Message of Heung Jin Nim from the Spiritual World
January 1, 2002

- This is the message of Heung Jin Nin sent through Hoon Mo Nim on January 1, 2002 on the 35th True God’s Day. It was addressed to True Parents and read to the 7000 members gathered at the God’s Day ceremony. Heung Jin Nim describes the effects in the Spiritual world of True Parents’ declarations and ceremonies. He explains how ancestors are recreated, about the Training Center and their progress in the training there. He also reported in detail how the spiritual world has changed since the Coronation of God’s Kingship. After hearing this report, True Parents’ comment was, “It is so well expressed that it should be regarded as a clear illustration of the spiritual world. This content must be published and heard by all members, who should apply it in their daily life.
This text is a translation of this message as published in a book produced at Cheong Pyeong Training Center to commemorate the training center’s 500th 2-day workshop and 7th Anniversary.-

True Parents! I am so thankful, because through true love you have opened the Cheon Il Guk nation and the New Age in which we can live together with God and True Parents.
It was on July 8, 2000 that we performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the Original Palace, which Heaven, humanity and all creation have desired. We then went forward towards the goal you set for us, “Let us perfect the realm of Heaven and earth’s liberation as we inherit the heavenly fortune of true love.” From the end of October to the end of December 2001, the Speaking Tour of Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace in Korea, Japan, and USA led to the opening of the Cheon Il Guk. After these momentous events, I have no words to adequately thank you. I am sorry that I have not been able to report the situation in the spiritual world more often. 
Most revered and esteemed True Parents! According to your guidance and blessing I have been making a foundation here in the spiritual world as you have been continuously leading the providence on the earth. I have been educating those spirits who were collected at the Cheong Pyeong Training Center and brought up here to my training center in the spiritual world. Here they are educated and cleansed of their sins. They come down to be Blessed on the earth, and afterwards they are educated in the way of true family. This is their foundation to be resurrected on the Earth as they help their descendants to accomplish the Providence according to True Parents’ direction.
The Coronation of God’s Kingship was the fruit of 80 years of True Parents’ victories. This event especially caused amazing changes in the spiritual world. On the basis of True Parents’ hard course of indemnity conditions, God’s lineage is now being restored. The Day of the Coronation of God’s Kingship was indeed a historical day. On that day God and restored spirits wept for joy, as 6000 years of God’s resentment was overcome. Truly, True Parents’ heart of filial piety moved the whole cosmos. We want take their example into our hearts to become mature children who give joy to our True Parents.
We have done a lot of work here in the spirit world with the love and attention of True Parents. Here I will report in detail on the ancestor liberations, Registration Blessings, and the process of raising spirits to the status of Absolute Good Spirits, as well as the changes that have ensued since the Coronation of God’s Kingship.

Changes in the Spiritual World due to True Parents’ Declarations
True Parents’ greatest wish was to offer the Coronation of God’s Kingship. To accomplish this historical ceremony, True Parents shed tears and sweat and blood throughout the 80 years of their life. True Parents had to make so many conditions before they could hold it, because the barriers in the spiritual world first had to be broken down.
With each victorious foundation, True Parents made a providential declaration in order to advance towards the coming of God’s sovereignty on the earth and the spiritual world. He then had to realize on the earth the content of the declarations through rallies. I want to discuss the meaning of recent declarations and report on the resulting changes in the spiritual world.
When I first arrived here, I encountered many difficulties as I tried to follow the will of True Parents. True Parents sent me here in the position of the Commander In Chief, but the atmosphere was not good for me to work strongly. Among the spirits here, believers in different religions continued to insist on the ways, rituals and doctrines of their own religions as they knew them on earth. Those who had not been religious were likewise set in their ways. None paid any attention to things beyond their limited vision.
God’s intention is that all the religious people in the spiritual world should descend to work with their descendants and followers on earth, and be resurrected centered on True Parents by giving testimonies and bringing about the unity of religions. At that time I did not have the right environment to make this happen. It was so difficult. Especially, there were no Absolute Good Spirits. There was only an evil spiritual world, an environment where evil spirits dominated and people’s fallen natures were so strong that they took no interest in anyone but themselves. In most cases those who took an interest in others only did so because they wanted to get revenge for his or her suffering as a result of what happened to them on the earth.
