp — 8. 29. 2001

7) Confession by Matthew

"The reason that the Messiah is to come."

Matthew is one of Jesus’ twelve disciples, but he never received a teaching as systematic as this. I feel nothing but sorrow even when I share my impressions. I found myself impressed by so many parts that I don’t know how to express them all. But I was told to be brief, so I will share only one thing. Matthew was very surprised that a Messiah is necessary again for humanity after Jesus.

In order to save humanity in God’s providence, a mediator is absolutely necessary. For this reason, God had to wait a long time. This gives me pain in my heart. The Messiah at the Second Coming came as a mediator to save humanity. The Messiah is indispensable not only for humanity but also for the absolute being, God. I hope that innumerable believers living on the earth will do their best to enthrone the Messiah majestically as the Parents of humankind.

I wonder how Jesus feels now. Twelve disciples of Jesus, who participated in the seminar, feel just blank and absent-minded. Matthew is far from being pleased; his feelings are very complicated.

To the Messiah who revealed this new truth, I truly give my heartfelt thanks. To the Messiah I offer many thanks for your enduring pain and trouble. I have no other way of expressing my thankful heart right now. I promise I will study Divine Principle again.

Matthew — 8. 29. 2001
8) Simon, the man of Canaan (the Zealot)

"God is Parents of humankind."

What I realized anew at this seminar is that God is the Parent of humankind, that history first went wrong in the Garden of Eden, and that to restore this required central figures. Furthermore, I realized the reason human beings in and of themselves were not permitted to go straight toward God, even though God is their Parent. The truth is that man must begin again first as a servant of servants, and can then advance toward the status of God’s children, but only through a mediator. Someone may feel mortified about this truth, but there it is.

I cannot but express my wonder at and admiration for the painstaking efforts of the Messiah who clarified this truth. Now that we have realized the essential truth that we must serve the Messiah as our Parents, attending God as the Parent of humankind, we have resolved to become true children, keeping in mind the lessons that we have learned thus far from the providential history of restoration. I offer once again thanks and glory to the new truth Simon — 8. 29. 2001

9) Thomas

"The Messiah who liquidated the original sin."

In this seminar, I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but Jesus talked to me personally. What Jesus said to me was that all of us have been unfaithful sons to God and we must try to become perfect even though we are not qualified. This is why I decided to take part in this seminar. In this seminar, I Thomas was convinced by the account of the regrettable story of the providence of restoration.

I truly appreciate this awakening. It is such a regrettable fact that no man was born without the original sin, and that history has been corrupted and distorted from its beginning by our human ancestors. I also realized that for countless ages since the fall, man and woman haven’t become the children of God; that the mistaken history has remained without correction for ages; and the fact that to bring about fundamental change in history, a new central providential figure should appear as the new human ancestor and liquidate the original sin. I was surprised a great deal to realize this truth of enormous significance. How difficult and complicated it must have been for the Messiah finally to correct this mistaken history and liquidate the original sin! It is unimaginable.

Thomas feels so grateful, even though he couldn’t understand all the lectures because many of them were totally unfamiliar. Now, I feel a little confused, because I am absorbed in thinking how I can help the Messiah. Following the instruction of Jesus, however, I will study hard and put forth effort.

I will try to discover what Thomas can do for the Messiah, and I promise I will work hard.

Thomas — 8. 30. 2001
10) Nathaniel (Bartholomew)

"I realize human nobility by studying the theory of human responsibility."

I feel very ashamed to think that the reason that the Messiah had to come again was that we failed to fulfill our responsibilities as Jesus’ disciples, due to our lack of exact understanding of the times. I came to understand the value of humankind in view of the historical fact that the failure of central figures prolonged God’s providence again and again. It became obvious to me that each individual’s failure to fulfill his or her responsibility has had tremendous criminal repercussions in history and to God. Whenever history was prolonged, we humans lived on, committing sin upon sin, and thus the entire human race contains nothing other than sinners. Now the Messiah has to reform us faithless sinners, and thus I earnestly hope that ones like us, twelve faithless disciples, will not appear again. How should we help the Messiah? Following the instruction of Jesus, I will make the utmost effort to prevent humanity from following the sinful way of faithlessness.

Nathaniel — 8. 30. 2001
11) Thaddeus

"The Blessing is for us, too."

Thaddeus will give his words. The realization that we are born with original sin is a great shock to me. Why did the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, not know God’s providence? Why did they disobey God’s words? The fact that the corruption of the human ancestors was passed down to all humanity through blood lineage is hard to conceive, but it is absolutely true. To think about this gives me unbearable regret.

The Messiah at the Second Coming should solve this problem of the blood lineage of humanity. I wonder how innumerable people in the spirit world can benefit from this providence. Of course, we twelve disciples failed to fulfill our responsibility, but we still want to receive the benefit of having True Parents liquidate our original sin. Jesus received the Blessing and I am eager to know what we should do to receive the Blessing, and what conditions we should lay in order to advance toward the Messiah. Messiah, True Parents, please give us this opportunity. This is an earnest request not only of Thaddeus but also of the other eleven disciples.

Thaddeus — 8. 30. 2001
12) James (little James)

"The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the True Parents of humankind."

Now, lastly among twelve disciples, James will say a few words. I think that the Divine Principle will serve as a guide for life that every person should learn, be familiar with and practice. The Principle is such a systematic and essential guideline of human life. I offer my thanks to everyone who taught the detailed contents of the Principle to me. To the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents of Humankind, who revealed this Principle and truth, I offer many thanks for your suffering. I appreciate what you have done. I offer my thanks and bows representing us twelve disciples.

James — 8. 30. 2001


II. Central Figures in the Old Testament Age

1) Abraham

"We must be well aware of the Messiah’s painful path of tribulation."

People on the earth can barely understand that God constantly has shown his greatest love to humanity, from the Old Testament Age through the New Testament Age and up to the Completed Testament Age. I think that the Messiah’s appearance on the earth after a long course of history is the result of God’s everlasting love and his efforts to restore us corrupted humankind and our distorted history into the original state of his creation.

Every time I intensely read the Divine Principle and listen to the lecture, I feel so obliged to God. People on the earth should be well aware that Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Messiah, walked the painful path of tribulation until he finally could ascend the throne of True Parents in order to save all humanity.

Reverend Moon is the one who gained the final victory after traversing the thorny path and pene-trating the bottom of the Hell. Now he has made his majestic appearance as True Parents before all humanity. I request that people on the earth attend and offer their thanks and glory to Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

I also offer my thanks to God, who remembers the life of Abraham and enables me to witness the existence of the Messiah today in this Completed Testament Age.

Abraham — 9. 4. 2001
2) Isaac

"Let us become the children of God through grace and Blessing of True Parents."

When I heard the Unification Principle for the first time, it attracted me by a certain mysterious power. As time went by, the joy of God’s love intoxicated me more and more. God has been con-stantly loving and waiting for humanity, even when central figures that he predestined failed and had to be changed. God’s love is indescribably touching to the point of rendering us dumb in the presence of its greatness.

I also thought how we humans could repay the grace of God, who had been persistently waiting until establishing True Parents, who symbolize the perfected Adam, before humanity. Now that True Parents of humankind, the Messiah at the Second Coming, has finally come to the earth, what a great grace it is to people on the earth, and how glad God must be! I advise people on the earth to receive the entire Blessing of the Messiah in the realm of his blessed environment. I earnestly hope that all of you absolutely will participate in the Blessing Ceremony, through which you are allo-wed to be reborn directly as the children of God by way of the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. And with all my heart, I pray that everyone will meet in one place after becoming the children of God.

Isaac — 9. 4. 2001
3) Jacob

"I want to live keeping my position as a true child."

During each lecture, as I encountered the central figures in the providence of restoration, I thought about the regrettable failures in God’s providence and felt most painful over the historical reality that required several ages of dispensational time-identity. I realized that the great variety of suffe-ring in history was the result of the struggles through which God restored the misguided actions of history. Thinking over this fact, I felt so much regret.

I offer my thanks to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who made painstaking efforts to find this Principle. Reverend Moon, particularly as the Parent of humanity, came to this earth receiving God’s greatest love and expectation. Now Jacob will live as a child fulfilling his responsibility before True Parents.

Jacob — 2001. 9. 6
4) Joseph

"I will accomplish my mission as required in this Completed Testament Age."

Joseph, after learning the Principle, thought exactly how and where he could stand directly before God. This idea is what has been whirling incessantly inside Joseph’s mind. I deeply felt the heart of God who, since the creation of humankind, has had to overcome and endure innumerable diffi-culties in his providence of restoration. He has maintained responsibility for that providence of restoration and for settling problems such as that of the blood lineage, of the human race and of each religious denomination. I pondered upon what we, as the earlier arrivals in the spirit world, should do in order to find an ultimate solution to the problem of the earth and the spirit world.

With what words can I express my heart of gratitude for the Messiah, who led me to the original human state by finding the Principle for us? Meanwhile, I think that our mission and responsibility for this providence are extremely important. First of all, I will live up to the teachings of the Principle. Then, I want to find and do my small mission and responsibility, in search of the fastest ways to convey the Principle to many people who are not ignorant. I want to do something before the Messiah comes to the spirit world.

In fact, Joseph listened to the enthusiastic lectures of the Principle, waiting for a certain mission to be assigned to him. Still, Joseph hasn’t decided anything.

I offer my thanks to God and the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. I promise I will do everything I can do, according to the teachings of the Principle and God’s desire. Furthermore, I promise I will make utmost efforts to acquire even deeper understanding of the Principle, never taking interests in anything connected with the time of my living on the earth

Joseph — 9. 5. 2001
5) Moses

"I realize how ignorant human beings are."

In my opinion, there has been and will be no meeting as serious and impressive as this, in history. First, I offer my thanks to those enthusiastic lecturers, and I will express my views briefly in a few words. I would like to say that the seminar enabled us to experience a precious awakening. Every part of the Principle is equally surprising and touching. Moses felt as if he were being attracted by a strong magnetic power. What impressed me most in this seminar, however, was the fact that man was so ignorant and caused such concern in God.

In short, this seminar enabled Moses to realize with no doubt the fact that he had been an undutiful son to God. Probably, that feeling will remain within Moses’ heart forever. Moses didn’t know anything. Moses didn’t know the purpose and direction of God’s providence. At last, Reverend Sun Myung Moon has overcome such indescribable hardships and has revealed Heaven’s truth, so all of us should truly pay our respects with thanks and homage to Reverend Moon. But we feel sorry to Reverend Moon, because we weren’t able to do anything but accept this great truth in this environment of spirit world. Who can deny this truth? No one should do so. Even though there should be only one and single truth, it is a commonplace that in spirit world as well as on the earth, there occur struggles and conflicts between many religious denominations. I am a little worried about this, but I believe that after some time, this will be settled fundamentally.

True Parents of humankind, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, you have made great contributions to God’s Dispensation for Restoration, especially at this Completed Testament Age. Thus, I pray that Reverend Moon will live a life of a thousand and ten thousand years, enjoying God’s love and glory until the day all those providential purposes are accomplished on the earth. How glad I would have been if even one part of the Principle had been conveyed to Moses when I had lived inside the court of Pharaoh in Egypt! Moses feels so much regret but thinks that to feel regret is a sort of arrogance.

Moses — 9. 10. 2001
6) Joshua

"I want to become the warrior for God’s providence."

What most impressed Joshua’s heart during those comprehensive lectures on the Principle was the fact that God constantly sent central figures to save humanity. When I thought about the historic reality of humankind in each providential age persecuting and even killing the central figures sent by God, I felt extreme regret over man’s ignorance and stupidity. I reflected that Joshua also might be one of those ignorant men. I earnestly desire that the era of such ignorant people may be over.

Joshua did his best in his predestined environment. There are innumerable human beings to whom the fact that they didn’t fulfill their responsibility in God’s providence has never even occurred. Realizing that this has been repeated over and over, I realized that there has been so much sin in history.

Now, the Messiah who has come as the True Parents of humanity, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, please forgive those central figures who failed in the providential ages and restore this wrong history. I offer my greatest thanks to God, who led me to realize this truth. But Joshua feels extremely remorseful about having been born at one specific point of the Old Testament Age. Even if I am not a precursor to fulfill God’s providence in the environment of the Completed Testament Age, I want to become a warrior in the Completed Testament Age. I offer many thanks.

Joshua — 9. 6. 2001
7) Samuel

"What is the way to save the innumerable people in the spirit world?"

No man has been born into this world out of his own free will. My general view of life was that every man and everything in this world comes and goes like water in a river, but the lectures on the Principle made Samuel change his view of life and history. I came to know that history has moved toward fulfilling a purpose in an unbelievably systematic way. At first, I was so surprised that history has advanced in a definite direction and orbit win accordance with the elaborate plan and purpose of God. Nevertheless, humankind has lived in total ignorance of this. This reality obsessed me. No one took the viewpoint that they had to save humankind.

Meanwhile, how can the Messiah, a man born on earth, solve everything, those intricate historical problems related to saving humankind? Whenever I listened to a series of lectures, even just two or three, I thought about this. Why have humankind remained ignorant of this, even as God’s provi-dence has advanced to this moment?

Reverend Moon, you who came as the Messiah at the Second Coming, what can Samuel do? How will you be able to cope with such hardships and pain? And what is the way to save those innume-rable people in the spirit world?

God and True Parents, most brothers and sisters who gathered here were touched deeply by the new teachings of the Principle. However, they are also suffering from mental conflicts. In fact, they feel quite discouraged, wondering what people in the spirit world can do for themselves. Just like Samuel in the past, Samuel will endeavor to become a warrior needed in this Completed Testament Age.

Samuel — 9. 6. 2001
8) David

"I am impressed by the great truth."

Of the many figures in history, who else could establish such a systematic and logical Principle of human life? In history, no one will be as great a teacher as Reverend Moon. I offer my heartfelt thanks to Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Who else in history could clarify such an immensely valuable truth as: "The Messiah should come as the Parents of humankind"? Indeed, Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon are the True Parents of Heaven and earth, the teachers of humanity. He is absolutely qualified for possessing the whole love of God.

Keeping in mind this truth of the Principle, David will try to live as David is expected to live. I over and over offer my thanks to True Parents, who have clarified this truth of enormous value.

David — 9. 6. 2001
9) Solomon

"I feel impressed by the theory on the invisible substantial world."

I have learned the Principle in this systematically scheduled seminar. But I find it very difficult to be brief about my impressions. Because the lecturers here provide so much detail in their accounts of the invisible substantial world, anyone, even ignorant people, will experience mental change by listening. People would never commit crimes if they were confident of the real existence of the spirit world. Solomon’s kingdom would have become the God-centered kingdom if they had possessed the truth, including the details on the spirit world. Countless people of those times could have lived, cherishing their hope for God. I feel great regret because we didn’t have this truth at the time of Solomon.

I offer my sincere thanks to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who clarified this truth of enormous value. I also offer my congratulations to Reverend Moon, who came as the True Parents of humankind after winning victory over innumerable hardships and sufferings. With the love of True Parents, please forgive Solomon for his inability. I pray that we can stay in the kingdom of God, centered upon the thought and love of True Parents. And please bestow tolerance to the people in the spirit world.

Solomon — 9. 7. 2001
Mrs. Kim! I think that if I had met a person like Mrs. Kim at the time of Solomon’s kingdom, it would have been easier to teach about the spirit world to the people.

10) Elijah

"How can people in spirit world have their original sin liquidated?"

I offer my sincere thanks for teaching this truth of enormous value to people as ignorant as us. Reverend Sun Myung Moon! This is Elijah. Rather than expressing my impressions about this seminar, I would like to make one request. I heard that all of us are born with the original sin. People on the earth have the providential benefit of having their original sin liquidated, but how can people in spirit world have their original sin liquidated? Please open the door to the people in spirit world. We, as children, naturally should attend the True Parents of humankind, but there is no way for us to do that. Then, what should we do? True Parents, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, please bestow a favor upon us too. It is Elijah’s earnest request.

Elijah — 9. 7. 2001
11) Nehemiah

"Human beings are the children of God."

I feel really thankful. I feel just so grateful because we are informed of this new truth and hope.Leaders of innumerable religious denominations on the earth must humbly accept a new truth as great as this and deeply think about the original will of God. The Parents of humankind is just one, God. The believers of each religious body are God’s children. If we accept as natural that numerous religious denominations were meant to exist, then we should also posit numerous gods in spirit world, one for each denomination. In spirit world, however, there is only one God and he is the Parents of humankind. All of us in spirit world are equally the children of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon is living on the earth and has appeared as True Parents of humankind. He walked the path of tribulation, the path of blood, sweat, and tears, keeping his absolute faith in the original Will of God, particularly in order to overcome religious divisions. He has transcended the barriers of religious denomination and race, thereby bringing God’s grief to an ultimate conclu-sion and making us properly aware of what we humankind should do in the end. Thus, I request that everyone both in spirit world and on earth obey this new truth and the will of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. You will thereby ultimately become one as the only children of God. This truth shows the exact way of to save humanity.

Nehemiah feels thankful. Nehemiah feels truly thankful because we humans have found the truth of hope.

Nehemiah — 9. 7. 2001
12) Ezekiel

"I intensely feel the heart of the God who wanders around in search of his children."

This program of Principle education was presented under the theme, "God is the Parents of Humankind," and prior to this seminar Ezekiel himself never heard or thought of the teachings that he learned here.

I couldn’t possibly deny the teachings, because they were truly ultimate, right and reasonable. The declaration that God is the Parents of humankind is so surprising and even stunning that I can’t even dare to utter the words as I would like. We seem to be given too little time to express our views. How can we express just one thing?

During this seminar, Ezekiel observed God, who has been suffering pain for long ages due to the mistakes of humankind, and has wandered around from here to there in search of his lost children. It was just a momentary impression, but I felt unbearably painful in my heart. God looked like a beggar. Ezekiel was an undutiful son to God. He didn’t fulfill his responsibility. God was so pitiful. Ezekiel didn’t act as a guide for God, and Ezekiel was just looking on when God was searching for his lost children. God, Ezekiel has realized everything now; please forgive him. And Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who elucidated the Principle, came to the earth as the Messiah in order to save humanity, but in light of the fact that Ezekiel no longer lives on earth, what should he do? Ezekiel doesn’t know what to do.

I offer my thanks to the True Parents of humankind, who have been exerting painstaking effort in order to reveal this truth. If the Divine Principle had been revealed much earlier, God would not have had to endure such pain in his heart as he advanced his dispensation for restoration.

Ezekiel will try not to be a useless person. It pains my heart not to have enough time to fully express Ezekiel’s views.

Ezekiel — 9. 9. 2001
13) Isaiah

"The theory of Give and Take Action is mysterious."

It was so surprising that the words of truth exist to guide human life. I feel so sorry that Isaiah did not live in a time when he could receive the benefit of the age. On second thought, it seems that the truth is in no small part simple, logical matters that we experience in everyday life, so why couldn’t I discover it? Give and Take Action is truly a wonderful and mysterious theory, parti-cularly in light of the fact that this wonderful truth is found in our everyday life. Why do we not realize that the truth is in living according to the Law of Give and Take Action? I thought that if even a part of the truth of Give and Take Action had been revealed at the time of Isaiah, humankind could have enjoyed a happy life.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who revealed this valuable truth, how much pain and trouble have you been enduring as you appeared to humanity? Over and over, I offer my thanks.

Isaiah — 9. 9. 2001
14) Jeremiah

"I recognize the greatness of True Parents from looking at their children (the lecturers)."

It is quite difficult to express my views on this Principle education comprehensively in such a short time. I feel a great thanks and admiration to all the lecturers who taught us this truth of im-mense value. In particular, Jeremiah was deeply impressed by those passionate speakers. First of all, I offer my thanks to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who has come to humanity as True Parents. Next, I offer my thanks to this new truth. Furthermore, I offer my congratulations on the victorious foundation of True Parents, who raised and educated these honorable lecturers (children). How great a devotion they have shown as they talk proudly about True Parents! I offer my sincere thanks to all the lecturers.

I think that they, as true children of True Parents, have fulfilled their responsibility to propagate this new truth. The ardor and serious attitude of those lecturers made me feel the greatness of True Parents. I thought that we also should not hesitate to serve True Parents and proudly testify to the greatness of True Parents. I will try to be reborn with a new mind and new body before this new truth.

Jeremiah — 9. 9. 2001
15) Daniel

"The Principle clarifies Heaven’s secret."

Daniel deliberately pondered about earth and spirit world, writing down the teachings of this truth in detail. Evidently this is not the place where entities with a physical body stay, but the place of eternal life where spirit beings stay. Then, why are we able to hear this truth in spirit world? I heard that the one who had clarified the Divine Principle, called True Parents or the Messiah, have been exerting painstaking effort on the earth, not wasting a single moment, in order to bring about peace and the liberation of humankind. When Daniel entered the den of lions while he lived on the earth, he actually experienced what true peace and happiness was like, under the brilliant light of God. Thus, I found the lion looking lovable, not frightful. And during this Principle seminar, I once again experienced equally the same brilliant light of God as in those times. Inside the light, Reverend Sun Myung Moon appeared before us and said, "The Divine Principle is the clarification of Heaven’s secret that has so far been concealed. So, realize Heaven’s truth, and you will be able to stay for ever in this kingdom of eternal life." Then, Reverend Moon showed us the words, "Hea-ven’s secret, Heaven’s secret," and disappeared suddenly. It was such a mysterious and touching experience that I didn’t want to tell anyone. I just want to keep it within the heart of Daniel.

Daniel will have firm faith in Reverend Sun Myung Moon as the Messiah at the Second Coming and serve him. If the Messiah wants Daniel to convey the Principle to other people, I promise and pledge that I will do it. To the Messiah, I offer my sincere thanks for the great blessing I have received.

Daniel — 9. 10. 2001
III. Figures representing Christianity

1) Apostle Paul

(d. c. A.D. 65, "Apostle of the Gentiles")

"I recognize the importance of human responsibility."

The Apostle Paul is the most blessed one. It’s because Paul met Jesus and received his love, fur-thermore received the direction and mission from the Messiah, and finally listened to the new truth under the devoted love of God. Before seeing Jesus on the road to Damascus, the Apostle Paul kept firm faith in the traditional view of God. In fact, if I hadn’t had the experience of seeing the resurrected Jesus, that way of my thinking would not have changed in the least. Faith is truly a mysterious and inexplicable thing. Just after seeing and experiencing the resurrected Jesus on my own, I finally could discard everything that I had theretofore believed. I gave up everything and I wrapped myself in the resurrected Jesus.

Now after learning the Principle, I became even more confident that the Apostle Paul’s traditional view of God was very mistaken. We necessarily should have attended God, the resurrected Jesus and the Messiah. Whenever people frustrated God’s Will, they prolonged the history of the Dis-pensation for Restoration, requiring a new central figure.