Furthermore, I was hesitant to act because I did not have a close relationship with Jesus or other religious leaders. The Christian churches were placed in the Abel position because True Parents came on the foundation of the Christianity, to guide them to God’s side. My unity with Jesus was less important than unity between the Unification Church and Christian churches. True Father said that the Unification Church and Christian churches could unite on the earth through first establishing unity in the spiritual world. Yet it was not easy to find the central point that could transcend the realms of religion, because each religion had its own rituals and culture. Especially I had difficulty making a relationship with the saints and sages of the different religions.
In order to establish the realm of religious unity, in December 1996 True Parents called the founders of the four great religions and the 12 disciples of Jesus to attend a 40-day workshop at Cheong Pyeong.
Next they went through a 100-day workshop and explored the whole spiritual world. They learned the Divine Principle and came to understand the spiritual world overall. Especially after the Blessing our relationship improved considerably. Through the course of 100 days at the spirit world training center these religious leaders learned who the True Parents are, and this brought us into unity of heart. Finally, after the Blessing of the four great Religious Founders, the world religions are able to unite. Through this process, all the difficulties that I had in the beginning were overcome, so I could start working with confidence as the Commander In Chief of the spiritual world. This was possible only because of the love and blessing of True Parents.
True Parents held the Blessing ceremony for Dae Mo Nim, Dae Hyung Nim and Choong Mo Nim on August 25, 1995. On December 1, 1997 they proclaimed the “Declaration of the Opening of the Right to Give the Blessing in the Spiritual World,” through which Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim were given the rightful position to conduct Blessings of spirit people. Since then spirits could receive the Blessing with the absolute authority of the spiritual world.
The victory of the 400 Million Couples Blessing resulted in cutting off Satan’s lineage and connecting everyone to True Parents’ lineage. Through this, the victory of True Parents could be connected to the spiritual world.
I give thanks to our True Parents for the “Declaration of the Opening of the Right to Give the Blessing in the Spiritual World,” because through this God is now able to liberate the Heavenly world completely and go anywhere to spread His original heart of love.
On Easter Sunday, April 17, 1998 True Parents gave the “Declaration of the Opening of Elder Brother-ship, Parent-ship and Kingship.” Through this declaration, whatever had not been connected centered on the family could be connected to the victory of the 360 Million Couples Blessing. It was thus proclaimed as “cutting off Satan’s lineage on the worldwide level.”
Now the gate of the Liberated Realm of Blessing is open on the earth and in Heaven. Three nations—representing the father nation, mother nation and elder brother nation—had established an absolute unified foundation centered on True Parents representing the nation of Heaven and Earth and the center of Universe. On that foundation, Blessings of 30,000 couples, 360,000 couples and 3.6 million couples reached the worldwide level. By 1998 the Blessing had reached the cosmic level. This meant that the spirits in the spiritual world and in the physical world could receive the Blessing.
Most notably, in 1999 the declaration, “The Complete Liberation of Satan’s Lineage and Accomplishment of True Blessing on the Cosmic Level” enabled our ancestors in the spiritual world to go the way of liberation and work for the unity of the earth.
The “Liberation of the Cosmos” prayer in the Pantanal, and the “Declaration of Congratulation of Victory in East and West” brought many more changes. Through these we arrived at the time when God could free the spiritual world and physical world and establish the God’s sovereign nation of love to be governed by God. All this was based on the victorious foundation laid by the True Parents after overcoming the false lineage.
Furthermore, the Blessed Couples in the spiritual world could stand in the position of younger brothers and sisters to attend the Blessed Couples on the earth in the position of elder brothers and sisters. This created a new order between the physical world and spiritual world, which had previously been in a relationship of Cain and Abel. It set up a new realm of liberation and a new level—The Victorious Parents’ Realm. Based on this, True Parents could hold the “Ceremony of Declaration to Congratulate True Parents’ Cosmic Level Victory.” Through this a great change came about: the time when Satan could take God’s children by force ended, and the time when the ancestors of Blessed Couples can take their descendants to Kingdom of Heaven by force arrived. We thus entered the Era of the Liberated Realm of Freedom.
Nine minutes and 9 seconds after 9 o’clock on September 9, 1999, True Father being 79 years old, was the moment when the number 9 appeared 9 times. About 5000 members gathered in Su Taek Ri Training Center to hear True Parents make the “Declaration of the Ceremony for the Liberation of the Cosmic Unity of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.” The spiritual world also participated in this grand and beautiful ceremony to participate in True Parents’ victory.
Through that declaration, the age changed from the era under Satan’s dominion to the era of God’s sovereignty. Satan had built foundations on the national, tribal, familial and individual levels, but from that moment on Satan’s foundations were required to take orders from God. The cosmic True Parents restored the number 9 which had been lost, cut off the history of Satan, and declared that the final victorious era had come. At that moment Satan surrendered to God. Satan could no longer cross the boundary into the realm on God’s side. From that moment on, the sovereignty of unified love was established centered on the children in the spiritual world and on earth, vertically and horizontally, and front and back, complete in every direction. Thus the “Realm of Kingship of the Unity of Love” could be declared.
Today this unworthy one whom you elevated to the position of a saint, the family-level saint, thanks you very much. I know you raised me up to save the family by bringing together into unity the Blessed Couples on the earth and in the spiritual world. I know you wish me to save the family. It entails reconnecting what was lost at the time of Jesus on the earth and expanding the ideal of the family to Heaven. You have blessed this Cheong Pyeong Providence, which has established the position of the spiritual parents of Jesus’ time and established the position of the physical and spiritual parents who can officiate at the Blessing. I am grateful that I could assist you in this way. It is entirely the result of your victory, and you deserve all the glory.
That was the historical Nine Nines Day, when the Parents of Heaven and Earth could embrace the whole cosmos from the peak of the summit, based on “Declaration of the Ceremony for the Liberation of the Cosmic Unity of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.” After that you established Three Tens Day.
In the year 2000 much change came in the spiritual world for the building of God’s Homeland. In August True Parents made the “Declaration to Break Down National Borders and Realize True Love.”
True Parents then performed the “Chusok Ceremony for the Liberation of All Resentment” at East Garden, in the presence of True Children and 122 leaders. On that day eight people faced the four directions in pairs, and the sprinkling of Holy Wine made a condition to sanctify the cosmos. They represented the whole Unification movement and all Blessed Couples in the spiritual world. Everything can be governed, now that we are able to go freely east, west, north, south and to the center, as well as vertically to every level. I am grateful for this opening of the way by which we can go forward as filial children of God into the united kingdom of love.
After the Chusok holiday, the “Declaration of the Handing Over of the Right of Blessing” was held in the Heavenly Palace where 4000 Blessed wives had gathered for a 21-day workshop. You bequeathed the rightful position to me to give the Blessing, this unworthy person whom you nevertheless have trusted and to whom you have bequeathed all your victories.
Everything you made victorious in the heavenly world, the liberated realm of God’s ideal of creation, you have bequeathed to this unworthy one. The Blessing of the “Transition of the Three Ages Four-Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing” could be given on this foundation.
On October 14, 2000 True Parents performed the “Ceremony on the 50th Anniversary of the Release from Heungnam Prison and Ceremony for the Liberation of the Spiritual World.” It was attended by Young Jin Nim, Hye Jin Nim, Hee Jin Nim, the four great Founders of the major religions, philosophers, saints and sages, the 4000 people participating in the fourth 21-day Registration Workshop, and I. True Parents centered on God performed the ceremony, which opened the new shimjung culture of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth and in Heaven. Now there is a way open for even Satan, the Archangel, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven eventually. At that time you commissioned me to lead the four major religious leaders of the world, conscientious people, and all philosophers to go in the same direction, toward the straight way of Heaven.
This was truly the love of True Parents. True Parents comforted God, even amidst suffering and at the risk of their lives. In order to save all mankind, True Father went to Heungnam Prison. Now True Parents have connected the 50th anniversary of that day to the liberation of cosmos, the liberation of the physical and spiritual worlds. I am so grateful for this blessing and love.
As True Parents performed the Total Liberation Ceremony, the walls in the spiritual world collapsed and the spirits in the spirit world were able to move freely. With this, much change came in the spiritual world.
The way of the spiritual world is quite different from what is commonly thought on the earth. A spirit cannot easily travel from one place to another. If it weren’t for the declarations of True Parents and their constant love, it would be so difficult for me to work here.