The Apostle Paul’s ideas were very limited. Paul didn’t realize the fact that while God’s will is unchanging and eternal, if a central figure in the providence failed to fulfill his responsibility, then God’s providence would be prolonged and another new central figure would be needed in order to fulfill that mission. In other words, I became well aware of the importance of human responsibi-lity. I had just relied upon the omnipotence of God, not taking into consideration human respon-sibility. Small though the responsibility of each individual may seem in comparison to God’s great will of predestination, that responsibility is of 100% significance to the individual. Therefore, that individual responsibility of 100% significance is of tremendous importance for God’s providence, even though compared to God’s will, each individual’s responsibility is extremely small. Paul didn’t even think of this fact.

The strict doctrine of predestination in modern Christianity is nothing other than a big mistake that stemmed from Paul’s wrong ideas. Paul feels extremely sorry about this to True Parents, who clarified the Principle.

Another part of the Principle that so much impressed Paul was the theory of Give and Take Ac-tion. In fact, it is a too obvious truth that religious believers should love one another. Then, why couldn’t we realize this simple truth, and chose instead to fill this world with struggle, strife, envy, and jealousy? Paul didn’t know that the theory of Give and Take Action is an actual presence in the world. Paul knows that no normal person could possibly discover this theory. Then, how can Paul pay restitution for his mistaken ideas that influenced the whole field of Christianity? Can Paul redeem his mistakes if he continues to make effort and contributions to Christianity until the end?

True Parents! The partial ideas Paul planted into Christianity have acted as obstacles to the providence of the Messiah, haven’t they? Now in spirit world I will never repeat my mistakes. I promise to study the Principle and lead Christian believers here in the right direction. I have been making thorough preparation for accomplishing my assigned mission.

Paul — 9. 11. 2001
2) John Calvin

(1509-1564, French reformer and theologian)

"I recognize the theoretical problem of the doctrine of absolute predestination in traditional theology."

As God tried to come to man, he suffered unimaginable hardship and trouble. Behind history, God’s heart is concealed, for no matter how miserable he felt, he would not show his pain to his children. In particular, Calvin felt deeply sorry when he heard that in the history of the dispensa-tion for restoration, we didn’t even know that God is our Parent. Before, Calvin thought that God will accomplish his will on his own, because God is omnipresent and omnipotent. Calvin thought that all that the omnipotent power of God would solve all that had arisen in the Dispensation for Restoration, whether difficulties, joys, or sadness. In particular, Calvin didn’t even imagine that God is the God of righteousness, sorrow, and regret.

Calvin did not think that the human fall was the fault of man and woman, but just stuck to the be-lief that God predestined the fall. Calvin knew that his belief was self-evident, beyond doubt. In fact, even though Calvin himself endlessly questioned why God created humans so defective that they could violate God’s words, I couldn’t find a definite answer.

Here at the seminar to which many important persons were invited, Rev. Lee Sang-Hun discussed the differences between the thought of True Parents and the thought of Calvin. After that, as Calvin listened to the entire Principle, in particular, the theory of Dispensational Time Identity,he admired it. Reverend Lee Sang-Hun gave me his lectures, shedding tears and trying to make me understand.

Reverend Lee said, "If I had not been taught the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, today I would be wandering around at the bottom of hell," and confessed, "After long years of mental con-flict and suffering, upon hearing the Principle I was able to set my course of life." The Principle utterly demolished Calvin’s theory.

Calvin believes in God as the absolute being and comprehends the doctrine of absolute predestina-tion just from the perspective of God’s will. I, Calvin, am extremely regretful. I recommend that all believers study the Principle. Without understanding why the absolute being, God, created this universe, centered upon humankind, we cannot attend God as the Parent of humankind.

I am thankful to Reverend Lee Sang-Hun. Those thinkers and philosophers who cling to Calvin’s thought will feel shameful when they hear the Principle. They will realize that Calvin’s thought is just a fragment of the truth.

I request that people on earth make a systematic study of Unification Thought and the Unification Principle. These serve as two axes that lead us to understand the fundamentals of human life. And people on earth must have absolute faith in and absolute obedience to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who came as the Messiah, the Parent of humankind, and clarified the Principle. John Calvin promises to do this.

I bear in my mind the lesson that the doctrine of absolute predestination presently adopted in Christianity is quite wrong and it originated from a error concerning God’s fundamental Will. This is John Calvin’s confession. Thank you very much.

John Calvin — 9. 16. 2001
3) Martin Luther

(1483-1546, founder of the German Reformation)

"If the Divine Principle had been known, the Reformation would not have been necessary."

First, I would like to express my gratitude and respect. I’d like to write this letter out of gratitude to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who discovered this excellent thought for us. I, Luther, have practiced a life of faith on the basis of innumerable experiences of God’s love. As I participated in this seminar, I had complicated feelings, because the Reformation might emerge as an event that brought sadness to God.

It is proper to call the Reverend Sun Myung Moon True Parents of all humankind and Lord of the Second Advent. What can I give in return for this mercy? I’d like to thank him for conveying Hea-venly secrets arranged logically in this seminar. I have confidence that the way of salvation for humankind is opened. Divine Principle is absolute truth that embraces all philosophy and religious thought. If Divine Principle, systematically expressed as it is, has appeared in the time of Luther, the Reformation wouldn’t have been necessary and many lives would not have been sacrificed. It is regretful that many people were sacrificed in the name of religion. If religious people only knew Divine Principle, the walls between religions, races and viewpoints would have disappeared. Why has the truth emerged at this time in history? I can do nothing but regret as I look back our history, full of conflict and friction.

Through which name should I express the deepest respect and gratitude to you, Reverend Sun Myung Moon? I am deeply moved and am full of gratitude. I pray that disasters on earth may come to an end by conveying Divine Principle widely, even to the end of the earth, and that the world of God’s love actually will appear on earth while you are alive. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Lord of Second Advent, I still don’t have the right to call you "Father," do I? The Lord has come as Parents of all humankind, but humankind must discipline themselves and be reborn as true children. I think it will take a long time until I become true child. Can you accept a figure like me as your child? Reverend Moon, I will make my best effort to become a true child. Thank you from bottom of my heart for discovering the Heavenly secret for us. I’d like to finish this letter by expressing my deepest gratitude. Thank you very much. Truly thank you very much. I will do my best for this truth.

Martin Luther — 2001. 9. 16
A word from Dr. Lee, Sang Hun

I put a list of 192 names (a group of 180 and a group of 12) on a wall in spirit world and said "I’m looking for the people on this list. If you know anyone on the list, please let him (her) know that they should participate in the seminar as soon as possible. We have no time. Whoever doesn’t appear by a certain time, I’m sorry but I must put another person on the list in their place." Then even those who were not invited came to the lecture, and I had to make more lectures. The way is opened for witnessing and I’m excited about making lectures.

4) John Wesley

(1703-1791, founder of the Methodist movement)

"We should make Divine Principle the new theology textbook."

I conclude that Divine Principle and Unification Thought are an excellent Gospel and are must-read books. There are various types of religious and non-religious people here in spirit world and on earth. Many live just because God gave them life, and most of them don’t know the direction or purpose of their lives, or the origin and direction of history. As the marvelous message has appeared for those who are on earth and have gone to spirit world, all of us, transcending sects, should read and comprehend this truth carefully.

I knew that God gave me my life, so I must live in gratitude for God’s mercy. Also I knew that I must live rightly because the life given by God is precious. The Divine Principle is a marvelous and great truth. I have no means to express the greatness of this truth. The explanations of the eter-nal nature of humankind and Heaven and paradise are especially powerful. People alive now are extremely fortunate. As I listened to the lectures I became like a fireball of burning spirit several times, a situation I can hardly bear. Nobody knows my spirit self, but I felt my spirit self flying in the air, turning around and then coming down. When I was on earth, I thought that we must "open high disturbances" and go through 12 pearl gates to enter Heaven. But there was no disturbance at the gate, and countless flowers bloomed with perfume, and countless animals are playing. There is no precise word that expresses how beautiful, abundant and happy Heaven is. As I listened to the Divine Principle lecture I experienced Heaven. I felt as if I completely had become a man of Hea-ven. How could I express this feeling? Oh, God! Thank you for giving us such well-organized, systematic thought.

Why can’t theology students on earth have the blessing of learning this even though there are ma-ny great teachers? Reverend Moon, it is very tragic. The theology textbooks must include it. If theology students cannot realize this truth, they are sure to follow the wrong way after their gra-duation. Thank you very much for your troubles, Reverend Moon. Lord of Second Advent, please do your best until the end so that all theologians can know this. I am full of regret. The lectures deeply moved me from the beginning to the end. As Divine Principle is logical and systematic, anyone who listens to it becomes humble. Lord of Second Advent, you appeared as True Parents so please save humankind. Reverend Moon, thank you and thank you for all your effort. I cannot greet you in any way other than this. I, who have completed my education in Divine Principle, receive special treatment from many people. Now I will give my best for God in the providence of restoration by being reborn into a new life.

John Wesley — 2001. 9. 17
5) St.Augustine

(354-430, Bishop of Hippo Regius and one of the Doctors of the Church)

"I wish Divine Principle could be conveyed to the cosmos."

Many people in spirit world have come to realize that the Divine Principle is great truth. Those who learn Divine Principle change their way of thinking and lifestyle completely. This phenome-non is the same both in spirit world and on earth. Only if you learn Divine Principle will you be re-born. So it is very regretful that some impatient religious associations and sects draw conclusions about it before they learn it.

I almost became crazy as I listened to Divine Principle. I regret that I came here without knowing this truth on earth. But on second thought, it is good to prepare to welcome the Lord, as Reverend Moon will come here someday. I will separate from everything in the past and will follow this truth only. I will live faithfully and always remember my mission in my heart.

Many saints like Divine Principle. I teach Divine Principle to them through conversation. I’m spending intimate time with Christians. Some of them have different opinions about this truth, but I’m trying to persuade these people. One day, an ardent Christian lady appeared to me and asked why I have no reaction after listening to Divine Principle. She meant that it is a heresy and why am I driven like a fool to support it. This lady really hurt my pride. I almost got angry, but controlled it and told her what I experienced. "Listen carefully to the Divine Principle lectures in detail. Don’t make a decision before the lecture is over. If you listen to the lecture all the way through, you will have nothing left but pain." I told her this earnestly. Many people are like this lady.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon! True Parents. I am Augustine. Please believe me and have a peaceful mind. I never doubted nor resisted this truth. Thank you for your giving me a chance to greet you again. I pray for this truth to be spread here and there in the world as soon as possible.

Augustine — 2001. 9. 17
Samo-nim (Young Soon, Kim), please send my best greetings to my wife, Hyun Shil Kang. Please tell her that I still can’t lecture well but I am studying hard. And also please tell her that I love her.

6) Polycarp

(c. 69 - c. 155, martyr, Bishop of Smyrna)

"Divine Principle is the Gospel for humankind."

I was very moved and stunned by the Divine Principle. I have never experienced such a thing. This systematic and organized new truth is the Gospel of salvation for humankind. Why did such a great truth appear at this time? If it appeared several centuries earlier, there would not have been any difficulty to save humankind. I just regret this.

No one refuses this truth. I feel as if I was struck dumb by knowing this truth. What more is nee-ded? This is the complete truth. In one word, to hear it was a shock. I’d like to arm myself with this truth and shout it out loud. How accurate and moving is its logic! This can be nothing but God’s message. It is impossible that it could have come from a human brain.

Reverend Moon, who came as the Second Advent at the call of Jesus, is truly a great master. I’m sorry I called your direct name, but you are really True Parents. This is the best medicine for saving humankind. Please guide all people to learn it and return to the original purpose of creation and then live forever in God’s kingdom. Those people who participated in the seminar are in an exciting whirlpool, some are very serious and the others are having a very happy time.

True Parents! Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your finding Divine Principle. And I believe that those who realize Divine Principle have a new direction for their minds. How can one live silently after knowing Divine Principle? It is as if a stone hits your silent mind. I thank you very much and respect you deeply. As I was moved in each part of Divine Principle, I have many points to tell you, but there is not enough time so I am concluding this letter.

Polycarp — 2001. 9. 18
7) Tertullian

(c. 160 – c. 225, African Church Father, a representative of Montanism)

"I’d like to make a peace movement for humankind. It is urgent to practice Divine Principle in everyday life."

Thank you for the chance to participate in such emotional lectures and to express my impressions of it.In the stream of history there are many people who are born and die without knowing the pur-pose of life or much anything else. But those who are alive in the present time have the opportu-nity and circumstances to learn truth like this.What happy people they are! Many times I envied them.

Divine Principle is the message from God. If it were not, it would not move people’s hearts like this. All parts of Divine Principle are very moving and stimulating, but especially the theory of

Give and Take Action. The theory of Give and Take Action is a universal Principle that can be applied to all beings in common. I think if all humankind live by this theory, there would be no conflict, friction nor struggles in society. This theory has no mistake and is very detailed and systematic, which makes me admire it. If we are armed with the theory of Give and Take Action, I’m sure that we will have remarkable success in gaining the salvation of humankind. I just regret the fact that they couldn’t have known this Divine Principle. Also it is very regretful that Reverend Moon, who discovered this Principle, is very old.

Who would disagree with Divine Principle? If there were such a person, she/he would proof him/herself to have no feeling and be very foolish. How could this truth emerge from a human brain? If I could return to earth, there is a thing I want to do by all means. I’d like to actively pursue a peace movement campaign on the basis of this truth. Only the theory of Give and Take Action explains God’s love for humankind exactly.

Hell would naturally disappear if Divine Principle were applied to the lives of all the humankind. There is not enough time for me to share my impression, so I can’t say everything I want to. Reverend Moon, who is on the earth, came as True Parents of Heaven and earth! This fact is wor-thy of our eternal celebration. How we are blessed now that the way of human salvation is opened widely! I think that if we spread Divine Principle from the earth to the cosmic then the unification of earth and spirit world will take place. I will make my best effort to spread Divine Principle as I wish that the day will come as soon as possible.

Today, people on earth must realize the existence of spirit world by throwing away old concepts and researching God’s providence rightly. There are many religious sects, even though God is One. Is it God’s will? I think the true believer is the one who understands the focus of God’s pro-vidence and follows it. The nation of God is not far off. The place humankind must settle at last is only one place. It is God’s will that humankind live with God in his house, our eternal residence. If so, we must think over where and how we are now standing.

True Parents of humankind! How hard you have worked to restore us! You had such difficult times. We pray for all humankind to have one direction of life centering on Divine Principle.

Tertullian — 2001. 9. 19
8) Origen

(c. 185 – c. 254, Alexandrian biblical critic, exegete, theologian and spiritual writer)

"Can only True Parents liquidate the original sin of humankind?"

We came to know the new and excellent truth. As there is not enough time for me to reflect, I must be very careful, for I am at loss to express my impression. If you throw a stone into silent lake, the sizes of the waves vary according to the direction of the stone’s flight. Because Divine Principle made a deep emotional impact on me, I can express my impression even through this is a sudden opportunity. I cannot express the shock in one word. To summarize in a word all the lectures, each of which has numerous topics and various meanings, is impossible even for genius. This makes it hard for me. I have a certain time to express my impression, but please forgive me if I use more time.

The lecturers explained that the Divine Principle is the truth that Reverend Moon discovered after enduring great difficulties at God’s call. But I had concerns during the lectures. Why did only Reverend Moon find this great truth? Why, after the fall of the first man and woman, does God only watch humankind in difficult situations? Adam and Eve bore their children in sin and trans-mitted sin to them and it spread out in all humankind and ruined them. Many crimes have their

origin in the sexual crime committed in the Garden of Eden. Who would compensate for us who were born with original sin? The declaration of the clarification of original sin was amazing. That was the crime of the first man and woman, but I feel much regret about it. I’d like to deny it strongly. It makes me feel very bad and hurts my pride. Many believers have lived in an uneasy peace with their sexual desire and made great effort to walk the straight and narrow way. They taught us that even though they lived ascetic lives, they still transmitted the original sin to their children. Was the sexual crime of the first man and woman so tremendous that even God was not able to restore it? What is the original meaning of the fall?

I am so confused that I can’t express how excited, angry and stunned I am. If this problem of ori-ginal sin is solved, the restoration of humankind will follow. But why was this truth found all at once? Wouldn’t it have made the salvation of humankind easier if it had been found step by step through every stage of history?

I wonder and am puzzled why God only gave Reverend Moon the special mercy. Nonetheless I do not deny that he came as Messiah, the Second Advent and True Parents. As he brought such a great message from God, how can I say that he doesn’t qualify to stand in the position of Parents?

Reverend Moon, please forgive me for being abrupt. I respect and thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting as Messiah for the salvation of humankind and for peace. I expressed abrupt-ly only because what I heard differed so much from my traditional beliefs. The lecturer told us to reread Divine Principle and participate in lectures again and again, and study it. I will follow the direction. Please forgive me for using more time than that given me and also for the violent ex-pression I made.

Origen — 2001. 9. 20
9) The Emperor Constantine

(d. 337, the first Roman emperor to accept Christianity)

"I’d like to have direct guidance from True Parents."

It is my honor to be called "Emperor" here. I certainly realized through this education that Reve-rend Moon is not just the emperor of a nation, but the king of all humankind, emperor of this and True Parents of that. I am sorry and thankful to have the opportunity to express my emotion over the blessing I have received.

If we didn’t make a false starting point of history, the Principle would have appeared at that time. But history was colored by the fallen world. I try to think how much God suffered watching this terrible history. To rearrange this wrong history, True Parents are necessary. In another words, I learned that the salvation of humankind is done only by true love through Divine Principle.

As new truth for humankind appeared, all of us are supposed to celebrate happiness and praise for True Parents’ existence and victories over hardship. I have lived without knowing this fact until now, but I want to congratulate them as the emperor of a small nation representing all humankind.

Thank you; let’s cheer for Reverend Moon, who comes as True Parents, Messiah of humankind, the Second Advent, the king of kings. Thank you very much. I hope that all humankind follow the Divine Principle. I will do my best to construct God’s nation here as soon as possible. Thank you for calling me to participate in this sacred work. Also I’d like to thank the lecturers for teaching us enthusiastically.

True Parents, how should I live here so that my standard as an emperor is not ruined? What shall I do to attend True Parents closely? I don’t mean that I want special treatment as an emperor, rather I mean to live a more grace-filled life of value.

Studying Divine Principle calms my mind and I naturally will to live a new life. This makes me reconsider my life on the earth, a life lived wrongly because I was without Divine Principle. One can seriously feel the value of life if one can give forgiveness and reconsideration. What should I do to get Reverend Moon’s direct guidance? It is a sudden wish, isn’t it? I’d like to live with True Parents’ guidance if it is possible, because the lecturers here are making all of us deeply moved.

Reverend Moon, thank you.

Constantine — 2001. 9. 22
10) Athanasius

(c. 296 - 373, Bishop of Alexandria [Egypt] who helped establish the theory of the Trinity)

"Divine Principle is the standard to solve problems."

First of all, I liked the word, Divine Principle (Unification Principle). Even though God, who is the master of humankind, is only one, the children’s lives go against the Father’s direction. I couldn’t understand why life on the earth is like that and wondered about it. Studying Divine Principle solves several such problems clearly.

I always believed that God didn’t create us in such poor shape, with the conflicts between religions and sects, racial prejudice and clashes of cultures. But this question is clearly solved by Divine Principle. Is there any certain theory in this world other than this? The logical explanation of the lecturers during the seminar was excellent. When I listened to the lectures, I unconsciously melted into the logic.

Divine Principle must be developed limitlessly. Literally it is Divine Principle (Unification Prin-ciple). The image of the Emperor Constantine bowing to the ground in front of the lecturers was pure and beautiful. I don’t have his courage but was amazed by Divine Principle very much. This is my honest confession.

The Second Advent is successful. We can explain the greatness of Divine Principle only by seeing the image of his children. It is sure that Divine Principle is a mustread book for humankind. How could I express my impression of Divine Principle? The best expression is that it is emotion itself.

Why does it come now when I study these lectures? I believe that this emotion, which is whirling in my mind, will not last just for moment like a bubble. Fire as in furnace engulfs my mind. Divine Principle arranges and purifies people’s minds in every nook and cranny. The people on earth are lucky, because they who live following the guidance of Divine Principle will never worry about misusing their life.

Master! Reverend Moon! Thank you for your hard work on our behalf. If there are more proper expressions, I’d use them, but I can’t find them. The lady who receives these messages is very lucky. What a happy life she has, with the mission of conveying the gratitude of so many people to Reverend Moon directly! I have much to say, but I was asked to keep to a specific time to express an impression. So I regret that I can’t tell my entire impression. In one word, I thank Him.

Now I know new truth. I will arrange my mind and live following the way of Divine Principle. Reverend Moon! I will study Divine Principle thoroughly so that I can welcome you here with a happy mind after you solve all the problems on earth. I think that is the basic posture appropriate for greeting one’s master. I’d keenly like to call the name, "True Parents." May all you are doing succeed for the glory of God and all humankind.

Athanasius — 2001. 9. 22
11) Benedict

(c. 480 – c. 550, the patriarch of western monasticism)

"Even as I accept that Divine Principle is truth, I couldn’t have a heartistic experience of it."

I think that Divine Principle shows us the original direction of life. There may be no theology from the Middle Ages to present that traces the relationship between God and humankind as abstractly as Divine Principle. I cannot imagine how a human being can discover the real existence of God. But Divine Principle explains the existence of God systematically and logically. Also it explains that God is the Parents of humankind with clear logic. How amazing it is! All the logic in it is new and brilliant. It seems as if God’s original will is to be found in Divine Principle. What more could we want to find?

Many Christians here had a question about the Lord who came at the end of the Old Testament era (Jesus). Their question has to do with how one who was selected as Son of God could fall short in fulfilling the Messiah’s task? How could God send a person who would not succeed in his respon-sibility? Some people left while hearing the answer to these questions. But almost everyone who heard the lecture until the end became humble. They know if you keep studying, you are sure to get the answer to your questions. There is so much in the Divine Principle. I’d like to study and analyze Divine Principle systematically. I have no doubt that the Divine Principle is the truth. It is very accurate and clear. It shows what humankind truly long to know.

I first doubted the assertion that Reverend Moon is fulfilling the Second Advent, who came to complete the work of Jesus. But after I heard about Time Identity, the Providence of Restoration and Unification Thought, my doubt disappeared and I could understand the circumstances and heart of God and the course of each age very well. I cannot attend or believe Reverend Moon as True Parents from the bottom of heart yet. But at least I realize that it is natural that I will do so eventually.

And I have concrete belief that Divine Principle and Unification Thought is truth that shows us the direction of salvation for humankind. I thank Reverend Moon for his hard effort to discover such truth. Still it is a fact that I cannot give my whole mind toward it, even though it is 100% logically correct. I ask myself the reason for this, and realize it is the persistence of myself and my arrogance.

Benedict —2001. 9. 23
13) Thomas Aquinas

(c. 1225-1274, Dominican philosopher and theologian)

"Make it the main theory for the sake of realizing peace for humankind."

The organizers emphasized several times that I should share the part that was most impressive, so I’ll follow their direction. But the others who told their impressions used more time. Lady reporter, can you give me more time, too? I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought are not theories but great truth. I’d first like to express my gratitude for being selected to share my impression. I was stunned to know that the tragedy of humankind started with this terrible incident, the sin of the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden. It makes my mind hurt.

God gave his children the discipline of love so that his children could grow with God’s best and biggest love. God Himself couldn’t intervene in the discipline. It is a very sad thing that the first man and woman couldn’t keep this discipline. I really regret that the history of restoration con-tinues even now because history started on the wrong point. Why couldn’t I know this tragic circumstance of history until now? I was blind in my longing for God because I couldn’t conceive of the reality of God’s heart, even though I studied history. But amid human tragedy there is one piece of good fortune in that humankind still has the original nature to seek for God. I don’t know how to interpret the fact that God is the Parents of humankind. How could the transcendent and limitless God have a relationship of Parents and children with limited humankind? There are so many parts in Divine Principle that are new and not understandable to me. I feel oppressed. There is a small logical gap in Divine Principle, but I cannot concretely point out which part of Divine Principle it is.

I was moved deeply with the Unification Thought lecturers most of all. They lectured shedding tears, as if the lecture were an historic appeal. How could they reach that level of heart? I called to myself "Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Aquinas," and pinched myself several times. It was sure that I am Thomas Aquinas. I asked myself how I have lived until now. It seems that I became foolish after studying Divine Principle. "Thomas Aquinas, how will you live from now?…"

Heavenly Father, Reverend Moon, I will make an absolute pledge. I’m sure that Divine Principle not only saves all humankind but is also the main theory leading to liberty, equality and peace, for which all people long. My emotion and shock were so strong that I can’t express them.

Heavenly Father! Reverend Moon! I wish that the theory of True Parents spreads to the end of the earth, and I believe that Divine Principle seminars will develop endlessly here, like clouds gathe-ring at one place in the sky. I will participate in this movement and do my best for it.

Thomas Aquinas — 2001. 9. 23
14) Francis of Assisi

(1181/2-1226, mystic, founder of the Franciscan Order)

"Divine Principle is essential truth for the salvation of humankind."

I felt new life rising in me as I was studying Divine Principle. They explained that humankind can live a happy life when they receive life elements from God, and that this is our original nature. It was the correct answer for my question.

It seemed as if fire had come into my body on the day I listened to Divine Principle. While feeling that, new power came up within my breast. My heart flew in the air and I felt as if something was bursting. I cannot explain this feeling in a word. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit of God strong-ly. The power exists not only in myself, but when I spoke with others, the power was conveyed and it became stronger. Looking at me in such a condition, the lecturers told me that I received the Holy Spirit from God, and to study the Divine Principle seriously and try to witness to many people. I had similar experiences while I was on earth, but this time the level was different. Now I can’t stand shouting out loud.

Divine Principle and Unification Thought are theories that imbue strong power that can completely recreate humankind. I think this power comes from the Holy Spirit of God. We can never make this power by ourselves. We are always receiving invisible life elements from God. Thus, human-kind live under God’s protection, but can never feel it, and so fail to regard God. I cannot but say that humankind is very foolish.

Now I know that God is the Parents of humankind. How much God loves and thinks on us! But we are foolish and we don’t know that it has been a long and sad history for God since the Garden of Eden. I think this is an amazing truth. Reverend Moon is a great man because he discovered this. He must have had incredible difficulties walking the way of Messiah and must have fought violently with countless satans. I’m very sorry to be in comfortable place like this as I study this great truth.

I believe that as Reverend Moon has appeared as True Parents. True Parents is the central person who represents and saves humankind. We can have salvation here too, in the near future. But without knowing this basic truth, there are many groups who pit themselves against it. I know it complicates my Master’s mind. Too many people have come here to the lectures and it is very complicated and unorganized. There are more people who want to disturb the lectures than who came to study Divine Principle. It makes it difficult for the lecturers to run the seminar. The lecturers here are very great. All of them complete the lectures with a strong will. I’ve learned a lesson from them. I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought are the highest truth that will save humankind.

Those who came here to disturb the lectures shed tears after they study Divine Principle. It is too bad that the time I have is too short to express my whole impression.

To summarize my expression, I say "Thank you Reverend Moon, True Parents of humankind.
I believe that you will have victory and victory and victory again as Messiah."

Francis — 2001. 10. 1
15) John Wycliffe

(c. 1330-1384, English philosopher, theologian and reformer)

"How dare they deny the truth that saves humankind."

I thought a good deal before I participated in this seminar. There was no little disturbance of peo-ple around it. I myself also was perplexed. That is because I heard that everyone who participated this seminar changed their view and way of thinking, and I thought this group is weird. But I de-cided not to be like that, because I have a mind that can make rational judgments, and so I coura-geously made my decision to attend.

But from the first lecture, something strongly led my mind. Nothing went as I wanted. I could not but shed tears over and over again. This group was weird; that much was true! But unbearable pain came into my whole body as the lecture went deeper and deeper. Poor God! I could feel God behind history for such a long time, waiting for us to be restored. At the same time I could feel Reverend Moon’s keen suffering and deep sadness for humankind.

Through Divine Principle, we can know the miserable God who has been waiting for his children, and the vivid figure of the Master trying to overcome all the difficulties until he could find the Divine Principle. We can know how the sad history started when Satan took man and woman out of the peace of the Garden of Eden. But there are groups of people, not small in size, who reject without knowing what Divine Principle really is. I could not stand with the negative voices echoing in my ears; they broke my heart. I could do nothing but shed tears ceaselessly.

How have I lived not knowing of God’s providence? How can I make those people who are refu-sing it understand the greatness of Divine Principle? I felt pain and pricking in my mind. I natural-ly feel an impulse to convey the new truth. I want to go out with a microphone and shout it out. The lecturers are not just lecturing; they are appealing earnestly. I fear nothing in front of this

marvelous truth. If I summarize my impressions of this seminar, I can just express that "it is an amazing fact." At the beginning I didn’t intend to believe it, but all the parts are logical and clear, so I can’t deny even one word with my knowledge. I was just surprised. And I would like to cele-brate Reverend Moon and praise him highly, the True Messiah of humankind. Is that enough for the impression?

John Wycliffe — 2001. 10. 1
16) Joan of Arc

(1412 - 1431, the "Maid of Orleans")

"I will become a heroine of the new truth."

I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought have great power that reforms anew people’s hearts. I think that we would never fall if we have this firm truth. Because we don’t have a certain direction, purpose and belief, we go the way to the fall, the way of moral collapse. But what need we fear if we have certain guidance like this? I think that Reverend Moon’s Divine Principle is the truth that gives us new hope and faith. Reverend Moon, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The lecturers here are lucky persons because they attended Reverend Moon directly on the earth and received his education, and then they came here. We could deduce the thought of Reverend Moon well enough through the character of the lecturers. The lecturers guided us with love and sincerity. I could feel deeply how precious and blessed this position is. If I summarize my impression of this seminar, I would say that I’d like to live and work together in this atmosphere.

And Reverend Moon has come as True Parents of humankind. So he is my True Parents, too. I be-lieved that the way of salvation would open for me, too. I was just impressed that my name is on the list that many people long to be on. It would be good if there were a method for Divine Prin-ciple to be widely spread as soon as possible for all the world. I’d like to be in front of the line of those conveying Divine Principle. I am not such a person who can be silent after knowing new truth.

"Stand up, stand up, the new truth will make your mind strong. The new Gospel has appea-red for deaf and dumb humankind. There is truth that makes us attend the same Father, the same Parents. All of us should go and join them. All will become strong. Truth that liberates us from Satan’s chains has appeared among humankind…"

I shout and shout it like this over and over again in my mind. Thank you for your hard work. And we believe concretely that this truth is the Heavenly secret. I believe that truth like this should spread among ignorant humankind widely and as fast as possible. Reverend Moon, True Parents, please give me a mission, too. I don’t want to be a reformer but rather a leader with love. Thank you very much.

Joan of Arc — 2001. 10. 1


A word from Dr. Lee, Sang Hun

I invited 180 people, but 1,800 came and shouted that they all wished to listen to the lectures. The lecture room became confused and disorderly. (I put a message on a wall that said it is the only period when I would convey a message from earth.) It was more disorderly because opposing groups came and tried to disturb us.

16) Menno Simons

(1496-1561, Anabaptist, founder of the Mennonites)

"I am glad that I was invited here."

I regret very much that I couldn’t know this useful truth while I was on the earth. Even as I atten-ded the one and only God, I never imagined that God wants to be with humankind and that his relationship with us is that of Parents and children. I solidly believed that we cannot come close to God, as he is transcendent existence.

I think that because Reverend Moon discovered this marvelous truth, it is certain that he became the True Parents of humankind as the one and only existence. I think man’s long history, which was a path suffering and hardship for God’s finding True Parents, is not wasted at all. I am not satisfied to express my deep inner world with one word. Divine Principle is truly amazing. I am also amazed that a lady will convey my impression to True Parents on the earth. I almost can’t believe it. I wonder how things like this happen. The lecturers explained for us quietly, systema-tically and in detail that things like this happen only while True Parents are on the earth.

Why did Divine Principle and Unification Thought emerge at this time? It implies that numerous people couldn’t receive this mercy, even though they lived only for God. That is because of the benefit of the providential age. It fills us with regret. But there is no meaning to repentance on that point. I promised several times, "Let us be thankful that history has come to this point." But my mind was not comfortable. I’m deeply grateful that my name is on a list posted here and there on walls. People have started to envy me. I became a person who receives invitations from earth.

How happy I am because I’m on the hallowed list of people invited from earth and by True Pa-rents, even there are billions of people here. But I am still in a daze because Divine Principle and Unification Thought are declared. If we follow the thought of Divine Principle and Unification Thought, we can live without war, religious bigotry and racial prejudice. Only thing we do is live with our minds humble before God. Strong power is rising within me to live like that. I can’t remember my past life, and I don’t know why. It is a miracle. I can’t just skip any part of Divine Principle. It is very systematic and logical. All the people here thank for Reverend Moon, the Lord of Second Advent, for coming as Parents of all humankind. How can I express this glory and grati-tude? Numerous people here are feeling reborn. It is noisy outside as it occurs, but everybody who studied Divine Principle became hushed.

Reverend Moon! The Lord of Second Advent! Thank you for overcoming all difficulties. Thank you. And I have something to ask you. Please give the glory of meeting the Lord to people here in any way possible. Please give us special glory. I’m sorry, but I’m sharing from my febrile mind.

Menno Simons — 2001. 10. 2
17) Emanuel Swedenborg

(1688 - 1772, Swedish scientist and mystical thinker)

"Truth that theologically and philosophically shows the basis of spiritual phenomena."

I experienced spirit world while I was still on the earth. I experienced the real God in several ways while I was on the earth. That’s why I have never doubted the existence of spirit world. But I didn’t know that invisible world exists forever with our appearance the same as in the substantial world. I have never treated it with systematic logic, nor did God ever teach me about it. There are so many people on the earth. But if they accept and understand the existence of the invisible world, they will live completely different lives.

There was no basis in experience, logic or the invisible world for what I wrote and left as books on the earth. It was only a deduction of what might be. Also an extremely small part of it was written down. But Divine Principle and Unification Thought are explaining spirit world philosophically, theologically, historically and with detailed accuracy based on the purpose of creation. The way to spirit world is open so that even a blind man can discover the way to the invisible world. Is there any Gospel more important than this? It is truly excellent. No one who is educated in the basic Principle of invisible world and substantial world could go to hell. Because most people can’t realize the truth, they can’t escape from the eternal thorns of hell.

I had much experience of spiritual phenomenon while I was alive. I will tell you only one episode among them. Most of my experience of spirit world is ideas of godly phenomena in the invisible world.

One day, as I was praying and meditating, suddenly a bright light appeared in the rain and took me somewhere. Just as suddenly the light disappeared and lightning and thunder started. With the sounds of thunder, I could hear roars, groans and loud cries. I wandered what place this was, and looked over the place in detail. I found people pressed down by a huge stone, as if an earthquake had taken place. I was overcome with fear as I heard shouts for help from bloody figures. I soon realized I was in Hell. I thought that the light was truly God and that he wanted me to see them because he wanted to ask me to save them. God was teaching me that there was Hell in the invi-sible world, and that if you commit sin, you will come here. I regret that I couldn’t realize that at the time. Even though I had salvation from God, I couldn’t help God. My mind was tormented. I thanked the lecturers many times, but that is not enough. My heart really aches. The lecturers here understand God’s mind and practice accordingly.

Father, I’m sorry. And I know who is the hero of Divine Principle, who is Reverend Moon. At the moment I hear lectures, I glance at the master’s face. I saw his face with too much heartbreak. And I saw his body receiving God’s love. I know it is late but I’d like to help God and True Parents. I could not explain spirit world systematically, because we didn’t have systematic logic that applied to the spirit world. Now hearing the logical basis to teach spirit world makes me stand straight.

True Parents of humankind, I will attend you and study Divine Principle hard with hope. And I will harmonize my spiritual experiences and Divine Principle and let people here know this. I will always make effort for that and pray for that. True Parents, thank you for your hard work. I believe in the teaching of the Father of humankind. I will do my best until I meet you. Thank you very much.

Emanuel Swedenborg — 2001.10.3
The words of Swedenborg: Samo-nim (Young Soon Kim) contributes greatly to various people in spirit world because you write down so many experiences of spirit world. I have heard that the thing like this is possible because True Parents are on the earth. I envy you very much.

18) Matteo Ricci

(1552-1610, Jesuit missionary in China)

"I wonder what is the inner situation of God."

My impression can’t be summarized in a word. I will elucidate the reason why. I experienced God’s existence while I was on the earth, as I applied myself to that very problem. After the expe-rience, I lived with the concept that I am with God all the time and with a determination to attend God. The topic of this seminar today is "God is the Parents of Human Beings." I could have expe-rienced God’s love, which gives and gives forever, and never been shown nor taught that God is the Parents of humankind.

If so, are the God I experienced and the God shown by Divine Principle and Unification Thought different? Logic answers that God is One. I don’t deny that. Then why did not the God who appeared to me teach me that he is the Parents of humankind? I think about that very much. I can’t stand wondering God’s reason for that. I think that Divine Principle and Unification Thought that Reverend Moon literally illuminated the deep, inner situation of God. There is no doubt about it.

But why did the God of love only light up truth like that only through Reverend Moon? How good and fair it would have been had God let other believers and martyrs know this truth. Their only mishap was that they appeared in the wrong stream of history, which started incorrect, before Reverend Moon! I believe that God has no prejudice and that all human beings are his children.

Why, then, didn’t God give the mercy to any number of Christians? I can understand the logic of Divine Principle but we, the Christians, in great numbers feel a sense of alienation from God. We are just sacrifices, aren’t we?

All the lecturers in this seminar earnestly introduced Divine Principle with divine love, kindness and sincerity. All the lectures are ringing in my mind. I want to receive glory from God, too. And I envy Reverend Moon, because he is the Parents of humankind and Father, and even illuminated the Heavenly secret through Divine Principle. God must love him very much. I feel that Divine Principle and Unification Thought cruelly exposed my arrogance and insolence.

Reverend Moon, please take special care of us when you come here someday. I made my effort to look for holes in Divine Principle and Unification Thought, but I finished in failure. They have very wonderful logic and theories. Thank you.

Matteo Ricci — 2001. 10. 4
19) William Carey

(1761-1834, Baptist missionary)

"I have realized the providence for Time Identity and …"

I lived entire life relying on God, as I believed in God’s existence and thought the life attending God is the happiest one. I have never had complaints nor doubts about it.

I think Divine Principle and Unification Thought were brought to light by God’s message. The human brain can’t bring forth such thoughts. Moreover I was stunned when I heard God is the Parents of humankind. Reverend Moon was given his mission when he was 16. Before he appea-red as the Parents of humankind, I bet that God prepared for long time. I also believe that no one can deny this truth. But I feel empty knowing this great truth here in spirit world, not on the earth. It occurred to me that only the people who were born with the right background, circumstances and era on the earth can accept Divine Principle.

All the lecturers here are doctors of Divine Principle, and through their lives on earth, they were refined in mind and body as they attended Reverend Moon. They were very lucky in their lives the earth. I can’t stand feeling empty and lonely even though I have accepted this wonderful truth. I have questioned why I couldn’t have known this truth while I was on the earth. When I do, I feel that God abandoned me or was careless with me.

Later, when I studied the theory of Time-Identity, this question was answered. So I think I must completely throw away sediments of the beliefs I had until now. Otherwise my sin can’t be forgi-ven in the age of this marvelous thought. I was stunned very much. This is my honest confession. But I think that making effort to be reborn by unifying mind and body centering on this truth is the best way to awaken from this shock. Reverend Moon, the Parents of humankind, how much you

suffered to restore all humankind! I could fully understand that from the lecturers here. Thank you.

William Carey — 2001. 10. 5
20) Dwight Moody

(1837-1899, evangelist)

"To say God is the Parent of humanity."

At first I was very surprised and deeply impressed to hear the words, "God is the Parents of huma-nity." I thought of God only as a transcendent being living in a high position, unable to have any relationship with us people. However, if God is the Parent of all humanity, then how has God lived all this time?

Many people have looked up into empty space and have made requests of God. They have asked for help in times of trouble. Parents and children share everything: troubled times, happy times, sad times, all these are shared together. So in comparison, we are criminals before God, and are the most disloyal of children. Even being disloyal to our earthy Parents is a sin. Jesus and the Ten Commandments make it clear that we must serve our Parents well, but why, oh why, has there not been one line written saying we must serve our God as our Parent?

Reverend Moon! How is it you have brought this great blessing to humanity? How can I express my heart of gratitude in words? When I see the way that God has lived through history without even once being treated as a Parent, I realize without a doubt that Reverend Moon is the True Son among True Sons. This man, a True Messiah and True Parent of humanity, has saved humankind from the muck in which we’ve been stuck.

Also, my impression of the Principle is that it is so wonderful it is awkward to express it in words. It has opened the way of salvation for so many people. How can I ever repay the one who besto-wed such a fortune? True Parents, by all means I pray that your health can be preserved, and I ear-nestly wish you great success in caring for the salvation of the spirits in Heaven and people on earth.

And I finally offer thanks to the lecturers, who throughout the course of this seminar have united us together and have imbued each lecture with great enthusiasm. I truly believe that for each parti-cipant here, and even those who didn’t participate, and even those who oppose us, this truth will become a Gospel. I offer my gratitude and respect to Reverend Moon, the Messiah and True Parent.

Dwight Moody — 2001. 10. 6
21) Karl Barth

(1886-1968, Protestant theologian)

"If you hold fast to only the traditional theologies, then the spirit of that time shall become ex-hausted."

Karl Barth thought that he had studied an immense amount about God. However, today’s Divine Principle puts Karl Barth to shame and has silenced him. I merely want to absorb myself quietly in contemplation. How can I express my heart in words?

It is impossible to know from where to where stretches the realm of the infinite God. The entire earth and the Heavens above and below display God’s attributes, abilities and intellect, but upon

hearing the truth of the Divine Principle, Karl Barth’s gaping mouth could not be shut. I twice believe that the man who discovered this truth, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, is the returning Christ as well as the Messiah. Where has such a profound truth been hidden such that it has only now been revealed? I was stunned to learn that the fact that God contained within his chest an infinite Heavenly secret. How can we unearth the facts hidden with God’s being? I feel that people who think that they know everything about God have incredible arrogance and pride.

However, Reverend Sun Myung Moon has fathomed the depths of God’s heart and has become the truest Son of all true Sons. How did he know the location of this precious jewel, and how did he dig it up? How could Karl Barth have been that ignorant? I merely realized the limitations and incapability of humankind. What have I done until now to serve God? What does theology teach and for what purpose do you study it? Since coming in contact with Unification Principle, I want to completely throw away the word "theology." What is taught and learned though theology? It seems to me that there is no way to solve the question of the origin of the universe with our own human brains. Instead, we are merely caught up in a sense of futility.

Today’s theology merely breeds arrogance and pride, and drives one into a delicate corner. It seems we cannot solve these types of theological problems without the Unification Divine Principle. Upon realizing this fact, I’ve recognized that Karl Barth has led a meaningless life and is an incredibly incapable person. This is an honest confession from my heart.

Theologians of today, raise up your heads! Open your two eyes and pay attention. Karl Barth wants to put away the traditional ideas of theology and burn them to ashes. My mind is irritated.

Theologians, change your thinking. How do you see the Bible? Sometimes it seems that the pro-found truth of the Bible restricts you. Karl Barth, today in this place, will throw off his old self without reservations. You should do the same. Burn it to ashes and receive the new truth. God is our Parents, and you are his children. This truth is an atomic declaration, a Gospel to you, as well as to all humanity. The Unification Principle of the Completed Testament Age is an atomic docu-ment, a Gospel that surpasses all sixty-six books of the Bible. Karl Barth learned Unification Thought and Unification Principle in the form of a spirit in this place.

Theologians, if you live fastened to the Bible, your spirit will not be able to get out of that snare. In the end, you’ll become a poor, pathetic soul. It seems there are more than a few problems in the realm of salvation in which you believe. How can you possibly elucidate all these things here in spirit world? When you compare your ideas of a realm of salvation to the reality of this place, there will be many aspects that you will completely fail to understand. However, these are facts, this place is a reality. I hope you will be liberated from the trap of narrow-minded faith.

I see that my impressions on this seminar have taken on the tone of a message. Karl Barth’s heart is going topsy-turvy. I truly hope you will study the Unification Principle and Unification Thought deeply. I hope you theologians will compare the Unification Principle with the many books of Karl Barth. God is our Parent. Reverend Sun Myung Moon came as the Savior of humanity, and with him he has brought an incredible Gospel to all people. This new Gospel is the Unification Prin-ciple and Unification Thought.

All you theologians, have you not tried, as you’ve read the Bible, to understand it no matter what? There is the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. The Gospel of the Com-pleted Testament is the Unification Principle and Unification Thought. Reverend Moon has revea-led that "God is our Parents." This man is the True Parent of all humanity, the Messiah, the Savior.