The spiritual world is the world of mind. Once you are set in your mind and in your habits, it is not easy to change. Therefore it is very difficult for religious people of different backgrounds to travel to each other’s regions. In the spiritual world thought is reality itself, so differences in thinking are manifest as high walls, or as steep cliffs with wide holes or many falling stones, making it difficult to move from place to place. Therefore, it was so difficult for spirits who lived in some remote region to venture outside their accustomed place.
Knowing this situation, True Parents brought victory by going the course of indemnity to make the foundation to perform the “Total Liberation Ceremony.” Through this ceremony, countless boundaries between different regions were broken down. Of course not all the obstructions disappeared in that instant, and spirits still cannot easily go anywhere they please. At present though it is much easier to go from one place to another where the obstacles had been religious boundaries.
On December 3, 2000, forty days before the Coronation of God’s Kingship, True Parents made the “Declaration of the Elimination of Hell and Registration for the Kingdom of Heaven” in Punta del’Este, Uruguay at a gathering of 66 members. This declaration holds a very important meaning. Hell and Paradise had been the source of God’s sadness, but now they were being liberated. In the dominion of God, the law of love and heart crosses over hills and transcends national boundaries. With their release, the realm of liberation had finally arrived. The time had come for True Parents’ grace to establish God’s Kingship.
On that day, God appointed the ancestors of members to stand alongside the angels and serve as ushers and escorts. Amidst brilliant light and the fragrance of perfume, God himself came down in person to the Main Hall of the Heavenly Palace. Officiating at the ceremony, you crowned God in His original proper position. You could perform this ceremony after going through your life-long course. You could make the proclamation based on your solemn promise. You performed this ceremony for the sake of God, so that God can come and go freely and connect people to His realm of love. Once more I congratulate you!
True Parents worked hard throughout their whole life to restore God’s dignity and bring God to His rightful position. Their life-long victorious indemnity conditions and the content of their declarations were focused on this very purpose. God said, “Truly, True Parents’ heart of filial piety is beyond what anyone can describe.” In the spiritual world all this is well known. This unworthy one also wants to be like you, always making God happy. I will make every effort to attend True Parents and let them feel comforted.


The Situation and Changes in the Spiritual World
Dear Beloved True Parents,
I want share this for the sake of the members, that they may understand the changes taking place in the spiritual world and its situation in detail.
If you want to ascend to Heaven, first you have to go through a door between the Middle Level of the spiritual world and Paradise. As you enter you see fog, such as you see when you climb a mountain just before you reach the summit; looking down you see the fog beneath you, and as you descend the fog again gets thicker and thicker. But as you continue upward and approach the Kingdom of Heaven it gets brighter.
In the Kingdom of Heaven you will see green grass everywhere. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming in profusion, and animals are playing happily together. The air is fresh and filled with fragrances like lilac. Bright light shines throughout, more beautiful than diamond and clear as crystal. As you stand there you feel so comfortable and refreshed. A feeling of love and happiness fills you. Unlike in earthy life, in the Kingdom of Heaven these happy feelings are continual.
In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no anxiety or suffering. All the spirits have bright and peaceful expressions; they don’t need to talk as they automatically care for each other. There is no fighting, no jealousy, no hate or arrogance, and no fallen nature. Everyone is filled only with True Love. However, only people who were Blessed through the True Parents can enter this place. Even people on earth who led a good life cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless they have been Blessed. 
You cannot go to this place by living in a haphazard way. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you have to live a clean and beautiful life, crystal clear with no blemishes. In order to live here you must have a smile on your face and a light that shines like jewels. Blessed Couples should examine themselves every hour of their life to check whether they are truly becoming citizens of Kingdom of Heaven, by leading an earthly life of which they will not be ashamed in any way.
As you descend from the Kingdom of Heaven, you will encounter many different regions of the spiritual world. Many people on earth think that there are only two different places: Heaven and hell. But in reality there are many regions, from very evil places to very good places. Although there are many different levels, any level other than the Kingdom of Heaven is not at all comfortable because the people fight each other, insisting that they alone are correct about their opinions. Each region is filled with people who are of the same type, so it is not interesting to remain there.
For example, in the region where people who were accustomed to stealing things on earth dwell, they are ever thinking that other people will steal things from them. Amid such distrust of others fighting goes on continually.