Theologians, the blood of justice shall spring forth from your chest. Your passions shall be armed for God’s truth. I ask you not to be servile in front of this complete truth. Karl Barth will light the flame of this new Gospel within your hearts.

The Second Coming, Reverend Moon, Savior of humanity, and our True Parent, I thank you. Please save my fellow theologians. This is the earnest request of Karl Barth.

Karl Barth — 2001.10.16
If you give Karl Barth the opportunity, I want to offer Reverend Moon a more sincere writing, rather than merely a reflectionstyle piece. Thank you so much, and thank you again. Madam!
I’m asking you.

22) John XXIII

(Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, 1881-1963, Pope from 1958, the Pope who led the Vatican II reforms)

"The teacher who fought tens of millions of devils."

John feels that the Unification Principle is a great truth, with a mysterious, magical power that is changing all of humanity. Human faith can be described as coming from a state of not knowing anything at all, to a state that you absolutely believe that something is "probably so." "Probably so" means that it is an abstract concept. It’s completely different from the words "That is so." Every-thing within the Principle gives you no choice but to come to the conclusion, "That is definitely so." The Unification Principle introduces God’s love and opens the true eyes of all the ignorant people of the world.

I believe that if people only knew the Principle then they could all live a proper life of faith, as well as have an enlivened existence with a clear purpose ahead of them. The God we have been attending until now and the God we have been waiting for are fundamentally different. This is another incredibly surprising fact. God is our Parents, but we have not served Him as such. God was known as being far from people, and was known as a Being who came to us when we were weak or lacking, in order to fill up our weaknesses. People only sought God when they were in need. They never served God as the Parents of humanity, who shared both our troubles and our joys.

Reverend Moon has revealed a great Principle, great and incredible. How hard a path must he have walked to have discovered the position of the Parent of humanity, the omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal and infinite God? How many frightening tests did Reverend Moon receive from the Devil, Satan? Satan would not have left Reverend Moon alone, for fear that he would reveal the false actions of Satan, who played the role of humanity’s false king and false owner in God’s place. The one phrase, saying Reverend Moon "fought against the tens of millions of devils" still rings in John’s soul.

No one has known the darkness that has covered history. How frustrated God must have been! Even as our Parent, forgetting the difficulty of seeking his children, he carried out his providence of restoration. I cannot begin to imagine how we can possibly compensate God for his years of sadness in his effort to conquer this reality, where truth and falsehood are mixed together. Reve-rend Moon is the truest son among sons in front of God. He has fulfilled all his responsibility as a son, and is a True Parent in front of all humankind. He has established the victorious standard of the Messiah and is the king of kings. We people of faith must clearly know the fact that all people have come from one heart and one place. If we all try to work together in order to correct the di-rection of our wrongful history, then we will be able to attend God from a much more comfortable position. However, many people of faith have become so absorbed in the old, incorrect customs, that their ability to discern the new truth has become vague. When I think of the fact that this only causes even more suffering and pain to God and True Parents, my heart aches.

Now all people of faith must realize that a new age has arrived. Recall the age that presented the Ptolemaic theory and the age that presented the Copernican theory. The age may change, but the purpose of God’s providence is unchangeable. God is our Parent, and we cannot change our desti-ny as his children. The secret of history, which has been hidden for so many thousands of years, has been revealed and at the same time the Lordship of humanity is being returned to God. The false Parent of humanity shall be exposed for all to see.

How frustrating and regrettable!! Now all you fellow believers here must receive the new truth and realize from when the salvation of all people has started. A heart that cannot accept this new truth is not a sincere heart. We can put new wine in new wineskins. The direction and flow of history is not going where it should. Our ignorance has given birth to sin. What is original sin? No matter how holy a life our ancestors might have lived, their descendants are born carrying the original sin.

This world is filled with contradictions. The Bible and the Christian teaching also have many unclear points, but we faithfully believe.

You people of faith, fellow believers, the core of faith is being together with God, but we people could not understand the God who was the object of our faith. There are many saints who have, during their lives, lived a life of celibacy, and there are many saints who willingly took the path of death. This is because history started in the wrong way. Now that a new truth has been revealed, all of you who are living ascetic lives must receive this new truth. The biological make up of hu-mankind is set up to accomplish God’s purpose and ideal of creation, which is in the multiplica-tion of God’s children through the love of a man and a woman.

So then why and where did things go wrong? I ask you people of faith and you who live a life of celibacy, please do not be stingy about points you must clearly recognize. Times have changed. They have changed a lot. Think of the central figures in history who have failed their responsibili-ty. Why were the Parallel Periods necessary? Unification Principle has brought an amazing power that can renew humanity. It’s a truth all people need to learn and study. People’s lives on earth are drastically short in comparison to life in spirit world. However, the Unification Principle clearly teaches that your residence in the eternal, incorporeal world is determined through your earthly life.

Reverend Moon; in front of such an amazing teacher I gratefully receive this Unification Principle with a heart of devotion. Seeing your never-ending effort for the peace of humanity, I again offer my gratitude.

John XXIII — 2001.10.6
23) Martin Luther King

(1929 – 1968, Baptist minister and champion of civil rights)

"The truth by which to abolish racial barriers has come."

When God made humankind he made them as his children. Therefore God is the Parent of human-kind. This teaching is deeply inspiring. When Martin Luther King discovered that racial discrimi-nation between Asians, Caucasian, Blacks, etc., the conflicts among different denominations, the complication and conflicts of brothers within democracy and totalitarianism, the friction between countries, etc. were not God’s original intention, and when he realized that the false start of hu-mankind in the Garden of Eden brought this false history about, it touched him deeply.

God is not a person of favoritism. He did not create the walls of racism and religious denomina-tionalism on various levels. They came about due to the skewed directions of our misled lifestyle. Martin Luther King is very grateful in light of the Principle. All people are granted equal value

from God. That is the special right you receive from God. Despite this, racial discrimination and conflicts between religious sects have continued ceaselessly throughout history. The Unification Principle, though, is an ideology of peace, given equally to all people. Unification Thought is a truth that can unite all people. This was not something that could be done through human power, but is a Heavenly secret revealed by God. The fact that such an amazing Heavenly secret has been revealed is an occasion for all humanity to celebrate. Martin Luther King is twice thankful for the appearance of the Unification Principle. By this Principle, freedom and equality are rights for all to pursue, regardless of their social status, race or religious sect.

When I feel the truth of this fact, I again raise eternal thanks to the Lord. And because I know the suffering and pain that Reverend Moon endured until the great secrets of Heaven were revealed, I offer up my thanks to him as well. Knowing that the relationship between God and all people is one of Father and Son fills me with eternal happiness.

The Principle is not restricted to any one sect or denomination, but a teaching that all denomina-tions can accept. Because the Principle contains the internal and external truths of humanity, if all religious people, in fact, all people, read its contents deeply, it will become a true guide for their lives. It is a guidebook to the lifestyle all people should live. I cannot suppress my admiration for the systematic logic of the Unification Principle.

Humankind has made effort ceaselessly to become liberated and establish peace, but because there was no truth like this, these efforts always dissipated into thin air. A movement would start, crea-ted by the masses, and then just disappear. There is no doubt that the Unification Principle is the truth that can realize peace for humanity. I feel that it is a unique truth, and as God’s only ideolo-gy, it can break down all the barriers among humanity and bring about unity. If I were given the chance, I am confident I could start a new human revolution, based on the Principle. The lectures here may not seem revolutionary, but rather to possess an amazing power of conversion that inspires people and gets their hearts pumping. It is not the result of human power, but the sum of the power of truth and the power of the spirit of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, thank you so much for bringing peace to all of humankind, and for enlightening us to the amazing truth. I also want to thank you so much that throughout the mani-festation of the True Parents,, you have realized the absolute standard that can diminish completely the resentment the human race was been bearing due to racial discrimination. I’m so truly grateful.

We need to proclaim strongly, with all our hearts, humanity’s Messiah, the Second Coming, our True Parents. The happiness I feel for being able to attend and serve God’s true son and daughter, the True Parents, is truly unfathomable. Thank you.

Martin Luther King — 2001.10.6
24) Daegun Kim

(1821-1846, Korean Roman Catholic Father, martyr, one of our 103 saints)

"A new culture will be created in Korea, centered on the Lord."

The term "Unification Thought" itself is purifying the hearts of many people. The path to this place is bringing many people. There have been huge uproars as a result of the conflict between the people crying out to hear the Unification Principle and those who are trying to stop them from hearing the Principle. Most of the people here have been enlightened to the new truth and the good news that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is in fact the Second Coming of Christ. This place has come to be known as the education grounds to receive the Messiah, the True Parents of human-kind.

I am extremely grateful that even though I did not leave behind many notable accomplishments,
I have been called to this place. Since I’ve been here there are many weird emotions and strange feelings that are truly hard to express.

I had just entered the lecture hall. The lecture hadn’t even begun. I don’t know where it came from, but a brilliant amazing light wrapped all around me. At that moment, my entire mind and body was filled with so much joy. Then I started to fall into a trance, not even knowing who I was. That was incredibly amazing and mysterious. As I look back on it now, it was a very spiritual experience. Thank you so much. How beautiful and peaceful this place is. And how there are only very humble people gathered here. Occasionally I get the impression that the lectures and the guides are looking at me.

As the lecture began, I announced to everyone that I was Daegun Kim and without hesitation went up and greeted the lecturers. It was as if my body wasn’t mine but was going off somewhere else. As I was thinking, "This is a spiritual experience", I started to listen to a truly mysterious lecture.

The lecturer’s voice came to me like a voice from Heaven. It was as if the intervention were coming straight from God. It wasn’t just a lecture, but it was a teaching through God’s voice. I could really feel God’s calling to me directly in that atmosphere. After a little while, it was just as if I was earthenware on a store put peacefully on top of a table. My mind and body, too, became tranquilized and at ease.

From now, Daegun Kim began to tell us of his thoughts about Unification theology. All of the Unification ideology and Principle lectures had all of us in complete oneness, as they spoke with such passion, devotion and sincerity. That’s how awesome their lectures were! But there was this one part that I just could not understand in the slightest. How did this happen? My biggest worry and struggle in trying to live with God was whether or not I could live my life alone. Of course, I wasn’t the only one with questions about this. The reason for this is that our biological make up is not so that we live alone. But the way of a monk or a nun is to cut off from all physical conditions and live only to serve the Lord. This is the obvious path of a monk, and we thought that it was a holy lifestyle.

Here is where my old theory starts to break down. If God’s fundamental will for people is to multi-ply children through the Blessing, why did we have to live lives of celibacy? How many people are both believers and sinners, using a hypocritical, two-sided mask of faith and reality? And how contradictory a life is that? This is just another form of sin. How will today’s Christianity solve that problem?

The Unification Principle and Unification Thought, however, revealed by Reverend Moon, are giving joy and hope to all people, and are presenting the correct way for monks and nuns. If we go by the Unification Principle and Unification Thought and attend True Parents, the Second Advent, the Messiah, and receive the Blessing, then all these problems will be solved. Until now, monks and nuns lived their lives of faith separate from reality. But the human biological make up was created to fulfill God’s purpose of creation, so what should we do? If the teachings of the Principle are in any way self-contradictory, then the very question of human blessing is a contradiction. But the Principle is the new God-given Gospel, a revelation, and so therefore doesn’t have any contra-dictions of truth. Everyone, listen to the Unification Principle. You will feel in every paragraph the truth that God is the Parent of humanity.

Reverend Moon, what did we do to have the Principle come to our nation? I am so grateful that it did. My history ended tragically, but you have raised the honor of our nation, raised up our nation, and set up Korea as the Motherland of faith for all the people of the world, and that moves me eternally. I believe the Unification Principle is an amazing Gospel for all the citizens of the world. God has loved our country, Korea. He sent the Second Coming as a Korean to the land of Korea. That means the Korean culture will shine to all the world, and Korea will become the holy land, and Korean shall become the world’s language. It seems the blood I shed into this land is a part of this providential history.

Reverend Moon, True Parent of all people, please save the many Catholic monks and nuns. I sin-cerely thank you for revealing that God is the Parent of humanity. And I eternally thank you for uncovering this great new truth, and for setting the standard for a filial son in front of God, in the position of all people.

Daegun Kim, in front of this truth, will unconditionally follow and show gratitude. Also, I think it unfortunate that I cannot write down all the mysterious experiences and feelings I have had. But I feel the way of victory is the way of eternal truth. I believe everyday the Principle comes closer to becoming the national religion, and that the people of the world are rapidly developing in the direction of walking the way of oneness, the way of unity, and towards attending God as their Parent. I respect Reverend Sun Myung Moon and I will serve him.

Daegun Kim,— 2001.10.6
25) Seon Ju Gil

(c. 1869 – 1935, Presbyterian minister, one of the main 33 members of the March 1st Movement)

"Through the Unification Principle I will shed sweat and blood for my brothers in North Korea."

First I would like to show my gratitude to the sponsor for inviting me to such an extraordinary place. Reverend Moon is the Second Coming, the Messiah and the True Parents of all humankind. To climb to such a position, he had to undergo numerous tribulations and the hardships of prison. Then claiming victory, he set the standard of the most filial child by serving God and humanity.

Reverend Moon, I am Seon Ju Gil. I have made great effort to plant the seed of God’s truth in North Korea without being able to establish God’s desperate position. Many people have had to suffer of starvation to this day. They have become a destitute people.

Lord of Second Coming, you know the condition of this place more than another. Please save them. It made my heart hurt to come here and hear the Unification Principle. If they could just hear the Principle their thinking will change.

Coming to know the Principle, I have not been able to contain my frustration and misery. Without the bloody battle of the Messiah claiming victory in the position of ultimate suffering, how could the Principle have become the Gospel of all humanity? I now know that through the love of God and the labor of Reverend Moon the Principle has become a precious message to all humankind. The Principle is the explosion of the Holy Spirit of God coming down to humanity. The Unifica-tion Principle and Unification Thought will bring people to be born anew. It is so systematic, so detailed and very orderly. Principle teaches everything to the last detail of human heart.

It is a book that is necessary to be read in every company and put into school textbooks. It is the word of the Completed Testament for all people of faith. It is the great truth that will blow the winds of a new revelation into the hearts of humankind.

I forget what words I could possibly say to the suffering of my teacher who has prepared himself since age 16. I can feel how fretful God must have had been protecting him. How can you express God’s waiting for the True Parents of humanity to arise? How can I sum up my feelings for the

Principle in one phrase? I am just so grateful, so touched. The opposition against the Principle is not small here. Although it soon will all come to an end, it makes me sad seeing so many groups against it on earth too. It is so sad that they can’t understand the heart of the Parents who are saving them. But as time goes by, our devotion and intellect will move Heaven.

Those who know the Principle usually don’t live quiet lives. God’s love will clearly be established together with the Messiah on earth. Thank you, Lord Messiah for enlightening us with the amazing truth of the Divine Principle. Even though I live in the spirit world, I could not realize the fact that God is our Parent. This makes me the most unfilial son, but now I will rise up boldly. I will now serve the True Parents with the Unification Principle and Thought and invest my sweat and blood beneath the sky above North Korea.

I offer my gratitude and respect to Reverend Moon, who has come as the True Parents

Seon Ju Gil — 2001.10.07
26) Yong Do Lee

(1901- 1933, Methodist minister, revivalist)

"I lament that I was not able to meet the Lord while on earth."

It has always been my desire to know God, live with God and wait and long for the Lord to come. And therefore I have lived so without one speck of shame, but with happiness in my heart. That was my life. However, after I got to know the Unification Principle and Unification Thought, I got to find many problems in my life. Our ignorance led to many sins and those sins have sprouted and bore fruit. When I tried to take out that root of evil sin, I found that it was fastened so strongly. I came to the conclusion that it isn’t easy. What shall I do? My great concern is how I can thoroughly put the Principle into practice in my life.

It seems the Unification Principle and Theory are systematically logical and that there is nothing to criticize. What I was curious about in the beginning was resolved in the end. This Principle solves all problems of the universe, world and life on many levels, so if you just listen to this truth you cannot oppose it.

There are no questions left hanging in the theory of Unification Principle. Just when I put my faith, philosophy, and belief in God and trust for Jesus alongside the Principle, I saw that my beliefs were so off. This fact made me lost in amazement. That the Lord humanity had been waiting for was none other than Reverend Sun Myung Moon, that God is the Parent of all humankind and that Jesus came to our teacher when he was 16 to ask him to inherit his mission is a stunning proclamation.

We should have been able to share in the benefits in the age of the Messiah. How can I from here in the spirit world make the people living today believe this truth? I cannot help expressing a regretful heart at the fact that at my time the environment and opportunities were there for me to serve the Messiah, so why didn’t God do it at that time? Why could I not receive the benefit of the age?

I do not have the least idea of criticizing this Unification Principle. The Unification Principle and Unification Thought are humankind’s greatest Gospel. The fact that the Principle emerged from Korea and that the Messiah himself is a pure Korean gives me limitless pride as a Korean. What dissatisfactions can I hold if Korea becomes the original homeland and center of the world? Even here in spirit world I want to wave a flag boasting that the Messiah is Korean and was born in Korea! But the fact that I wasn’t able to do so on earth is so devastating I feel that someone has hammered a nail in my pride.

God! My fallen nature is still boiling. When I compare myself with these lecturers, it is obvious how wretched I am. But I should throw away my useless inferiority. I must take off my wretched self that is being pulled by my fallen nature. There is always a vicious war going on between my body and heart. But by receiving the new truth, I will make a great effort to get out of this conflict.

Reverend Moon, please give me a chance. When I heard the lecture of the Parallel Periods, I thought I would go mad. Please give me an opportunity to serve the Lord. I can do it. I can do whatever you ask of me. From now on, believing and following Reverend Moon, I will do my up most best to make God’s will a reality. Reverend Moon! True Parents of humankind, crying out your sacred name I ask for a chance. My teacher. You really have been working so hard. As the Second Advent of the Messiah, as the True Parent of all people, I pray that you can become victorious in front of humanity.

Yong Do Lee — 2001.10.07


IV. Church, Denominational and Group Representatives

God’s words

1) Theodosius I

(Roman Emperor from 379 to 395, who founded the orthodox Christian state)

"He who revealed the secrets of Heaven is now on earth."

Hello. Thank you so much for the opportunity to come here and listen to the Principle. There are an infinite number of people that have come here to study it. I thank you even more to give me this chance to share my impressions. After hearing the Principle, I realized my idea of going to Heaven just by believing and serving God was an intoxicated, obscure faith. Christians, even without knowing the answers to such questions as "Who is God? What is Heaven? What is salvation? Is there really life after death? What happens to our spirit after we die? What is the origin of faith?" were stuck in an extremely selfish faith that believed that they could go to Heaven just by believing in Him. To that end, they lived preaching brotherly love and public service.

Aside from the fact that we must come to unconditionally serve God’s absoluteness, I couldn’t really come to any conclusions. When I hear the Unification Principle, my heart really aches. God is our Parent, but because of our false Parents we weren’t able to recognize our True Parents. Therefore, we’ve lived as orphans. The Christians of today must know this clearly. We must throw away the belief that just faith in God will get us to Heaven, and truly recognize that God is our Parent and that in order to save his numerous children suffering in Hell we have not a moment to spare. We must have the attitude of faith that we will follow our Parent all the way down to hell.

So then, what is Heaven? Who goes there? I declare right now that no Christians of this modern age who hold fast to old-fashioned faith will be able to enter Heaven. You must find the reason for this. You must hurry. Your concepts of Heaven and the reality of this place are truly different. What is salvation? How can we attain salvation? Knowing this clearly, I ask you Christians to reconsider your views on salvation, for if your existing outlook on salvation ties you down, you won’t receive it. What is salvation? Please think about it again. The Unification Principle explains this point very clearly in detail.

What is life after death? If there were no afterlife then why are you striving to go to Heaven? If you really want to go to Heaven and live well there, then it would only be reasonable for you to want to go together with your beloved children and descendants and of course your ancestors. Is this not so? Then why have you no interest in your ancestors? Then wouldn’t you have to save your ancestors who are undergoing indescribable pain in Hell, not being able to go to Heaven? Or would you just enter Heaven by yourself?

But you carry on the latter, and by doing so you make God’s heart grieve. You must clearly realize this. Your way of serving God has been wrong. A sincere filial child would know their Parents’ heart and live consoling them. If you let your Parents live with you and profess your filial piety only in words, then that is the most unfilial act. Look after your Parents and see if they are uncom-fortable in anyway. Then sincerely ask what it is your Parents want. Ask earnestly what their big-gest internal struggles are. If you Christians really believe that there is life after death, then you must definitely change your direction of life.

If you wish to go to Heaven, you must teach your children to follow and serve this path as well. Furthermore, you must teach your children the basis of serving God. This is your genuine responsibility. You must also think about where your spirit will live in after life. But without knowing this origin, you will not be capable fellow Christians! You probably do now know who I am. But please know one thing. I had to go through many difficulties in order to make Christianity the national religion. Do not think it was an easy decision. It was what I decided after undergoing extremely hard tribulations and agony. Now I am suffering with a heart that feels I haven’t been dutiful, and that I couldn’t serve God as my Parent. The anguish is unbearable. It makes my heart break. I am very envious of all of you living on earth in this Completed Testament age. It is such a blessed age. He who has received revelations from God and enlightened us with the Principle and secrets of Heaven is now on earth, is he not? he is our True Parent, the Messiah, the Lord you all have been waiting for.

He is Sun Myung Moon himself. You must believe, trust, and follow him. If you believe and follow this Principle, then your faith will mature and you will definitely turn into heavenly people. If you ever doubt on some part of the Principle, pray. If you pray sincerely then I myself will teach you. As you believe in the resurrection of Jesus, you must believe in the resurrection of Theodo-sius as well, with Heaven and earth under the dominion of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Those given the mission are bound to move. Pray, and then have faith as God’s children.

Theodosius — 2001.10.21
Please spread the Unification Principle widely, which has revealed the secrets of Heaven.

2) Antony

(251? – 356, hermit)

"Centered on the new truth you will make an important decision."

God created humankind as his children and through his children he was going to fulfill his will, but because his children fell his will could not be fulfilled. By the very ancestors of humankind falling, history got off on the wrong foot. This history of wrong has flowed on for such a long time with no one to fix it. Most of humanity doesn’t even know that history has been in the wrong. Discovering this truth through the Principle, I am very resentful. Now that the whole hidden truth behind history has been made clear, we must completely pull out humankind’s root of evil. And we must clear up God’s historic resentment.

I, Anthony am greatly embarrassed. What do people think about monasteries? When I think about them I’m embarrassed in one sense, but I’m proud of them also for they are places that didn’t spread evil lineage. Humankind didn’t know God’s fundamental providence, but even so has strived to serve and worship Him. For people can’t find this road living peacefully having babies.

Now, I understand, theoretically, God’s providence of restoration, his will, and his heart for humankind. What use is there now to regret the past? The pain of regret and loneliness now all rush in together. Now is not the time to express my gratitude for letting me hear the Principle and express my feelings about it. But it definitely is not the time to be bound by regret and pessimism. I can’t distinguish whether this is to relieve us, or to make us repent, or to teach us, but I will try to obey this new truth that seems to be the way. Everyone is jealous about this position, but to tell the truth, I want to give it up. But now that I’m here, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Reverend Moon, the True Parent of humankind, how can you approve of our lifestyles? There’s no need to say that we weren’t blessed with the merit of the age. There was no leader to guide and lead us logically and systematically. We only had the heart of serving God in the highest. Now understanding the Principle, I clearly confess that I have been a sinner. There is no opposition I can raise to any part of the Principle. Therefore I feel even more pain in my heart.

Reverend Moon! Thank you so much! These words do not emerge easily. I feel so undeserving. But you, being the Lord, will embrace all of our lives. How can my direction of faith in these days and this direction of the new truth be so different? It makes it unbearable to stand the pain of regret and misery.

When I hear lectures on history, I come to know that the people living in the Completed Testament age are the most blessed of all. Is this something we can solve by coveting? What can we do? How does God think about us? Even if he doesn’t welcome us warmheartedly, I pray that he can understand us. I wanted to be in the position of being the most beloved child, but I see that was wrong.

Reverend Moon! True Parents of humankind! Please broad-mindedly understand our lives. Now I have no desire to read the Principle or hear it again, but I know that is not right. So please wait until our hearts calm down. Until then, I will pray and study the Principle. Through this meeting centering on this new truth, we will make important determinations. Reverend Moon, in front of your messianic mission I give you my congratulations and please overcome the hardships and tribulations.

Anthony — 2001.10.21
3) Dominic

(1170 – 1221, founder of the Order of Friars Preachers [Dominicans])

"Upon hearing the Principle, I realize my own wretched and disappointing form."

God created man and he waited with hope and expectations for humanity, but we turned our backs on God’s will. However, God came to us as our Parent. People have thought that throughout the long passage of time they have shaped history, while all the while they lived tormenting their Parent’s heart. Through this realization, I’ve come to understand the level of God’s heart, while he has waited and watched people at this tail end of history.

As I’ve studied God’s history of his providence of restoration, it seems the same as a situation in which someone founded a country, and then some false owner came by and stole that nation, ruled it as he pleased, and called it his own. Would the original founder just stand and watch? Would he

try and get his country back? To put my feelings and reflections on my education of the Principle into one phrase, I have no choice but to conclude that the history of humanity has been too grue-some.

Because they did not know the truth of history, many religious people spent their lives by throwing away all earthly pleasures and tried only to live their lives devoutly in service to God. Why was this truth kept so far away, until a false history, false Parent, and false lineage already were for-med? God sent Reverend Moon to the earth in this Completed Testament age in order to clean up this pathetic history, and I feel that the people on earth are truly glorious and blessed. But how then will the spirits in this place, whose fates and futures are different from the earth, be compen-sated, especially those who lived alone in their ascetic lives? After studying the Principle, I feel as if our situation is so miserable and desperate. The fact that we did not know God’s original will, and the fact that we could hardly receive the benefit of this age, is to us a most cruel and desperate situation.

Reverend Moon, Completed Testament Parent of humanity, how shall we manage our lives? Even if you comforted us saying, "You cannot receive the benefits of this age, so what would you like to do?" I would not accept it! How earnest must my heart for God have been to choose the life of a monk? Why, God, as the Parent of all people, do you make us suffer so? My life of asceticism was not an easy life. But because of my desire to stand in a position of absolute obedience under the one and only God, I cut off from all earthly things and chose the path of a monk, believing that in such a life would be my reward.

In today’s world, people have a family and follow all the physical desires that they wish, while at the same time leading a life of faith. Monks, however, cut off from all physical things and devote themselves to a lifestyle of purity, devotion and holy worship. So imagine how wretched it is to discover that that lifestyle was in vain?! To the monks, there is no four-position foundation. With-out an object, how can there be a four-position foundation? True Parents of all people, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, what will you do with us monks and nuns? The ideal of Heaven is in the per-fection of a family, so what are we to do? I don’t want to be treated liberally, nor do I want you to be generous. Based on the standard of the Principle, what will you do?

God, despite being an almighty Parent, did you let us go down such a wrong path? I will go con-front the people who originated the destruction of humanity, Lucifer, Eve, Adam and others. I will confront them and ask them if they can take responsibility for our lives. It is so depressing, so re-grettable. I cannot bear it. There is no way that we cannot envy for all time, the people on earth today, who are blessed to be in the position to receive the Messiah’s grace.

Reverend Moon! There is no reason for you to know who Dominic is. I am a sinner who encoura-ged all people to live ascetic lives only. And reading the Principle, I’ve realized that that’s not even the whole of what I’ve done. It’s so depressing and miserable. It would be better if the Uni-fication Principle were just one big lie. Hearing about the Parallel Periods of Providential History drives me insane. Who can truly understand this pain I feel? In the course of hearing the Unifica-tion Principle, I gave no small amount of effort to find parts of it that were false. All my effort was in vain.

Messiah of all people, Reverend Moon, True Parents, what should we do? Please ease our hearts of this misery and frustration that we feel, and provide us a way. To put my reflection into one phrase, I am miserable, irritated and depressed. That is all.

Dominic — 2001.10.23


4) Henry VIII

(1491 – 1547, King of England from 22 April, 1509, founder of the Anglican Church)

"Lord, whatever you command, I will assist you here."

I have come to realize the resentment of the God of history who, after creating human brings, was throughout the long years of history betrayed and rejected as he stayed in the position of our Parent. I first would like to talk about my motive for listening to the Principle. According to the news of the populace here, there was a new type of human teaching being taught at the Unification Principle Seminar Education Room, and people visit that place often. They didn’t know what type of education it was, but they said that some people who went there would come back with few words to say, some would weep loudly, and some would tell of strange experiences. It was truly a mysterious teaching. Henry VIII is not the type of person to be disturbed by such news, but one day an advertisement went up asking for people. My name was on it. After con-firming that my name was on a list of people who contributed to the history of developing Christianity, I became very interested, and so I came to participate in this education. After hearing the Principle though, there was nothing I could say except for the words, "I’m incredibly sorry."

You have no idea how embarrassed I am now for being caught up in my own pride, hypocrisy and appearance, not really caring about the lectures, while the lecturer gave his whole body and soul into speaking about the direction of history and the new way humankind must go.

For me, expressing the while Principle in just a few words is incredibly difficult. If I could become a king like before, ever in this place, I would make all my citizens, by force if necessary, listen to the Unification Principle. I want to make all people, without exception, listen systematically to the Unification Principle.

Until now, history has been wrong, so where is there a teaching that presents the new direction humanity must go as well as the Unification Principle? The thing that most upsets my heart is how sad a position God is in. God has suffered too much for humankind. Now we who have become renewed by listening to the Unification Principle must attend God as the True Parent of all humanity. The human ancestors started off on the wrong foot, but if we as God’s children mend our ways and return to our Parent, can we not then attend Him with even greater devotion? From the position of the first human beings, Adam and Eve, who passed down the sinful lineage from generation to generation, will have to apologize publicly in front of God and all people. How gruesome the pain God and all humanity had to endure because they deviated from the most fundamental standard of universal law!

Reverend Moon came as the True Father of humankind. But how did he, in that position, endure the many sufferings that blew his way at every crisis in history, in order to cleanse the original blood lineage and sinful history? And though the people on earth are so blessed by this period, how will you cleanse the original sin of all the people here? God sent Reverend Moon to solve these of historic problems, but how troublesome to him it must be to deal with all the accumulated and stored baggage of history. It would be nice if all the many troubles could be divided among certain people.

Reverend Moon! True Parents of all people! How much did you struggle to overcome the crisis of the cross, as the Messiah of humanity? What can I do and how can I help? How can I comfort the course of indemnity you took to ascend to the position of the True Parents of all people and take the responsibility of God? We believe that knowing the Unification Principle can break down all the barriers of culture, race and denomination, and we pray that you can open a way for all people without exception to hear the Unification Principle. Please tell us what we must do here to assist

you, and we will give our best. You have worked so hard, and I am grateful. Henry VIII will discard all his appearance of pride, and I pray that you can spread the exposition of the Principle far and wide. Thank you.

Henry VIII — 2001.10.23
5) Roger Williams

(c. 1604 – 1683, representative of the Baptist churches, champion of religious toleration)

"I will prepare diligently for the Blessing."

I never forgot, even for a moment, to think of how I could attend the ability, authority, love and wisdom of God in a clean and pure manner. However, hearing the Principle in this place, I have recognized that the teachings if the Baptist churches are nothing but the basic things you teach kindergarten students.

What is sin? The standard for deciding the root of sin is different in the Baptist Church and Uni-fication Principle teachings. Can the root of sin really be so logically and systematically revealed? The fact that this Unification Principle exists in front of us can only mean that there is a new Gospel for all humanity. The Principle is very impressive, and when I view it as a religious man,
I have no choice but to confess honestly that the preaching of the Baptist Church is the fruit of a foolish and ignorant movement.

However, what I received at that time, through my experiences, was to serve the utmost power of God. There was no other method. I had no choice but to be ignorant. I came to realize clearly through the Principle that baptism gives me no special grace of forgiveness from sin. Now my heart feels very sinful and confused. There was no special theory of Roger Williams that was worth teaching to the people of faith at that time. I did not even begin to imagine that God is the Parent of humanity. How could I dare imagine the absolute God as a Parent? Because the God I have now experienced is so absolute and unique, if I just imagined that thought I would feel like a sinner. If the absolute God is the Parent of all people, then how blessed we people are.

God is the Parent of humanity, and Reverend Moon is the true Parent of humanity as well as the Messiah who will save humankind. Please grant your fortune on the believers of the Baptist Church. As their representative, I feel no small consciousness of sin. Also the motivation of my heart from the start was to serve God, and I pray that you’ll take that motivation into deep con-sideration. I also hope you will open the gateway to the Blessing for all people who have been baptized as adults. We all lived our lives with the hope and dream of living with and serving you in Heaven. Forgive me for telling them that they could go to Heaven through the Baptist ways. Now that I’ve learned that in order to get to the eternal Heaven one must cross the gateway of the Blessing, please grant us the chance to do that. Even if it’s a person we had to meet a long time ago, if it seems good in God’s and True Parents’ eyes, then please match us as partners again. We all earnestly desire this period we have been following the dream of being able to go to Heaven, where God dwells. God receive us. True Parents, receive us.

Also, Roger Williams will call all the Baptists and make them listen to the Principle and hold seminars centered on Unification Thought, and form Principle study groups. I don’t know if the Principle lectures here will help us, but I will find a way if there is one to be found. Please grant us fortune, and I wait for the day I can attend you, after I’ve prepared for the Blessing.

Reverend Moon! True Parents of Humanity! Messiah of all people, the Second Coming of Christ! Please listen to my earnest request. First I will study the Principle steadily and explain the meaning of the Blessing, and second, I will accept the new truth and teach that the only way into the eternal

Kingdom of Heaven is through the gate of the Blessing. And I will wait. Today I will gather the people and wait. I also express my respect and gratitude to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, victor of the providence of restoration.

Roger Williams — 2001.10.24
6) Ignatius Loyola

(1491 or 1495 – 1556, founder of the Jesuits)

"To those who are on the earth! The invisible substantial world obviously exists."

You can feel realistically when you study Divine Principle that there is no life that is not precious, not only in spirit world but on the earth. I came to imagine the precious life in reality. I bet that almost all the people don’t know that they will go to the spirit world after they finish their life on the earth. Although people often say, "I will go to Heaven if I live nicely on the earth. But I will go hell if I live badly," they don’t even know clearly that the eternal world like this exists.

I was moved deeply as I studied about the invisible substantial world and visible substantial world. Before all else, I was surprised with the logical development of thought on those two worlds. Think deeply about the two worlds, the invisible substantial world and visible substantial world. We can understand almost completely about the visible substantial world, but I wondered if the invisible substantial world could really exist.

People on the earth are living with complacent thoughts about how this a good age. Those who live on the earth should perfectly know the fact that the invisible substantial world exists and should think of their life on earth as precious. If you plant the seed in spring, you can harvest, but if you plant seeds in the fall, you cannot harvest and the seeds will die. I would obviously like to convey that you yourself determine your position in the invisible substantial world, by your level of life on the earth. Those who lived for others on earth can live with God in the eternal place, but those who lived selfishly will go to hell directly. It sounds cruel, but it is the heavenly way. It is said to be the heavenly rule. You are not to be told which way is the heavenly way, but must find it by yourself. The rules here are very cruel and fearful.

They teach us here that God is the Parents of humankind. There is not even a bit of overstatement about the way of Heaven, though. This is the rule in Heaven. Everything in Divine Principle is truth. The heavenly way that is hid behind the history of humankind is being discovered one by one.

Heavenly Father, you have stood with such pain through the long history. You are so generous to your children that you brought light upon all the secrets for them, but even you have no option of getting rid of the heavenly way. Even though his children keep going to hell endlessly and suffe-ring pain there, God can do nothing for them because of the heavenly way.

There is something we, the believers, must deeply think on in the stream of life. If parents have a healthy child and a child with illness, whom do they love more? The parents can’t spend time comfortably until the child with the illness is cured. You must think over about the heart of God, who can do nothing for his writhing children who are shouting for help. He cannot liquidate the misery for them in the painful hell.

Because these groaning people in hell are those who couldn’t live nicely in the earth, how can he save them with no condition? It is our life on the earth that is serious and precious. There is obvious that there is an invisible substantial world. The time you live on the earth is the time in which you build your house in the spirit world, where you will live forever.

It is too late to try to build your house here after you come here. Your house is being built while your body is on the earth, and that is the heavenly rule. A very surprising thing is happening, actually. If I had known clearly that there is the invisible substantial world, I could have built a house much better here. Following the stream of the age, I could get in touch with the Divine Principle here at last. It was very regretful that I came to know it after I came to the spirit world, but I made up my mind to accept this reality. I have something I seriously want to ask of you on the earth. The invisible substantial world exists just as obviously as the visible substantial world on the earth does. So please prepare thoroughly for the next world.

Life on the earth lasts a moment, but life in the spirit world is eternal. Don’t be silly and give away the eternal life in exchange for a short-term life. I thank Reverend Moon, True Parents of humankind, Messiah, for lighting a precious truth like this. Divine Principle is the last Gospel of humankind. It is not enough even if I thank Him for that thousands of times.

Ignatius Loyola — 2001. 10. 24
7) Francis Xavier

(1506 – 1552, "Apostle of the Indies" and "of Japan," an original member of the Jesuits)

"Why it is now that God brought to light the fact that he is the Parents of humankind?"

Although life on the earth is externally short, people live with the feeling that it is long and even eternal. But this life for a short period is for the sake of preparing one’s life in the eternal world. The life on the earth is the period of preparation. If there is not the life on the earth, we cannot decide our position in this eternal world. So how precious the life on the earth is!

For my impression of studying Divine Principle, the introduction was very long, but I can’t help feeling regret that I couldn’t gain the benefit of the age on the earth. You should clearly realize the preciousness of life on the earth. If people on the earth now study Divine Principle, they will pre-pare the position where they live in the eternal world and know how to live here. There is nothing they should fear, for the Messiah who brought to light the Divine Principle for us is present on the earth. Humankind hasn’t known the truth and heavenly secret for thousands of years. So we didn’t know that we lived in a dark world, even though it was a dark world, and we didn’t know our own status, our lineage, or the stream and direction of history. Now that it has become the age of the Completed Testament, the entire picture of the wrong history of humankind is illuminated. I think it is not easy for those who practiced a religious life to accept Divine Principle. That is because they lived in the wrong history without knowing the direction of life. Divine Principle is the truth that lights the secret of Heaven. We can do nothing but accept this truth, even though we try to deny and deny it. We can get life energy whenever we study Divine Principle.

When I look at the figures of the lecturers here, I can see that the Messiah taught them and they attended the Messiah while they were alive. This is the reality. How lucky the twelve disciples of Jesus were for their following Him and learning his words on the earth! Aren’t they the most lucky persons for living with Jesus during his 33-year life? It is said that St. Paul completely changed his life after he met the resurrected Jesus, but how lucky the life of the lecturers who attended the Lord of Second Advent on the earth! I envy and envy them for their teaching excellent Divine Principle to many people, and I wonder what they did for God that allowed them to receive such a tremen-dous Blessing from God in one lifetime.

Comparing my figure with that of the lecturers, how pitiful my figure is! I thought I also worked hard for God on the earth, but I’m sad that I could receive no Blessing from God. But I have no way but to accept my reality. The more I think about it, the more my heart aches.

Heavenly Father! Why didn’t you reveal that you are the Parents of humankind in my age? Why didn’t you send the Lord of Second Advent, Reverend Moon, during my age? Heavenly Father, what is the fundamental reason you couldn’t bring the Divine Principle to light for me in my age? There were many people who were attending you earnestly. It seems to me that Father is partial with children and I am mortified. I want cry and hit the earth hard with my fists. But I can do nothing but accept this reality.

Reverend Moon came as the True Father, but my heart is very painful. Nonetheless I can’t help approve and believe that Divine Principle is the truth. Reverend Moon, you came as Messiah for all the races. Please wait for us to be arranged as heartistic people.

Francis Xavier — 2001. 10. 25
8) George Fox

(1624 – 1691, founder of the Society of Friends [Quakers])

"Please order me to do everything!"

Divine Principle reforms people’s minds. I had experience on several spiritual levels here of cour-se and during my life on the earth. I dreamed a dream the day before I studied Divine Principle. In the dream a giant appeared and said "Follow me and study here. This is a factory that gives people new life," and disappeared. And the next day, a weird phenomenon took place. While I was liste-ning to the Divine Principle lecture, a man in a picture in front came close to me little by little. Looking at it I realized that it was a picture of the giant whom I met in the dream. I was so surpri-sed that I couldn’t listen to the lecture. After a while, the giant went back into the picture. I felt weird, but I couldn’t help but stay quiet as the lecture was going on.

However, the lecturer stopped his lecture suddenly and said, "Please look at this picture. This man is Reverend Moon and he is the Parents of humankind, the Lord of Second Advent who came to save humankind, and Messiah. And he is still on the earth fighting for peace on earth right now despite his old age. He is over 80 years old. I think it is the time for us to think over our mission and decide the direction of our endeavors."

I was surprised as his voice sounded loud as thunder to me. I couldn’t believe how loud his voice was, and I turned pale with surprise. Is the giant who appeared to me last night truly the Messiah? Did he appear in order to lead me here? I wanted to report this mysterious experience to the people on earth. I’d like to tell them the spiritual experien-ces as it is, so it is very surprising that I can report my experiences to the people on the earth as I now am doing. I can see that the lady who reports this message to you must be working very hard because she is wrapping a bandage on her wrist. Very mysterious phenomena are occurring.

"Reverend Moon! Did you come to my home? If so, how can I stand this glory? How can I express this mercy? If you tell me to do something, I will dare to do everything. I believe that you obviously have things to order me to do. I will follow the order, if you direct me."

Reverend Moon! How can I stand surprising things such as this! As you said "If you study Divine Principle, you can be changed into a new person." I will calmly start with that. If you order another thing after that, I will follow the new order as well. Reverend Moon! True Parents of all the races! What a glory it is! Thank you!

George Fox — 2001. 10. 25
Here is the record of questions and answers between George Fox and the reporter.

George Fox: Are you sure you are an earthly woman?

Reporter: Yes, I am.

GF: Why do you wrap the bandage around your wrist?

R: Because I have pain in my wrist. I don’t feel pain with my wrist here.

GF: Then you are surely an earthly woman.

R: Yes, I am.

9) Philipp Jakob Spener

(1635 – 1705, founder of German Pietism)

"I will live by following Divine Principle."

I insisted on many things about God. I insisted on only serving God and not any other gods, and that humankind must attend God with our all hearts. But I couldn’t even imagine that God is the Parents of humankind. It is very surprising that God can be Parents of the entire human race. I thought the changes of the four seasons expresses God’s love for humankind, and the incompara-bly beautiful things. Because God is the Parents of humankind, the seasons reflect the harmony of all things in the cosmos for the sake of his children, but I didn’t know that. I couldn’t understand why God loves the entire human race.

Even though I knew I was not a messiah nor able to uncover the secrets of Heaven, I believed that my absolute faith in God was stronger than anyone else’s. I realize that such thinking was arrogant in the extreme.

How did Reverend Moon live for God and appear in the position to receive all the love of God? As he illuminated the truth of heavenly secrets and achieved the position of Parents of all humankind and Messiah, envying Reverend Moon means I am arrogant, doesn’t it? But, honestly speaking, I envy him very much. He would think me pretentious if I say so. It seems that I must start anew by offering my confession honestly in front of Messiah, True Parents, my master, and washing away all of my arrogance and studying Divine Principle calmly in a position of modesty and arrange my personality by myself.

It is said that the way of Divine Principle is one of truth, and the way of truth is one of re-creation. I can’t help wondering how my life could become as unreliable as this. Reverend Moon! True Pa-rents! I will accept all that you tell us. And I make effort to change myself to the original man that God created. After analyzing Divine Principle part by part in detail, I will imprint it into my life-style.

The Lord is the object of admiration, and I am the poorest, the most suffering, the saddest figure, so I made up my mind that the only thing I can do is to accept the new truth. Please understand me and have a prayerful heart for me, True Parents, and please wait for me. I thank you, thank you for giving me the chance to share my impressions with people. I pray that changes will come about through this opportunity. Thank you.

Philipp Jakob Spener — 2001.10.26


10) Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzindorf

(1700-1760, founder of the Herrnbuter [Moravian Brethren])

"I would like to make best effort to construct Nation of God."

By participating this seminar I was so deeply moved, impressed and stunned that I have to shout Divine Principle as I walk around on the earth and in spirit world. I have no way of expressing my shock. Reverend Moon, the True Parents and Messiah of all humankind, directed all of us to go to the earth. We don’t have wings, but he gave us special glory so that we can fly like birds. But there is no place for us to settle down on the earth. Please believe and accept the founders of religions who are now in Heaven.