When they come here most of the sprits are placed in various regions of hell and the middle realms. Where they are placed is decided by how they lived their lives on the earth. Therefore, if you don’t want to suffer in hell you must not live an unprincipled life, but go the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God is only goodness and love. Unless we make effort to resemble God, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
If you descend further into the lower regions, you come to regions of hell where you cannot breathe. It is dark and scary, and it has a terrible smell, worse than the smell of rotten meat or fish. Deformed figures appear in front of you, biting each other, yelling and screaming at each other. Some regions are filled with burning holes, and in them are people who are forever angry at each other. The worst regions are reserved for those who were sexually corrupt or who committed suicide. It is difficult to look at the many ugly figures there slithering all about like snakes. People living on the earth don’t recognize how frightening it is in these areas. If you could see it, you would not be able to remain there even for a minute. Fortunately, all Blessed Couples have had their Original Sin forgiven and have the chance to cleanse their ancestors’ sins, collective sins, personal sins and fallen nature. Yet Blessed Couples don’t recognize how precious and valuable is the grace that they possess.
As the Divine Principle teaches us, no one forces people to go to a particular region of the spiritual world, but people find their own place by their own will according to the spiritual level they attained on the earth. If only we could make people understand this, they would know how to live in the future.
The colors of the different regions of the spiritual world differ one from another, from the Kingdom of Heaven to hell. The Kingdom of Heaven is extremely bright and white, clean like flawless white jade. But as we descend the colors become darker and darker and dirtier. Descending from the Kingdom of Heaven the color turns beige, then darker shades of purple. Descending to still lower regions the color becomes light brown, then gray, dark gray, black and pitch black. The more sins committed, the darker the color. Also, spirits who committed many sins with a certain part of their body show dirtier and darker colors on that part. After receiving the Blessing, people can get rid of their fallen nature and live in the Kingdom of Heaven. The more True Love, the closer they can get to the Kingdom of Heaven. But the more fallen nature the darker their spirit self becomes, and they go to a dark place.
It is so important after we receive the Blessing to remove evil, resentful spirits and to remove our fallen nature, because this will decide our environment after we go to the spiritual world. People may enjoy their wealth, power and good position, but the situation in the spiritual world is so different. The more money a person had on earth or the higher the position that they misused, the greater their troubles are in the spiritual world.
In the Divine Principle it reads, “Sin is a violation of heavenly law which is committed when a person forms a common base with Satan, thus setting a condition for give-and-take action with him.” Most people think of sin only as personal sin, but there is Original Sin, ancestral sin, collective sin as well as personal sin. We are burdened with sins inherited from our ancestors even though we personally did not commit them, and we are also responsible for collective sins that were committed collectively.
In one word, being a fallen person means being the result of 6000 years of fallen human history—a mixture of good and evil. People inherit good and evil character from their ancestors, but living in the world where there is more evil than good, evil is continuously repeated. When we say that there are many evil spirits in the bodies of people on the earth, it is the result of personal sins and ancestral sins passed down through the lineage. For every sin there is always a cause, because it is the result of a condition to have give-and-take action with Satan. Thus, there is story behind every sin, and someone was its cause. Maybe an ancestor of the person, while living on the earth gave much difficulty and pain to someone, and that person came to have resentment. Now this resentful spirit has come down to the descendant of that ancestor to get revenge by trying to influence him to commit sin. Such a cause might also show as sickness or pain.
All modern diseases have spiritual causes that are connected to the sins of ancestors. By looking at the sicknesses and difficulties of descendants, we can infer about the life of their ancestors. If the ancestors had stolen things from the others or misused public things or money, their descendants often suffer from stomach problems. If they had many sexual transgressions, their descendants may suffer from diseases of the sex organs, or be unable to bear children, have problems being faithful, or get divorced after marriage. Ancestors who did not see things about others correctly and hurt them will cause their descendants to have children who are born blind, mute or deaf. In other words, according to the way pain was given, the descendants suffer with the same kind of troubles. The heavier the ancestors’ sins, the more difficult it is to heal the resulting sickness; it may not even be curable.
If people on the earth do not clear up these sins through paying the required indemnity, the suffering is passed down to their children. Later, when those people come to the spiritual world and watch their children suffer they regret that they did not clear things up for them. They lament, “If only I had borne my suffering on earth, my children would not need to suffer now.”