A sad history has flowed down for a long time. Now is the time to make effort to construct God’s nation by gathering powers both from the earth and from the spirit world. Please open up to our spiritual wave on the earth. It is not so easy for us to go to places where there are people who don’t know Divine Principle nor that the history of Messiah has started, and to help those people. But if those who have the power of Holy Spirit construct the foundation and if those who know Divine Principle and are living on the earth help us actively, we will make our best effort in Heaven. Why can’t we clear away the darkness on the earth while this excellent Gospel is poured upon human-kind? Let’s take the curtain away and let all humankind be humble and obedient in front of new words and new truth and I’d like to make my best effort to construct God’s nation and a peaceful world.

I don’t know to whom and how my impression will be reported. My impression was that the semi-nar brought an experience of continuous emotion. Until now, most people didn’t know how to attend God. They put Him far away as an object of conceptual belief, as an absolute God, and just watched. But now the fact that God is our Parents has come to light. It is the best present and Gospel, is it? If the Divine Principle, which is brought to light, is outrageous or improper, we can ignore the contention that God is humankind’s Parents.

This is literally Divine Principle (Unification Principle). If all humankind only studied Divine Principle, unification would truly happen. We could make a peaceful world and solve the problem of racial conflict and also sectarian conflict. The unification of the ideal and secular culture would occur. Let’s accept it as it is, if you like it. Don’t complain about Divine Principle or graft your individual prejudice into it. If it is determined to be true then let’s accept it. My knowledge of theories, education, philosophies, views of God was belching loudly, but it was useless.

I have completely surrendered and will accept everything, thinking of the founder’s courage. I will accept with a wide-open mind. We can never compare Reverend Moon’s courage, plan, thought and so forth with that of ourselves. Let us not be ones whom Reverend Moon sees with pity and let us not become shameful persons by centering on ourselves. He is just very neat. He is marvelously neat. Now the Gospel of humankind and new truth has saved us. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for Reve-rend Moon, hurrah for the Messiah, hurrah! I will show my gratitude by bowing to him.

Count Zinzindorf — 2001. 10. 29
The experience of Count Zinzindorf:

I experienced my being bathed in colorful light with charming emotion, and my being surrounded by God’s love.

11) William Booth

(1829 – 1912, founder and first General of the Salvation Army)

"Shock, shock…, but I can’t attend Lord right now."

I would like to thank you for the honor of having me participate a meeting as great as this by the love of God. Many people wonder about this place, but one cannot participate here freely. I ex-perienced heat; this place is full of God’s love, God’s warmth and lights.

Before entering into the seminar room, a very bright light moved to the front and back like a tor-nado. And within a moment it had sur-rounded me. At that time, I could hear a strange voice from deep within my heart. "God’s love is deep and wide. God’s love unites all humankind. God’s love is our Parents. Welcome, welcome." This voice spoke calmly from deep in my heart.

Although I have not participated in seminars often, this place seemed strange. I looked around and found careful faces sitting or standing, preparing for the seminar. I was very nervous. The hot tem-perature was quietly settling in me. The lecturers invited us and guided us busily and earnestly. As the lecture started, the atmosphere of the room became dignified. But the lecture was very strange. The lecture taught me things I had never heard and the lecturer was very earnest. The themes of the lecture were new to me: the Principle of Creation, the theory of the fall, the consummation of history, the advent of the Messiah and the purpose for the Second Advent. What happened to me? The lecturers gave us serious lectures. And at the last, they explained Time Identity in the flow of history. They intended us to compare the present time with past cycles and to think about it on our own.

There are differences between the number of ages in spirit world and on earth, and the method of calculating the ages is different. The lecturers are said to be great people. They attended the Lord on the earth, and I was blank with amazement because this unfamiliar theory is precious Gospel for humankind in the Completed Testament age. I could think of nothing. I pinched my hands and legs. This was real. This was obviously real. If so, I have no hope. I lost my precious time and became as if I had fallen off a cliff. This is very amazing. I have no way expressing my heart.

What, then, was God’s love as I experienced it before I studied Divine Principle? I wanted to rush to the earth, because these things are true and people on the earth are attending the Lord there. As I looked around, I found serious faces much more than comfortable faces. What should I do now? I have no measure by which to arrange my mind.

I am shouting out that Reverend Moon is clearly Messiah of humankind with plenty of confiden-ce, but how should those people who are not prepared accept a truth like this? And if this Gospel is the word of the Completed Testament, which is given to all people on the earth and in the spirit world, and is the new truth, then where should the believers in the spirit world go? They are in a defenseless state, with no standard of measurement when they suddenly meet an age like this. And how do the report of our impressions bring a good effect in this age? I am not saying that Divine Principle is wrong. But right now we are in pain. We, the faithful, made tremendous efforts to live as believers, and do we yet have to meet the new truth with hearts collapsed like this? My heart is too aching to do so.

Reverend Moon! When you came as Messiah for all humankind, why couldn’t you regard the hearts of pioneers? We didn’t live worthless lives. We withstood all difficulties to live as believers. I believe that you also overcame thousands of difficulties and tribulations before you appeared as Savior of humankind, but I feel as if I am treated too unfairly to accept Divine Principle right now. I don’t understand why God welcomed me. But if all of us must obey this truth, I will pray calmly, quietly and secretly. When I have a clear and humble spirit by sanctifying myself, I will attend the Lord. Please forgive me for my inability to attend the Lord right now.And please wait for me.

William Booth — 2001. 10. 30
Here is the record of questions and answers between William Booth and the reporter.

William Booth: Who are you and what are you doing?

Reporter: I am reporting news from the spirit world to True Parents, by their order.

WB: How can you report situations here?

R: You should meet Dr.Sung Hun Lee.

12) Mary Baker Eddy

(1821 – 1910, founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist)

"The questions about liquidating original sin and salvation are resolved."

A person is born knowing nothing. People live fighting with hard hearts, shedding tears from birth. I lived on earth with the understanding that this was the general status of humankind, but my biggest anguish was the problem of original sin and salvation. I had a theory for how to liquidate original sin and a view of salvation of my own, but it didn’t answer these questions completely.

But when I met Divine Principle, I saw that it clearly solves the question of how to liquidate original sin and bring salvation. I got perfectly correct answers from Divine Principle. I got it very clearly. I feel very good about the answer. It answers the choking problems clearly, but when I think of people on earth now living in vexation, I am filled with regret and even anger over how this sorrowful history grasped humankind and made us live in suffering. All of those who believe must agonize over this regrettable history.Moreover, if I had been born in their age, would I have become an ancestor who failed like Adam and Eve? What can I do? Even I am in the grasp of this regrettable history. What can I do?

I don’t care if Reverend Moon is the Messiah and True Parents or not. I thank him just for shed-ding light upon the most fundamental human problem. But of course Reverend Moon is the Mes-siah of humankind, Savior of humankind and True Parents of humankind, which is the most mar-velous Gospel among Gospels, and Divine Principle is the truest of all truths. I accept it with huge gratitude. I believe that Reverend Moon will take responsibility to solve the problem of saving humankind, as he is the one who illuminated the fundamental root that liquidates all people’s original sin.

Reverend Moon! Please receive glory from all humankind and enjoy it. I thank you for your mer-cy. I will make my best effort to convey the Divine Principle through studying it in detail. I thank God for allowing me to participate in this seminar. I thank you, as I know that I have not wasted my life on the earth and in the spirit world. I express profound and deep respect to Reverend Moon, True Parents. Thank you.

Mary Baker Eddy — 2001. 11. 1
13) Charles Taze Russell

(1852 – 1916, founder of the International Bible Students Association [Jehovah’s Witnesses])

"I will throw out the concepts of the past and start anew."

I felt as if I were being tortured after studying Divine Principle. I do not mean that someone inflic-ted pain upon me. Even without physical pain, my body and mind were in deep suffering, as if

they were being hit by a fearful whip or were being given a cruel punishment. How could a theory like this exist? How is it that a truth arranged systematically and logically could be hidden behind history? Humankind has been suffering throughout history, not knowing which way to go. There have been myriad believers who struggled to live nicely. Why has the heavenly secret been brought out? For those living now, it is a very emotional and impressively clear Gospel, but there must be many people who feel it unfair. How should we settle on this, since we already knew the truth? Most of those who participated in the seminar or are sharing their impressions of the semi-nar are famous Christians. I am sure that they experience the same pain I am feeling.

God gave us free will. Is that why God only watched as sects separated on many levels? God is the Parents of humankind and we are brothers and sisters under our Parents. How can we fight each other as we live here and there? How can we be proud of our religion alone and criticize other religions? Is this why we fight, because we don’t know that God is our Parents?

Reverend Moon, how would you arrange these thousands of religions? Are those who lived in the past supposed to go to Hell? Those who believed did not attend God or long for any rewards or punishments. But the differences in their opinions about how they knew the precious God made them separate into various sects and religions.

One fundamental purpose of Divine Principle is to unify those sects. But why is the truth like this illuminated now? If you study Time Identity in the providence, God can do nothing but repeat the same thing when the central person changes. This is no problem for those who were born in the Completed Testament and have this providential blessing. But what can we who are crying with earnest hearts here do, as we couldn’t get the Blessing? I think on it and think on it again, but I am very regretful and stunned. Divine Principle is systematic and well organized. It is planned so that it can guide people how to live. How amazing it is!

Reverend Moon! Savior of humankind! Messiah of humankind! All the people must welcome him with loud praise and thank him. But I am suffering too much. He is too old to realize world peace, but we cannot help him nor have we such opportunity. What can I do? Lord, the Lord of Second Advent, I feel very painful. How can I relieve this painful heart? I will start anew by throwing out my concepts of the past. I think that this is a short cut. I definitely know that I should do so. I definitely know. But my past life is too disappointing. Please give me munificent forgiveness and love, and please be considerate of our remorseful lives. Can we manage the sins that we committed during the days we lived? I feel regret that there is no way to make compensation. I’m filled with regret and anger. Please help us so that our suffering minds can be cleared up. Please forgive us…

Charles Taze Russell — 2001.11.1
14) Edward Herbert

(Lord Herbert of Cherbury, 1583 – 1648, philosopher, deist and poet, considered the forerunner of English Deism)

"I will make my best effort to convey Divine Principle and save ignorant humankind."

God created all things and blessed humankind so that we can enjoy the beauty of all things and live happily. There is nothing in nature over which we cannot feel a sense of mystery. But humankind has just lived without gratitude toward nature. How arrogant we are! That is profanity toward God. Many scientists developed science, but what they created cannot be compared with the things God created. This is the truth that we cannot deny. The scientist today must surrender before God because of their ignorance. They must obey God and lower their heads. All humankind including scientists must thank God without condition.

I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to convey my impression of Divine Principle.
I want to thank deeply Reverend Moon that he shed light upon the fact that God is the Parents of humankind. I had thought, how can we say that God is our Parents so boldly? But the more I listen to the lectures on the various topics, the more the truth has become certain. Because God is the Pa-rents of humankind, he prolonged providence as a result of the failures of central persons. He had to wait and wait as he appeared in the providence of time identity. If God is not the Parents of hu-mankind, he could not have been so patient. We can answer all questions, such as those concerning the fall of the human ancestors in the Garden of Eden and the rise and fall of nations in history, if we take the viewpoint that God is Parents.

If Reverend Moon had brought to light only that God is Parents of humankind, it would be supposed that he could liberate the lost by showing a certain way. Even for that, I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for revealing that God is the Parents of humankind.

But he moreover brought out the truth that can unite humankind, so I was moved deeply. As God is the Parents of humankind, the children must be one centered on the Parents. As God is the one and only Parents, the truth must be one. But we have many sects. That is because the methods of attending God differ. So their thoughts must unite as one centering on Divine Principle, as it is the thought of the common Parents. This is exclusive news for humankind. We couldn’t break down the walls between religions. That is because we couldn’t discover the fundamental truth that formed the basis of all religions. Divine Principle illuminates the fundamental life of humankind, the salvation of spirits, and even life in the spirit world. This is the first truth that enlightened the visible world and the Heaven clearly.

All believers and religious leaders! Please gather your thoughts as one. Your fundamental purpose is to attend God earnestly. So this standard of goodness is the same, no matter the religion. We should unite all the religions by discovering the points common to them all, and how they supple-ment each other, and engrafting them into Divine Principle. Let’s construct a new unified world centering on God by attending God as Parents and being brothers and sisters under Him and by clearing up the sad history.

And Reverend Moon is the savior of humankind and Messiah. Let’s follow the orders of the Messiah correctly. There is no worry either on the earth or in spirit world. If we only follow the order of Messiah, all the problems will be solved. Is there any blessing greater than this?

Reverend Moon! Thank you for your hard work. We will become one and attend the Messiah, and convey Divine Principle and make our best effort to save humankind. If we become one in spirit world, we can restore spirit world. There would be no problem if people on the earth only would prepare for their future life after death. I pray for Divine Principle to be conveyed both on the earth and in the spirit world as fast as possible. Thank you, True Parents of humankind, Reverend Moon. Please be healthy and live to a ripe old age.

Edward Herbert — 2001. 11. 2
15) George Whitefield

(1714 – 1770, Methodist evangelist, a founder of modern revivalism)

"How much has God longed to appear before his children, both as the Parent of humankind and as the subject of truth?"

Even after ransacking every chapter and verse in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, we couldn’t come across any clarification as crystal-clear as the Unification Principle. It is marvelous that this Principle has revealed the truth that man has urgently desired. One big problem remains, however. Christian believers may not be willing to believe in the truth of the Principle, because they find the teaching of the Principle appears to be contradictory to the Bible. Christian believers may find that the Principle seems so contradictory to the Bible that they can’t accept it, but at the same time they will find the Principle so undoubtedly true that they cannot help believing it. And this dilemma will then cause them considerable mental anguish.

I, George Whitefield,am no exception. Therefore, Whitefield feels the same as you. But Whitefield determined to embrace the Principle, especially as the truth of this Completed Testament Age. There’s no problem if we recognize the independent value of each truth given in each of three ages, that is to say, the truth of the Old Testament Age, the truth of the New Testament Age, and the truth of the Completed Testament Age. In this way, we Christians can accept the Principle without causing any theoretical problems.

This is truly a curious phenomenon: God loves man so much that he concealed the Gospel of supreme value and has just been waiting until the one person chosen and prepared finally came to the earth. Without God’s persistent waiting and love for humankind, he would have hoarded the Gospel of the Principle. The Principle is stunning to Whitefield. If God and man hadn’t been in the relation of Parents and children, there would have been no way to convey this elaborately organi-zed truth to us.

Since God’s creation of man and woman, God has just persevered over and over, unable to appear as the Parent of humankind and to reveal this noble truth. Whitefield cannot help viewing this as a curious phenomenon. How long was God enduring and waiting? Isn’t it right that God must have longed to appear as soon as possible before humankind as their Parent and to reveal this new truth and guide humankind in the right direction? After such a long waiting period, God finally sent Reverend Sun Myung Moon to us, as the savior of humankind and the central figure of the Com-pleted Testament Age. Thus, God’s grace and blessing to us is great beyond description. Further-more, in my view, the overall content of the Principle is an indispensable truth and the Gospel to those ignorant people in the spirit world as well as to all religious believers on the earth today.

I, Whitefield, want to share the experience I had at a very young age. I felt so curious about the various expressions in the Bible. I read the Bible over and over, but I found it confusing and hard to understand. For a time, therefore, I didn’t so much as peek at the Bible. After some time, I con-cluded that it might be impossible for us to know the whole secret of this unknown world. I began to study the Bible again, silencing the desire to know all of its mysteries and trying to forget my recurring doubts. But when I heard the Principle, I found that it disentangled and straightened out my confusion about the Bible. According to the Principle, the very beginning of history was spoiled, but the Bible didn’t exactly clarify the details of this fundamental problem of the human ancestors. This is why any reader fails to grasp the real meaning of the Bible and hence finds it incoherent. This is my conclusion.

Today, Christians without exception cannot avoid severe mental anguish resulting from the ab-struse expressions in the Bible combined with their confinement within obstinate faiths. But the Principle is rightly named the Principle. It provides us a clear explanation of the mystical expres-sions in the Bible.

My Lord, God, how much travail you have had for such a long time! And Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I feel deeply thankful for the painful effort you have made until you established the Prin-ciple. In my humble opinion, it will be very difficult to convey this Principle to many Christians. Please see to it that we can help in this. We are well aware of the fact that you, as the Messiah of humankind, have to endure humiliation before humanity as well. Until the moment of ascending to the throne of victory and glory, may Reverend Moon keep his health and be blessed with glory for a long, long time. George Whitefield — 11. 2. 2001

16) William Tennent, Sr.

(1673 – 1745, founder of the Log College, a precursor of Princeton University, a leader of the Great Awakening)

"I am confident that we can transcend all kinds of barriers, such as religion, thought, culture and race."

I find it hard to say in a word how I feel about the Principle, because it is so great and beyond my ability to describe it. If the whole academic world adopts the Principle first to renovate the corrup-ted and aimless education, we will not have to worry about young people any longer. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the contributor to and founder of world peace, the teacher, Messiah, and savior of the entirety of humanity. I am definitely confident that the Principle can transcend all barriers in religion, thought, culture, race and so on. It is a truly wonderful teaching. I think this truth is the greatest of all. The lack of this truth caused all sorts of problems in our religious faith and life. And the lack of this truth, in order words, the lack of a clear view on the purpose of life, also caused all kinds of strife between races and religions. The Principle, in my view, is the uni-versal truth that can absorb and embrace everything. I believe the Principle was not discovered through the intellect of a certain individual. I believe it clearly is a revelation from God. No one can deny it. When this Principle is firmly established in the hearts of young people today, it will even more facilitate the movement for world peace.

What is crucial here is our attitude of accepting this truth either in Heaven or on the earth. There are two ways: will we affirm the truth, or deny the truth out of our intellectual arrogance or ob-stinacy? We need to give more serious thought to this matter. God has desired that we love each other. And all human beings are brothers and sisters centering on God. At this point, let us think logically. What is our duty, particularly as brothers and sisters centering upon God? It is to tole-rate, humbly respect, understand and accept each other. All people were created to live for the sake of others and help each other without selfishness. Due to the original sin that the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, bequeathed to their descendants, we have had a painful life so far and we are living in that miserable condition at this moment as well. But if we try to reach the logical and reasonable truth only by distinguishing between right and wrong, there is no way for us to be united as one.

The Unification Principle is, in a literal sense, the truth to unify everything into one. Now God has given us the new Gospel to guide human life in the right direction. My earnest desire is that the entirety of humanity should become united on the basis of this Gospel of God. And Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the one who came to the earth with this new Gospel in this Completed Testament Age, so the entirety of humanity needs to welcome and serve Reverend Moon as the Messiah. In receiving the Messiah of humankind, people living on the earth may have an advantage over people in the spirit world. The Savior Messiah is the True Parent both on earth and in spirit world, and thus it is proper for everyone living in either world to receive the Messiah. People living in the spirit world, in particular, need to conform to the Unification Principle and wait for the Messiah to come.

We all offer our sincere thanks to those who are working hard to teach the Unification Principle here. My earnest desire is that the Unification Principle will be applied to the education of young people as soon as possible.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon! I offer many thanks to you and I appreciate what you have done. We welcome Reverend Moon as the Messiah of humankind and offer our congratulations.

I pray that the whole world will advance forward to the one nation that God desires. Countless people in the spirit world can’t escape the difficulties caused by the conflict of various thoughts, but their course of life is now definitely defined and they thus only have to move forward. The way of truth is sure to gain the final victory. Thank you very much.

William Tennent — 11. 3. 2001
17) George Williams

(1821 – 1905, founder of the Young Men’s Christian Association [Y.M.C.A.])

"The theory of the Dispensation for Salvation is lucid and crystal clear."

George Williams thought that an irrecoverable distance separates God and man from each other. By contrast, the lectures on the Unification Principle here elucidated the fact that God is the Parent of humankind, and Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the Savior and Messiah of humankind, the one who discovered the new Gospel.

Even though many parts of the Unification Principle were quite unfamiliar to me, the theory of the Dispensation for Salvation was crystal-clear. So far our views on salvation have been too abstract. On the other hand, the Unification Principle first clarified what the original sin is and then presen-ted the theory of salvation, concrete and clear in its course and aim. I feel confident that it is abso-lute and not just an abstract idea.

Our hope that we would serve God and somehow finally enter the Kingdom of Heaven was nothing other than a daydream floating in a mystical world. The Unification Principle, however, clearly defines what salvation is, on philosophical and theological grounds. It is so amazing. Every bit of the Unification Principle is systematic and logical. A rumor says that anyone who partici-pated in this seminar would be bound by a strange magic, but that is totally groundless and false.

I am one who has attended the lectures on the Unification Principle and I announce that the rumor is false.

Most people who participated in this seminar were bewildered at first and then dazzled by the rather strange ideas. Listening to those lectures, George Williams felt the urge to launch a new campaign for the Unification Principle here in spirit world. My own idea for that campaign is to make placards covering each theme of the Unification Principle. Since people may not know the root of the Unification Principle, a single peek at those themes will be effective enough to arouse their desire to know the Principle more. When does the Messiah come? Where does the Messiah come? Who is the Messiah? Can we meet the Messiah? Many people are sure to show interest in those placards containing such expressions. All I need to do is to carry them. Then, if they are invited to this seminar on the Principle, they are sure to be regenerated into a new type of person. This is one method of general witnessing, and furthermore, this is one effective way to make the Unification Principle more accessible to a great number of people. Of course, we can think of other ways.

Another way is to form research groups to study each theme of the Unification Principle. That will enable us to obtain in-depth understanding of the Principle, by exchanging opinions and holding discussions. For example, on the theme of "Give and Take Action," each of us can give a lecture and present a paper in his or her own way. That will produce a good deal of interesting research on the Unification Principle. How beneficial it is that the Unification Principle contains a detailed and precise account of life after death, which has been a source of human anguish from time immemo-rial? Men and women living on the earth are allowed to have the benefit of providential favors and blessings. Thus, I hope those on earth will take good advantage of this opportunity and obtain deeper awareness of the salvation now available. I also hope that they will learn and increasingly practice the Principle and prepare themselves for eternal life after death.

Though Reverend Sun Myung Moon is on the earth, we are greatly pleased with the hope and expectation to receive him in the spirit world. And God suffered indescribable hardships in sending Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Savior and Messiah, to humankind. Now, may God be comforted and glorified! Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I appreciate what you have done. I offer my sincere thanks. May you forget every tribulation you have suffered on the way toward achieving victory as the True Parents of humankind and now may you just receive all the glory. The one who listens to the Unification Principle even one time will necessarily be changed into a new person. Just wait for this without anxiety.

George Williams — 11. 3. 2001
18) John Smyth

(c. 1554 – 1612, reputed founder of the General Baptists)

"Did Smyth lead such a meaningless life?"

I don’t know what to say first. The Unification Principle contains so many stunning facts. I feel quite agitated by hearing such deeply moving education. My mind is all mixed up and I don’t know how to express this state of disorder. I, Smyth, thought that I had never once in my entire life been negligent in serving and attending God.

When I heard about the Unification Principle, however, I came to realize that Smyth had been so disconnected from God in his life of faith. I feel so ashamed and regretful. I am seized with vari-ous thoughts and depressed. All of a sudden, the pain of penitence overwhelms me over having had such a wrong idea of God. I am tormented with remorse. We have been totally ignorant of God.

The Unification Principle is certainly a new truth and a new Gospel, but then what was the Bible teaching us until now? Even if we admit that we were not able to receive the benefit of the providence of this age, were we that ignorant that our life of faith in our own age was utterly unrelated to the new truth and Gospel of this Completed Testament Age? I heard that God is the Parent of humankind, but it made me somewhat sorry to think that God’s love to us had been partial. How much did we endeavor to live a true life? How much did we endeavor to serve God? We strived to serve God with our whole body and heart, but after all is said and done was it in vain? Did Smyth lead such a meaningless life?

God desires that man be regenerated by conforming to the new truth of the Unification Principle. What reward or punishment will God give to the countless people responsible for each religious denomination in the spirit world? I really want to know whether they really can’t receive any of God’s favor. This regretful feeling lurking in my heart makes Smyth sad continuously.

I am definitely confident that the Unification Principle today is a new Gospel and a revelation of God to humankind. This makes Smyth even more painful. The entirety of humanity must be clear-ly aware of their life after death and prepare themselves.

The Parent of humankind, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, how many hardships did you suffer until you found this truth of God, and until you achieved the final victory on the bloody battlefield? Reverend Sun Myung Moon, I pay my great homage and thanks to you. I feel bitter regret about my past religious life. I feel even more sorrowful because my religious life was based on a merely superficial understanding of God. From now on, I will take a proper view of God and faith and then attempt to reestablish my life on that basis.

The Unification Principle is definitely the truth of the Completed Testament Age. However, as a person responsible for a religious body, I misguided countless people by a mistaken view of life after death. How can I be responsible for the spirits of those people? I’d rather defend myself by saying that it was inevitable in those times when the new truth was absolutely inaccessible to us.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, just tolerate and embrace everyone with your magnanimous heart! Our original intention was to serve God well, but to our grief, our life and ignorance resulted in offending the will of God. I pray that God will forgive everything. I always feel grateful for this new truth and for God’s grace that permits us to know the Savior, Messiah of humankind before anyone else.

Please tolerate all religious believers here in the spirit world and permit us to know how to give positive support to God’s providence. And please allow us to receive the Blessing. I really want to receive the Blessing, even if it sounds like an immoderate desire. I express my heartfelt thanks.

John Smyth — 11. 4. 2001
19) Barton Stone

(1772 – 1844, founder of the "Stonites," or "Christians")

"You have the special right to order men on earth and in spirit world freely."

It is strange thing to have a man in the spirit world report his impressions to earthly men. Most of those who studied Divine Principle say that it is an amazing heavenly secret. They say that it is too amazing that they can’t believe it. The lecturers struggled to make us understand the seminar. To report our impression of the seminar is not Dr. Sang Hun Lee’s request but that of the True Parents of humankind, Messiah, Savior. The lecturers explained that this is the period for us to make earth-ly men understand Divine Principle and proclaim in detail that True Parents, Messiah, has appea-red. And also they explained that by the order of God and Reverend Moon, we were reporting our impression to the earth. And God and True Parents, Reverend Moon, specifically ordered the lady clairvoyant to report our message to the earth.

God raised this lady for a long time. So please believe her. And I think this is the first and last time in history for a thing like this. To proclaim the Messiah while he, Reverend Moon, is alive on the earth is worthy of celebration. So those who are selected here will remain in history. And please remember that this is a very glorious place. If one doesn’t like being on the list participating this ceremony, one can refuse it. If anyone has another opinion on this, please tell me. And please make sure who you are before you start reporting, and call this reporter "samo-nim." "Samo-nim" is just a title. Somebody asked Dr. Sang Hun Lee if it is her name, but he explained that samo-nim is not a name but is what earthly men call her. Someone asked again then if it is her title, but Dr. Lee said that he would explain it later. He asked us to remember the order of reporting and be prepared for this busy ceremony.

Everything was weird and I could not understand it. But after a long time of explanation by Dr. Lee and study of the analysis of Divine Principle, I agreed to report here. He is a very good man. I told him that he is a very good man, and he replied that Divine Principle made him reticent and changed him in various ways. And he told me that various Christians would respect me and that I have been respected for a long time, and he asked me to gain deep understanding of the Divine Principle and study it. I thought about whether Divine Principle is truth or not for a good length of time during the lecture. I asked Dr. Lee about the points I could not understand and I read carefully again and again and had conversation with Dr. Lee several times. That gave me pretty good help. I don’t know why, but I felt happy and hope came to my mind and I was filled with courage. Accor-ding to Dr. Lee, this was the life element from God.

Divine Principle is very profound in many parts. By understanding Divine Principle, I always felt happiness and I felt that it was mine. Then I wondered if something other than Divine Principle had been surrounding me until now. Anyway I want to express my gratitude. If he didn’t have any interest in me or care for me, I couldn’t have been moved like this. I thank Dr. Lee who led me like this with such kindness. I have no doubt that Divine Principle is the new truth, even though I couldn’t digest the entirety of it completely.

And Reverend Moon is naturally Messiah, Savior and True Parents of all the human race, and he has a special right to order men on earth and in spirit world freely. Who can order spirit men to do something like this? If someone orders something up here, no one follows the order. It is clear that he is Messiah by seeing this effect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for discovering the new truth.

Barton Stone — 2001. 11. 4
20) A. J. Tomlinson

( founder of the Church of God)

"I know that God is the Parent of humankind."

God was the highest happiness, hope and light for my lifetime. I thought that I have never lived a life without thinking of God.

One day when I was about 20 years old, I was walking down a field path alone. Suddenly beautiful singing came from somewhere, with a voice that said, "You ought to follow me." I couldn’t see anything; I just heard the voice. So I couldn’t know who was talking to me. When I looked around to discover, again I heard, "You ought to follow God." And I heard beautiful singing.

After that in my life, I tried to keep the voice fresh in my mind. Although I had been told to follow God, I couldn’t figure out how to do so. At that time I felt God was with me all the time. As I got older, I couldn’t do anything but think of God. About ten years after hearing the voice, God told me, "Follow me," and told me to go to the top of the mountain to build a church there.But I wasn’t able to do what he said to me because of various personal circumstances. Though I couldn’t obey his words immediately, I built God’s church a few years later.

Now that I’ve summarized my past experiences, it is time to share my impression of the Unifica-tion Principle. Other than that, I have conversed with God several times. But then, the most im-pressive part of the lectures is the fact that God is the Parent of humankind. This is truly an ama-zing fact. I am not sure why the God who appeared to me didn’t reveal it to me. It seems that I was so unfilial before God. For all of the reality of that truth, I wasn’t able to attend God as my Parents even once. Indeed I’ve never considered Him as my Parents. How sorrowful God must have been!

Reverend Moon ascertained that God is the Parents of humankind, and he attends God as his Pa-rents. He even considers deeply God’s situation and heart. He has discovered all the secrets about Parents, God. Therefore he should be in the highest position as a Son of God. How much is God waiting for peace? True Parents, who have saved God’s children from Satan’s net inside wars, poverty and diseases, thank you for your sincere works for us! You are the Messiah of all human-kind, our savior of the world. I regret that I couldn’t even be near him, despite all I have experien-ced of God.

God prepared comprehensively to light the way for humankind. He prepared Messiah for human-kind and unification Principle. As the time has come, he sent Messiah to the people and undid the bundles of truth one at a time. Reverend Moon is truly the Messiah for humankind, our savior of the world. And Divine Principle is the book all humankind must read.

Now the way of peace, hope and happiness for humankind is wide open. I am thankful to True Parents for showing the way to us. I was stunned many times while I was listening on to Unifi-cation Principle. I confirmed several times the fact that God and Reverend Moon are practically of one mind. I witnessed the bright light from God rolling around Reverend Moon’s portrait and the light finally was mixed with the portrait. Even though it might have been a spiritual experience, I do believe in it. I have no choice but to believe it since it was an event that I have personally experienced.

Reverend Moon you have done so much for us, thank you very much. And please judge us and liquidate what you need to.

I understand True Parents has to take a responsibility to lead humankind on the way of truth, since True Parents is the savior of the world. And I also understand that it is a tough course to fulfill. Isn’t there anything we can do for you? I do believe all the content of Divine Principle. Please give me the opportunity to work with the Messiah of humankind. Thank you very much.

A. J. Tomlinson — 2001.11.4
21) Cowman

(representative of the Holiness Church)

"Unification Principle is a fresh welcome rain for our dry throats."

I think Reverend Moon gave a great gift to humankind. There has rarely been such a leader, who could give the knowledge of the word definitely and teach us about the eternal way of life clearly. He taught true goodness and leads us to the kingdom of Heaven attending God, not only us but also all humankind. Most religious leaders led abstractly based on a direction for all humankind and were not able to develop it clearly. And yet Reverend Moon showed humankind a clear direction for life and he gave us clear material to follow. Where could we find such a great leader? It would be still fine even though he is neither Messiah nor true Parent. He could be just a great teacher.

How thankful we are that he is the True Parent and savior! I think we have to be unconditionally grateful for his being and Unification Principle. I, Cowman, accept the Unification Principle unconditionally and give thanks for it. I pledge to accept the new truth with a new heart. Haven’t we been thirsty for the right direction of our life? I think this truth that came to us now is a fresh welcome rain for the people who have been thirsty for the truth. We are the people who have taken great pains to look for the right way of a life of faith. But we didn’t notice the right direction nor have clear view on God.

But now everything is clear. God created the human ancestors, who are Parents of humankind. Everything is disclosed here, such as Adam and Lucifer’s fallen lineage that started in the Garden of Eden, the direction of human life and the wrongly flowing history. We might think at this mo-ment that we have already figured out about the proper way of living a faithful life. But we should abandon such ideas without letting them linger in our mind. Let’s start again from the beginning.

And now I think we have to transmit the Unification Principle with the attitude we had when we founded our religious association as the responsible person. I myself will start to do so. And Reverend Moon our Messiah, Second Coming, will be here someday. Let’s prepare for that time.
I, Cowman am willing to concentrate on the propagation of Unification Principle. I think we need actions more than words. I truly appreciate everything that came from the Completed Testament era.

Cowman — 2001.11.7
22) Joseph Smith

(1805 – 1844, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Ever since God created humankind, there was no way to decipher God’s love and expectation for humankind. God wanted to give us more and more, even after he had given all things to us. God lost his children, who could have dwelled in his love for all, as his love is reflected in all things. How terrible his heart was in that situation! I listened carefully to Divine Principle lectures. Who else in the world could ever figure out God’s circumstances as deeply as he did? Reverend Moon noticed God’s suffering, which had been hidden beyond history. Though he has a an advantage in doing so as a chosen messenger from God, it is still an amazing truth.

Divine Principle is Completed Testament truth. In it is included all the content about absolute di-rection and guidance for humankind. Supposedly, God had to disclose the truth throughout history, and Reverend Moon dug out one of the biggest parts all at once. All the pain and suffering that God had hidden came into view as clear as daylight. How sorrowful has God’s heart been? He must have endured great pain without saying a word. Both Divine Principle and the way of atten-ding God are precious. Now we came to understand the absolute truth and God’s original will.

Reverend Moon! I, Joseph Smith, confess as follows. I realize how precious the Unification Prin-ciple is. And from now on, I absolutely admit to study Unification Principle and to try my best to witness to other people. But I would like to say a few words as the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are in a severe sorrow. I am the founder of the church, but I feel painful about not being able to receive the benefit of the times.

Someday, True Parents will come to organize the Heavenly kingdom according to the law of spirit world. Could you consider us then? The way we attend God and our level of heart are far from your standard, but we pursue goodness in the same way as other religions do. I would like to ask a favor of you. If you give them a special favor based upon a certain condition, Joseph Smith will set the condition no matter how tough it is. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to write a message to the Messiah, savior, True Parent and great teacher. Thank you for your hard work. Please extend your grace to consider us.

Joseph Smith — 2001.11.7
23) Brigham Young

1801 – 1877, successor to Joseph Smith as leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Unification Principle is great truth that shows humankind the right direction to go. And it disclosed to humankind another side of the world that remained covered. I think denominationalism arose out of the different levels occupied by all the religions founders, without exception, who prayed and devoted their lives to serve God sincerely. God is only one, but the ways people and religions serve Him differ. That would be the reason for denominationalism.

But as I learned Unification Principle, I discovered that ultimately God is only one under all the religions, even though there are many religions. No matter what the religion is, they pursue true goodness and love without a single exception. There could be no religion that teaches its people to live badly. And there could be no religion that teaches not to love, but to hate each other.

Now, I think that God, who is love itself, has been waiting for some time, pacifying his children and listening to their prayers and wishes. And I think he has been waiting patiently, expecting that we, his children, would know as the time comes. Who would ever be aware that the ups and downs of history arose because of our ancestors? It would be a riddle that no one ever even presumed to know anything about. The miserable knot of history is now untied. We have discovered the clue to resolve the tangle of history.

So the clues for all the historical complications will be found naturally. God has been waiting for this time by exposing Himself to snow, rain and strong storms until now. Meanwhile God, the Parents of humankind, has been nervous and broken in heart, as if he were all but dead. This is the time for our beloved brothers and sisters to offer all the precious jewels that we have been holding for our Parents, God. And let us pray that God, who has been waiting and longing for his children for a long time, reshapes the precious jewels within his warm bosom by melting them into his melting furnace of love. To make it real, let’s kneel upon our knees before God, our Parents. And leave all our right and wrong to God, laid upon our Parents’ breast.

The footprints we set down in our life will be the evidence granting us qualification to be God’s son or daughter, since he is our Parent. Everything from us will be the greatest work after God melts it through his love. Then he will return it to us.

Reverend Moon! This is my genuine confession to you. What is the use of me worrying about something of you have already shown us every nook and cranny? I will pass over the past, con-soling myself that I joined God’s world and that I will start anew. I am sure that the unification movement can resolve the problems coming from many fields by transcending religion, race, ideology and philosophy. I will try my best to delete all the wrong ideas of the past and to be born again centering on new truth. Messiah for humankind, savior and True Parents for humankind, may he receive honor from all the people in the world.

Brigham Young — 2001.11.8
24) William Miller

(1782 – 1849, founder of the Adventist churches)

"True Parents, please show special concern for the believers of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church!"

The course that humankind has been walking thus far has not followed the direction that God wished. Humankind should go back to the beginning and restart. So many religious people have tried to live in service and devotion to God. But it seems to me that there are only a few prophets who truly taught us the flow of history and the right way to serve God. The reason that we are sincere with our life is because we all without exception are struggling to find a new direction in life. We attempt to find new life models since most men and women are not satisfied with their life.

In the meantime, the Unification Principle is disclosing a new direction for life in all respects. It shows not only the direction of history and a model of new life but also eternal matters concerning the world after death. God created humankind and granted them life in a happy, joyful, hopeful and peaceful Garden so that they could live joyfully. It would be impossible for God to grant humankind such a great consideration were he is not the Parent of humankind. He created a world that humankind could not understand at all simply out of his unconditional love. We are unable to realize that God is our Parents while viewing his profound creation. This ignorance brought forth the sin.

As I learned the Unification Principle, I came to view the universe in the proper way. I can see his ideas and ways from the right angle of vision. I do not see them through a glass darkly but they seem to be very bright and beautiful. It seems that all natural entities are objects of hope and pure desire. I can see that my view of nature has changed.

William Miller is a precursor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Basically my range of ideas concerning God’s Sabbath and God were very limited. God created all things on several levels in order to love humankind and yet we hardly realize that his love dwells in what he has created. Then how can God, humankind and nature can take a Sabbath?

I don’t have regret or feel mortified over the past. According to the flow and the providential di-rection of this contemporary time, I cannot get the benefits of the time no matter how much I try my best to serve God, since the time in which I was born was not a favorable time for that. I con-sider my ideas on the world and my values were good enough for that time.

If I didn’t set even that condition, I would have wandered and become more confused. And I would not have been able to come to know about the Unification Principle. I am truly grateful now and even was before.

Reverend Moon came to us as a Messiah in the Completed Testament era. So everything will settled down as we meet him and serve and attend God in accordance with his teaching. We were able to meet the Messiah at this time because our life wasn’t wrong in the past, right? But as I view my idea of God on the basis of the truth of the Completed Testament era, I cannot deny that my prestige and dignity as a founder is disgraceful.

However, just as God gave a favor to Reverend Moon, isn’t it true that I am in the time to get a favor from Him now? All the brothers and sisters in our church were in Sabbath centering on God, so I am sure to be given the favor from God. So please keep the Sabbath continuously in order to receive new truth and to meet Messiah. And the obscure beliefs of the past should be changed centering on the Unification Principle as we welcome the Completed Testament era. So we should study the Unification Principle more actively and put it into practice in our life. Let us join this unification movement with active and positive thinking.

Reverend Moon, humankind’s Messiah, Second Coming! Please consider and care especially for the believers of our church. Not only me, a founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, but also all the religious founders must have established their church to serve God for their life. Parent of humankind! I believe that you, True Parent, can take responsibility for the direction of life for humankind and even for the soul after death. I am grateful for the Unification Principle, so I offer a bow before it. Thank you for your hard work.

William Miller — 2001.11.11
25) Karl Rahner

(1904 – 1984, Roman Catholic theologian, representative of Vatican II)

"Unification Principle is the Bible of the Completed Testament era."

The theologians of the Old Testament era and even the New Testament era had difficulties disco-vering what God is like. God neither has a body nor can he be seen. Yet we shouldn’t ignore Him because we cannot see Him. All true believers must have been in agony thinking about God at least once. That’s why no one throughout history could ever explain about God. But the Unifica-tion Principle discloses God in detail very well.

God is the Being in whom the dual characteristics of original internal nature and original external form are in harmony. God is manifested in masculinity and femininity and appears in masculinity. He created natures and humankind and exists as our Parents. And it is said that he wished his children to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the creation. Unification Principle cleansed the greatest anguish of believers.

According to the Unification Principle, Reverend Moon is Messiah of humankind, savior and True Parent. I am truly grateful about this fact. Second Coming, Lord! Have all honor from humankind. Thank you. Thank you. You’ve worked so much. I had anguished about God, praying and thinking for many days and nights. But I couldn’t find the answer. My conclusion then, was that it would be arrogant to try to figure Him out with my human brain. And I also concluded that I had to block out all the questions about Him, even though I was curious. And I thought, that’s the good way and true attitude of believers.

No one knows well about God. That’s why just believing in Him should be the attitude of belie-vers. This is expected to be the established fact. And I think most of the contents of the Unification Principle are the Gospel of the Gospels.

Now a new hopeful way is opened to the people who have anguished to know about God, spirit world after death and the original problem of faith. Most people live their life justifying themsel-ves to resolve anxiety over the spiritual problem after death. Unification Principle shows clearly about spiritual matters after death, so I think that the way of life for humankind can be corrected accordingly. We can be truly grateful for this!

And it is clear that one’s position in Heaven will be decided according to one’s life on earth. So we don’t need to worry about the spirit world after death. Divine Principle is required reading for whole of humankind. Reverend Moon, Christians are only reading the Bible. The Bible is hard to understand. The Bible for the Completed Testament era is the Divine Principle. So please let the whole of humankind read the Unification Principle readily. And show them the right direction. This is my favor to ask you. I will discuss it with the people who have listened to the Divine Prin-ciple here in the heavens. I believe that people on earth who have to be concerned about life after death will be able to live with God forever if they prepare completely. True Parents, our Father and Mother! Please give us the opportunity to transmit the Gospel to the whole of humankind. I know that True Parents have busy schedules on earth.

It is very hard to lead people to the place where God is in the Heavens. Don’t we do it so that they can be recognized as God’s children once they change their life course by learning the Unification Principle? Now the right direction is open for the people on earth, so they will take the position of eternal light here in the Heavens only if they follow the way. So please give us the opportunity to lead them.

Reverend Moon, please invest your effort some more. How could we pay commensurate to our gratitude to you! We will try all our best to preach the Divine Principle. Thank you very much. Glory is to Reverend Moon!

Karl Rahner — 2001.11.12
26) William Temple

(1881 – 1944, Archbishop of Canterbury, pioneer of the Ecumenical Movement)

"It is never too late to begin after being awakened with the Unification Principle"

It seems to me that God has abandoned humankind for a long time. Humankind has been strugg-ling to find his existence and value, but he didn’t show us any exact direction. So I think it is natural that there have arisen various religious denominations. God is one, but the different ideas on Him resulted in several religions and the conflicts among them. I think God must have been very painful seeing humankind acting in this way.

As long as humankind exists, religious denominationalism is unavoidable, and the conflicts follow accordingly. In human society, conflict, trouble, fights and wars will take place ceaselessly unless

we have a clear idea of God. Humankind is ordained to wander about because there has been no universal Principle nor any prophet who showed the exact direction for human life. The world has been like a baseball game without an umpire. That’s why everything is always opposed to everything else without a winner or a loser. This has been the way of history so far.

I am considering what the common impressions of celebrities who listened to the Unification Prin-ciple would be. Who would ever give us such a great Gospel? Would there have been denomina-tions if there were such a Gospel already? Actually it caused God inexplicable sorrow to see the religious wars between denominations in history. How much pain races and humankind have had due to denominationalism! What is the significance of the beings, Adam, Eve, and Lucifer in the Garden of Eden? They are the criminals of history, humankind and God! They are the criminals who distracted the lineage for a long period of time! How can they atone for their sins? I feel like punishing the criminals by having them sacrificed to God as burnt offerings.

What on earth is it? From where could we manage such an historical pain? Now it seems that I understand the reason we couldn’t find a clue from the Bible. How could we find the clues neces-sary to solve the problems of life, considering the results that came just due to hiding the original secret of life? God, Reverend Moon! It is too harsh for us! Even though many religious people have been trying all together to unite humankind into one, they couldn’t lay the problem to rest fundamentally. So I also consider how much pain God had all this time. I have witnessed the suf-fering of criminals in Heaven. God, how would you deal with them? Reverend Moon! In order to lead people in the right direction of heavenly life on earth, we should break their conservative view of faith. How would you deal with those who are lost in the inherited ideas and faith?

Now I have listened to the Unification Principle. I couldn’t run away anywhere. It was obvious that I was struggling at first. But I can see the way and realize the fundamental pattern of faith. Whoever may avoid this way has no way but to return. Most celebrities here must have been struggling a lot for their faith.