Therefore, unless people clear up all the sins passed down from their ancestors, as well as the personal sins they committed themselves, they cannot escape from sickness and pain. The sins are so great and so many that they cause countless evil spirits to infest the bodies of people on the earth. There are multitudes of them, each the size of an ant’s egg. In reality spirits can control their size freely. These evil spirits make themselves tiny in order to infest people’s bodies in large numbers.
When you look at a spirit it may appear as it was as a human being, or as it was at the time of death. Sometimes a spirit appears as an animal or as an insect according to how he or she lived on the earth. A person who had a hot temper might have the appearance of a tiger. A person who delighted in tricking others might look like fox, and a person who was sexually promiscuous might look like a snake.
Dear most precious True Parents! My training center is located right next to the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Kingdom of Heaven is not yet open, as it will be opened only after True Parents arrive here. All of us will enter on that day. I am glad that we have this training center, because we need it in order to restore all people in the spirit world. I can never thank you enough for providing it. Now we are able to create Absolute Good Spirits. This means we have now created a realm where Satan cannot invade. As the number of Absolute Good Spirits increases, the territory of God and True Parents increases. Satan’s evil work is diminished, and the hope of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven opens up on the earth.
Looking at our progress in liberating evil spirits, some may question whether it would be easier if we would restore all the evil spirits on the earth at once. But that is not the Principle way. God cannot intervene in the choices of fallen human beings, who fell into the midway position. God cannot intervene with His power, and Satan cannot intervene either. Each person alone decides whose side he or she is on by the conditions he or she makes and who is in the rightful position to intervene. Only when a person makes a condition for God, can God intervene in that person’s life. Therefore, in order to remove evil spirits we need to make indemnity conditions by understanding our sins and the sins of our ancestors. Otherwise the separation or liberation of evil spirits is very difficult. The same principle applies in Blessing our ancestors. We need to make conditions so that our ancestors can be liberated and sent to the training center in the spiritual world, where they become the Absolute Good Spirits who will be the foundation for God to come down on earth.
As of this time, True Parents have achieved the cosmic level of victory. They have liberated the spiritual world and have broken down the boundaries between religions in the spiritual world. True Parents have created the environment to establish the Kingdom of Heaven and to break down national boundaries.
On this basis, evil spirits are being restored to become Absolute Good Spirits. Especially, all the declarations that True Parents proclaimed from 1990 up to the Coronation of God’s Kingship made the victorious foundation to restore Absolute Good Spirits and send them to the earth. This work would be impossible unless the Messiah, the eternal True Parent, does it.


In recent years the spiritual world has changed for the worse. Since 1980 evil spirits greatly increased their power to work on the earth and this made their work much more effective. The reason for this was that the central figures of the Providence did not know the identity of Satan, the root of sin, or the nature of Original Sin. Satan, therefore, had no anxieties about creating his self-centered world. However, after the True Parents came into the world the situation started changing. After revealing the root of sin and the Original Sin more clearly than God had ever revealed it before, True Parents began making conditions so that Satan would not be able to settle on the earth. As he achieved victory after victory in Providence of Restoration, Satan began to get nervous. Consequently, Satan mobilized the evil spirits in the spiritual world to work with the evil spirits in the bodies of people on the earth by stimulating their resentment and their desire to take revenge on the descendants of the people who caused them pain. In particular, Satan watched closely for opportunities to invade Blessed Couples. Whenever he found any conditions to do so, he put evil spirits into Blessed Couples’ bodies. As a result, Blessed Couples were not living centered on God.
God expected that Blessed Couples would make unity of heart with God and True Parents by living with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Satan cannot invade such Blessed Couples. But when the Blessed Couples acted in unprincipled ways they made conditions for Satan to invade them. In fact, most Blessed Couples expected that the victory of True Parents would protect them; they didn’t look deeply at themselves to check whether they had anything for which Satan could accuse them. They didn’t reflect on whether any fallen nature remained in them. Therefore, at least from now on we must work hard to purify ourselves from evil and sin and be reborn as original, true children.
Blessed Couples must know that they have many, many evil resentful spirits within them. Blessed Couples should know how to separate these evil spirits and be cleansed of sins. They must work hard to clean this up while they are on the earth. Do Blessed Couples doubt it when I say that they have many evil spirits in them? The proof is that they still commit so many evil actions and retain so much fallen nature.