God is Parent of humankind and Reverend Moon is True Parent, savior, Messiah and Second Advent. We’ve got the answers for questions on God and everything about humankind. Now all the conflicts, struggles and wars between religions will be stopped. I think the ingredients neces-sary to solve our problems are understanding and forbearance among people.

Reverend Moon, are we too late? I don’t think so. Now we understand the Unification Principle, so we will start refreshing ourselves. Nobody knows if he will win until he goes to the field. Nobody knows whether the last runner will turn around the result by being the first runner to meet the Lord.

Now I, William Temple, will start. I will run wearing a field uniform and comfortable shoes with headband on. Please watch over me. Till I meet the True Parents of humankind.

William Temple — 2001.11.12


V. Disciples of Confucius

1) Youm, Peak Woo

"I will unconditionally follow Confucius."

Confucius taught us all the times not to be servile in front of new theories and truth. And he has lectured on Unification Principle. But it is first time to listen to the lecture with all the groups of Confucianists.

The theory is quite unfamiliar and difficult. So I have listened to the lecture several times. I was pretty inspired by all the enthusiastic lecturers here and the most surprising facts to me, let alone among all the Confucianists, is that God is the Parents of humankind, and that all the theories, which Reverend Moon is lecturing on, are completed by revelation from God.

And we learned that Reverend Moon lives on the earth for the sake of others to establish a peace-ful world without war and poverty for humanity. Therefore the overall idea in the lectures was that we have to live in accordance with Reverend Moon’s thought and theory. And we were told that the greatest God would lead us and be responsible for our life. Therefore all the teachings on pro-priety, morality and ethics that we’ve been taught by Confucius lead to us learning the Unification Principle and living our life according to the truth that is clarified by the revelation from God and True Parents.

Though I have a limited level of education and intelligence in many ways, I know that there is much to realize as a human being from Confucius’s teaching and theory. But we will just obey him if he says it is the right way to go, since he studied about the Unification Principle ahead of us and preached to us with the new word of truth. And even if I don’t understand deeply much of Reve-rend Moon’s theory, I will be happy to believe in it, as Confucius is leading us that way. And I will be able to understand all the difficult theories of Divine Principle since Reverend Moon is the Parent of whole humankind. I, Youm, Peak-Woo, have been respecting and obeying Confucius so I will just follow his way altogether.

Youm,Peak-Woo — 7th Oct.2001
2) Jaro

"My way is not different from Confucius’s."

Our mentor, Confucius, teaches us obedience, modesty and propriety, and he lived a life binding him with fundamental ethics. And he taught us for several days about a new truth. It seems that the time has come today. He gathered all of us, preaching that we have to be humble before the new truth, that this truth is the way of life and that because he is our mentor we have to follow this way with a sincere heart.

God is Parent of humankind. Reverend Moon is Second Advent. Reverend Moon is true Parent of humankind. Reverend Moon is a savior to save humankind. The terms on the walls here and there were unfamiliar to us. Most of contents of the lectures were unfamiliar theory for Confucianists. But Confucius said that he had mastered the Unification Principle more than anyone else and he instructed that whole of humankind without exception should pass this way. The theory is more difficult to understand than Confucius led us to believe. But the theory in general is well organized and logical.

I have respected Confucius for a long time and I fully absorbed his theories and ideas. And I saw how he was humble to accept the new truth, Unification Principle. I am impressed by his attitude.

How could I reject the way that my mentor had accepted with humble heart? I will join Confucius in following what Reverend Moon is doing and where he is going. I will do anything if it is the shortest way to establish peace. Although the Unification Principle is still unfamiliar to me, I will study and learn it. Thank you.

Jaro — 2001.10.7
3) Minjagun

"The Unification Principle has a peculiar supernatural power."

Our mentor, Confucius was preaching on ethics and virtue in order to guide us. But I was wonde-ring why he has changed so much after he learned about the new truth. What kind of truth had cau-sed my mentor to change so much? I was able to see him having confidence and assurance about everything.

Now he gave us the opportunity to learn the truth. The truth is the Unification Principle. The word unification was unfamiliar to me. Indeed I doubted if it was a feasible ideal. Even husbands and wives and their children in one family are hardly united. So I started to be curious about the word, unification. By the way, it was explained that the Principle was not discovered by an author’s wis-dom and intelligence but that it is just truth and Principle written as revealed from God. It was very strange and novel.

But the Unification Principle had a peculiar supernatural power. Whenever I listened to the lectu-res seriously with a lot of questions and doubts, I was totally absorbed into it. And strangely I kept saying in my mind "That’s right, that’s right," as I was listening to the lectures. I felt as if I were being led by a strange power. I pinched myself to check if I was in my right mind during the lec-tures. Then I screamed "Yikes!" to affirm the reality around me. Give and take action, it is very peaceful teaching. It is nothing but one of the virtues we are doing routinely. Nonetheless, give and take action and its Principle seem new to me and give me new power.

Such is the case for every component of Principle. There will be no war, poverty or family troubles once we understand and practice the principle of give and take action. I feel that the hearts of all humankind will be gathered into one place in such a peaceful state. I think it does comply with the meaning of the word, unification. I think that it is fundamental Principle that whole of humankind can be united by one thought. It’s truly a singular reality. Whenever we listened to the lectures, there something new happened to us. Each one of us looked bright, shiny and joyful. From whence did this power come? This is truly a singular phenomenon.

Unification Principle is comparatively difficult to understand but I strongly feel it is a revelation from God. In my opinion, humankind cannot be changed by new knowledge learned from school through human intelligence. Intelligence is needed to live based on the law of the world, but I don’t think humankind can be reorganized just by intelligence. Therefore a singular new power is pouring from the Unification Principle. And I believe the lecturer’s explanation that it is the power of Holy Spirit that God has given to humankind. It is!

Though it may take me much time to understand the Unification Principle fully, it has magical po-wer. It has power to renew humankind. Also our mentor, Confucius, said that he would serve and attend Reverend Moon, who received revelation for Principle, as True Parents and Messiah. And he added that we should proceed to the highest truth with all our might. I don’t have any reason to deny or judge the Unification Principle. I will join this way together with him. I will follow Reve-rend Moon as True Parents. And I will try to study it deeply and understand it fully. Thank you.

Minjagun — 2001.10.12
4) Jeaha

"The Unification Principle is the fundamental truth to recreate humankind."

Confucius always guided and taught us about the dignity of man and he wanted us to live clear, bright and precious lives, fulfilling the utmost human dignity. But we just fell back into the haze, forgetting all his guidance and getting submerged in the routine. So I think we have been strugg-ling to train ourselves, even being given the rod. So it seems that the Unification Principle we learned here for the first time is teaching the fundamental formula for human life.

What we learned here is the Principle itself. Our mentor, Confucius, is very vivid and bright in his life. Now I realize that this change came from the Unification Principle. I could not understand his attitude and persuasion completely. And I felt my pride hurt, thinking that he had lost his dignity. But while I was listening to the Unification Principle, most of the chapters we learned were logical in the literal sense. It is amazing. I think this is great truth, disclosing unknown facts.

And the most incredible thing is that it was not God, but Reverend Moon, a man with a human body, who set forth the Principle! I know this was done through a revelation from God and by his will, but it is hard to believe that it was done by human effort. It would be still great thing even if but one portion of the Principle were disclosed to each generation, but Reverend Moon disclosed so many great revelations. So I could understand why our mentor, Confucius, has been totally attracted to it.

And I think it would be helpful to reform humankind more readily and definitely if the Principle were widely known to all the Confucianists to be a part of Confucius’s new teachings.

I was able to understand the Unification Principle newly, but I need to make endeavors in order to convey it to other people. I want to study it chapter by chapter gradually in order to transmit the Principle harmoniously to many dispersed Confucianists without creating conflict. And even though the Unification Principle is hard to understand, I realized that Reverend Moon is True Parents and second Messiah to save humankind anew. Thank you very much for giving us the Unification Principle. I believe it is the fundamental truth to recreate humankind. Thank you.

Jeaha — 2001.10.13
5) Youmyou

"Who would not follow the way of his mentor?"

Confucian didn’t tell us about the extraordinary new truth but he enticed us to be curious about it. One day, he gathered us saying that he had joyful news to announce to us. Then he said, "Look at me. What do you think of my face? Don’t you think I became a handsome man? And one day he asked us, "What would you do if I were to get married? I might leave you all behind. What would you do then?" I could see this strange behavior and words that are unworthy of Confucius.

I cannot bear curiosity, so I asked him, saying "This introduction is too much. What is the main subject?" Then he answered, "You would say, in a word, that I am insane." And he added, "You will know when the time comes."

It seems that the time has come now. He told us, "It is the time for you to judge if I am wrong or you are wrong. So follow me. It doesn’t matter to me if you betray me, so just do as you want. Listen and judge." he gave us that serious an order. I pondered as to why. I respect his way and personality. I felt that there might be something I don’t realize. I felt there would be a serious event coming. What caused him to be so serious? I was determined that I would follow the way he

goes, no matter what. Sure enough, the new truth, Unification Principle, made me mad, shaking in my heart. But as expected, our mentor is wise and bright. The continuous lectures on Divine Prin-ciple are not simple lectures. It has enormous power to capture and lead humankind’s mind. What could it be? I was told that it is new truth, a book of salvation for humankind, Reverend Moon discovered by revelation.

Who is Reverend Moon? He is the Second Advent who inherited the mission of and also he is savior and True Parents to save humankind. There are so many unfamiliar terms, indeed they are hard to understand. And I cannot convey all I feel in a word, as I cannot even remember where I was after I listened to the whole lecture. I feel as if I had awakened after being struck by electri-city. But I know I have facts left in my mind.

A mentor with the greatest truth has come. I have to go the way. Confucius, thank you. I will study again and pull myself together once again to follow the way in front of the new truth.

Youmyou — 2001.10.13
6) Joungkung

"I would go even to hell if my mentor leads us."

I was born among lower class people. So I was careful and fearful while I was trying to cultivate myself for fear of troubling Confucius’s dignity. Meanwhile, Confucius said that we have to ac-cept the greatest new truth, so I joined with humble heart according to his serious request. But I am determined now and forever that I will follow him wherever it takes me.

The Unification Principle saves humankind from destruction. It will surely save you. It is guiding the way that everyone should go. Whoever you are, try to listen to it. The words on banners here and there are stopping my steps and heart.

As the lecture on the main subject started, many questions came out here and there but they were not considered. I experienced a strange feeling during the lectures. While the lecturers were spea-king fervently, I felt as if I were looking down from the air, falling in raptures of joy. So I couldn’t listen to a good deal of the lectures since I was in a state of self-absorption. I wanted to immerse myself in the mysterious raptures more than listen to the lectures.

But all of a sudden, I felt as if I were falling down from the sky back into my original feeling. What is the meaning of that? It is neither a martial art nor a magical power. It was as if there is some kind of equipment that makes such a strange thing happen.

I also had a new experience with the sincere lecturers. They came very close to me and went back to lecturing. Then I blocked my ears, for their lectures sounded like thunder and lightning. "Reve-rend Moon is True Parents. He is a savior to save humankind. Sincerely serve him as you do your mentor, Confucius. The emancipation and the way of humankind will come true right here." I felt that my eardrums were being punctured, so I covered my ears to protect them. I realized that Reve-rend Moon is a mentor greater than Confucius. Do we have to serve and attend him as we do our mentor? I couldn’t understand what’s what. I really wanted to listen to the lectures in the proper way.

I couldn’t tell whether my body was in the air or what. I felt as if I were wrapped in something. I felt suffocated and really wanted to go out. When I tried to stand up, something from the chair was pulling me. So I touched the chair. Nothing was there. Suddenly someone was observing me at the back. I looked back with a strange feeling but my mentor, Confucius, signaled me to be patient a

little while longer. So I waited for the time until the lecture finished. I looked around to check if the other attendees were doing the same things, but everyone was sincerely listening to the lectu-res. I don’t know exactly what happened to me today but I have only one desire, and that is to dis-cuss about what I experienced today with Confucius, to satisfy my curiosity.

Where did such a mysterious thing come from? My mentor guided me here, so I will just accom-pany him. Why would I abandon the way if it were natural law to go? I don’t know anything but I will just follow my mentor even if it is as miserable as hell.

Joungkung — 2001.10.14
7) Anyoun

"Heaven’s secret is disclosed by the Unification Principle."

I have often seen my mentor anguishing that his teachings were not enough to lead Confucianists the right way after he got interested in unification Principle. And even though I had not listened to the lectures on the Principle, I already knew about a small portion of Divine Principle, Reverend Moon’s great favor and the fact that the Blessing is the procedure given by Reverend Moon, who has come as a savior of whole humankind, to be born again. So I already heard the news that our mentor, Confucius, joined the Blessing.

I am truly grateful to Reverend Moon for giving us the opportunity to listen to the Unification Principle, and for everything of which we are not deserving. Thank you, True Parent. Each chapter inspired me to renew myself, so I realized it is truly the new truth and I could understand fully Confucius’s anguishing heart. As I listen to Unification Principle, I see that it is very much the common way that we ought to go. And I feel that the Unification Principle is digging to clarify the formula of life clearly and prudently.

How could the truth come from human thinking? It must be done by God’s revelation. I absolutely believe that it is Heaven’s secret, which is disclosed by God’s special order to Reverend Moon, who is True Parents and savior. And Confucius has been waiting for the time that he can have Confucianists listen to the Unification Principle. I am not qualified in many ways, but I decided to take the opportunity to listen to the lectures. It is certain that some people will object to us doing this. But I will try. It is natural for those who are ignorant to object. But I think that it is not the right way for a righteous person to object without knowing the truth. The judgment should be made by oneself after one listens to the lectures. Reverend Moon, I am grateful to receive such an opportunity. I think you’ve done it for us as the True Parent of humankind.

I am not deeply aware of the truth and belief of Christians, but based on my limited knowledge I’ve known of your position as Second Messiah who inherited Jesus’ mission. Thank you for giving us the opportunity that we Confucianists can serve you who have come to us as the True Parent of humankind.

Anyoun — 2001.10.1400
8) Jakong

"I will proceed in accordance with the new truth."

I had noticed Confucius’ will. I noticed his will whenever he wore a worried look, going around here and there. If there are two types of people, one would be someone who is given a mission as he is born and the other is given a mission according to his endeavors. And I think Confucius belongs to the first type.

I came to think that he is truly great man since he was serious to lead Confucianists to the truth for all. He could just go the way alone if he believed it is the truth. If I were him, I would go the way of truth alone if I thought it is truth, but unlike me, he is constant to keep the way of virtue.

Ever since I noticed this, I didn’t even think of following the new truth. Confucius told us to wait for the right time, but if my mentor, who has been guiding us with love and virtue, discovered a greater truth than he already had, I could not do anything but respect his humble behavior. So I thought something like, "Let’s see what the Unification Principle is, let’s discover what silenced our mentor."

To put it in a word, the Unification Principle is great truth. Confucius, hurrah! his conclusion wasn’t wrong. Let’ just go. Let’s follow the truth attending our mentor. It must be foolish if we abandon the truth just for the sake of clinging to old thoughts. We don’t need to say anything.

Reverend Moon, you are great. Thank you, thank you for your hard work. We will serve you as our Messiah together with our mentor, Confucius. I don’t think we need detailed explanations. Thank you.

Confucianists! Let’s go on to capture the opportunity we have now. We thought that the last one would be the first one. Let’s go to the front to make our mentor illustrious.

Jakong — 2001.10.14
9) Jaha

"I will live my life to serve the Messiah of humankind."

Reverend Moon has come as the Messiah to save the whole of humankind and True Parents for hu-mankind. He didn't just preach the right way of life for humankind, but he gave us detailed materi-al, the Unification Principle. But I wasn’t comfortable, since he couldn’t show such great and new truth at random but had to release it little by little, like a secret.

Confucius was not able to tell us casually about Unification Principle after he listened to the lectu-res several times. And how much more would it be difficult for believers to accept it. There were reliable beliefs given by central figures for humankind throughout history. As we think it over, it was to lead humankind to goodness, since God is holy being, not to make them live according to their own will. No matter how many denominations there have been, the ultimate purpose is to promote goodness.

Therefore, I think that all the religious people, including Confucianists, should obey the words of the current times with humble hearts. That is the right attitude for religious people. I think it is the Gospel among Gospels, the tremendous fact that the fateful relationship between God and human-kind will not change even though time and history are flowing onward. And the Unification Prin-ciple is Unification Principle as it is.

Isn’t it the Principle that all of the religions, races, cultures and ideas should be united in the position of God’s children? Reverend Moon is the Messiah whom God sent us in the Completed Testament era, so we just need to serve and accept him.

Jaha has been living in gratitude for Confucius’s ideas and virtue. But now I just need to go the same way with him following the new truth. There might be a group of betrayers. But we cannot help it. If they are not clever enough to recognize the truth, as God is waiting, we just have to wait, advise and make them understand from the position of children of God.

Reverend Moon, thank you for enlightening us about so many topics. We wish the Unification Principle will be recognized as Gospel by the whole of humankind as soon as possible.

Jaha — 2001.10.15
10) Jayou

"The Unification Principle is a compass for humankind."

When Confucius was on the earth, he was careful all the time, checking himself several times as he guided us. He never told us in public that he had listened to the Unification Principle but I was able to see changes in him. The most outstanding point was that he looked very bright and full of confidence rather than cautious in his behavior.

After I learned the Unification Principle, I felt as if I had been freed from a halter; I felt peace and relief. I think Unification Principle cleansed all of my old thoughts and ideas and organizing my mind anew. And wherever we apply it, it guides and directs how to go forward, just like a com-pass. I cannot explain this strange feeling. I could never explain how I feel, but it is like delight or wish fulfillment. I don’t know how to explain, but I am just grateful to be able to realize my pre-destined purpose, the fixing of my life direction, the flow of history, the problems of ancestors, the cause of all the faults, and the definite way to live.

Reverend Moon! Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to listen to such a precious truth, even though we are not the four saints. And I learned about your hard work in disclosing the Unification Principle so far. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you with all my heart. I am also grateful that you have bestowed the favor to Confucianists. We would be grateful if you would give us the chance to join the Blessing as Confucius did.

I swear that I will serve Reverend Moon as savior, Messiah and True Parent. I absolutely swear and pledge in front of the enormous truth.

Jayou — 2001.10.17
11) Jeungja

"The Unification Principle is the revelation from God, so I am willing to lecture it."

What is the Unification Principle? If I summarize it in a word, it is certain that it is a revelation from God and that it does not emerge from human ideas. And I absolutely believe that God sent Reverend Moon. This is all I can say as a summary of the Unification Principle. Why would we need to give unworthy explanations once we know that it is done by God’s revelation? I regret that Confucianists who attended the seminar today came on earth earlier and couldn’t receive the bene-fit of the environment and the time.

Confucius has been teaching us about Principle as representative people and for the sake of charac-ter education. I am not saying that those are not necessary for us. But Unification Principle also enlightens us about the world after death and the fundamentals of eternal life, to direct the way of history. Everyone should learn it since this is a new spirit and power for everyone. It is Unification Principle, as it literally claims in its own title. If I could be a lecturer of Unification Principle, I would be willing to descend and study from the subtitles of chapter 1, Creation. But I think that is a very arrogant attitude.

I don’t have any more things to say about the Unification Principle. I will just challenge the new truth. And I truly congratulate to Reverend Moon, who is in the position to get the utmost love from God since he is the True Parent of humankind and Messiah. And I think I am lucky to learn the truth and I thank you so much. And I am also thankful to our mentor, Confucius.

Jeungja — 2001.10.19
12) Jayou

"I want to receive the Blessing as Confucius did."

Our mentor, Confucius, guided us to have courtesy and he taught the Principle in detail about phy-sical life on earth. I am grateful to him for teaching us about eternal life even after death. All the theories we heard lectured now were very special and unfamiliar. We have never listened to any-thing like it. By the way, I used to think that humankind could not be reformed by knowledge or education, but all the Principle here seems to have a mysterious power to recreate humankind. It is very strange anyhow.

Therefore, we cannot compare the truth of Unification Principle with education according to hu-man norms. So I have been well aware of what Confucius has said, that it is not knowledge or education that I am now teaching or thinking, but instruction and special revelation from God to reform humankind anew. It is very much true.

Reverend Moon thought so highly of Confucius that he would lead him the receive the Blessing. So we, as his disciples, want to have the opportunity to receive the Blessing through Reverend Moon’s love. Isn’t that the reason in Unification Principle? And he should give all the Confucia-nists the Blessing since he is the Parent of humankind. Also, I know that I am being shameless to ask this, but I also think that it is the way of filial piety.

Confucius is going the way of the Unification Principle. Therefore it is natural for us to go the same way with him. So please let us join the Blessing, Reverend Moon! True Parents of human-kind! Savior! Second Coming! Please bless and open the way to us who want to follow the new truth! I would like to be your son, since I realized the way of True Parents effort and I think it is the way of filial piety.

Jayou — 2001.10.19
13) Jajang

"The Unification Principle will awaken Confucianists."

I promised myself and thought that a man harboring a will should not surrender but should keep going no matter how difficult it is to go the way. As I have been attending Confucius, I used to consider that there should not exist "my way," but that Confucius’s way is mine. Therefore I tired to think over his heart and why he had not been teaching us Unification Principle without hesi-tation, even after he read it intensively and listened to the lectures several times. I could under-stand fully. The Unification Principle is completely different from his teaching as we learned it. This is remarkable truth. I thought that the norm-based education I learned from Confucius pro-vides everything necessary for the life of humankind, and I had never thought deeply of the inter-nal significance. This is amazing truth. I used to think that war, poverty and sadness had to take place by several causes in an environment that would insure survival for humankind, but that idea was being broken into pieces. I felt dizzy, as if my mind was faint, and had strange sensations. How much more must Confucius have been anguishing until he told us about it? Of course, I was also concerned about implications of the decision for the world of Confucianists.

But Confucius! I won’t change my mind to follow you. I think we can make it as we transmit this truth to Confucianists and advise them. I will not retreat in knowing the truth, since you taught us that we should not surrender to a hidden will and not be a rogue who is indecisive and moves according to his environment.

The Unification Principle will awaken our Confucianists incredibly. We will take the initiative in pushing Confucius to be the first among the four saints. And Reverend Moon, who disclosed this truth, I will just follow you as my mentor does, though the truth is unfamiliar to me still. I offer my humble heart in front of all your suffering and painful courses.

I will try my best to follow the way of this truth with Confucius and all the Confucians. And I am willing to join the painful course with you, since you are a mentor, True Parent and Messiah to humankind. Thank you; thank you for your hard work.

Jajang — 2001.10.20