From this point of view, liberating our ancestors is the way to straighten out all the complicated matters passed down through the linage and to restore the original linage. All the sins committed by ancestors are passed down to their descendants; therefore members are pushed to commit sins in spite of themselves. By clearing up the invisible world True Parents’ saving hands are reaching down to us. Their desire is that members will no longer be tempted by Satan and can live according to the original way.
As time passes by, people will see the difference in the members’ lives between those who have invested to liberate evil spirits and those who have not. The more evil spirits there are in a person, the more difficulties that person will have to face. The fewer evil spirits he or she has, the more comfortable and happy his or her life will be.
Therefore, each of us must reach the absolute standard, which is in accord with the ideal standard of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let’s overcome our fallen nature and go the way of true children, the way acceptable to God. This is most important.
Therefore, you members must not take this matter lightly and just be bystanders. You must take it seriously and by all means remove the evil spirits from your bodies. Participate with the determination to uproot all the evil and all your fallen nature. Just as evil spirits can change to become Absolute Good Spirits, so also you on the earth must heed the voice of your conscience and original mind and pursue the way of perfection, that you may resemble God.
Through the Coronation of God’s Kingship, the Transition of Three Ages Four-Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing, the liberation of ancestors and the Blessing of ancestors, the time has now come to open and enlarge the history of goodness.
Now is the time when all the people on the earth can be cleansed of their fallen nature and be reborn into the state before the Fall. Now, when the spiritual and physical worlds are changing and developing at the same time, all must go out and witness to True Parents and teach the Divine Principle, in order that all people on the earth may go to the Kingdom of Heaven.
In order for all mankind to be Blessed and enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the numbers of Absolute Good Spirits must be increased. It is important that members take this responsibility to further the progress of the Providence of Restoration.
No evil spirit can invade an Absolute Good Spirit. Evil spirits cannot bear to look at the bright light shining from an Absolute Good Spirit. But Absolute Good Spirits can see evil spirits and are able to drag them out of earthly people’s bodies. Now, as Absolute Good Spirits are descending to the earth, evil spirits are loosing their ground upon which to be active. Evil spirits have misled good people whose spiritual senses are partially open by coming to them in the disguise of a good spirit and leading them astray. To prevent members from being misled the evil spirits who are cleared from their bodies are made into Absolute Good Spirits. No one can be misled once all five spiritual senses are completely open, but this will be possible only after the evil spirits are cleared out completely and the person is united with the heart of God and True Parents. For this reason all members must work hard to become spiritually clean and unite with God and True Parents’ realm of heart. This is the way we will prevent the divisions that plague Christians, who, although they believe in the same Jesus, divided into denominations and became enemies.
In order to build one family under God with our True Parents members must clear up this potential problem so that no one will come pretending to be this or that.
True Parents are on the earth, but they are in the spiritual world as well. When you go to the Kingdom of Heaven you can see True Parents sitting beside the throne of God. This is how all the spirits could accept True Parents as the Messiah. Only the people dwelling on the earth don’t know this well because they see True Parents strictly from a humanistic standpoint.
When the participants in Heung Jin Nim’s training go and visit True Parents in the spiritual world they get to meet the smiling, loving True Parents. True Parents are eternal beings who can travel freely between the earth and Heaven. Only on the earth are people still ignorant of the value of True Parents; this makes me truly so sad. I am so happy and grateful to live with the eternal True Parents. On earth members trapped in their busy daily schedules may sometimes forget about True Parents. Here, no matter what they cannot forget the eternal value of True Parents.


Ancestor Liberation Ceremony and the Spirit World Workshop
After you register for the ancestor liberation ceremony, Dae Mo Nim looks through the list of ancestors and mobilizes angels and Absolute Good Spirits to seek them out in the spirit world. Sometimes the spirits are found dwelling in the physical bodies of people on the earth, sometimes they are simply staying somewhere in the spirit world, and sometimes they are found wandering about the earth as ghosts. Searching for them is like looking at a distant place through a telescope. When we track down ancestors through a person’s lineage it is like checking the person’s genes.
A few years ago we would call the spirits over here to liberate their resentments. However, because the evil spirit world is becoming stronger and stronger we now must go and grab hold of them and directly bring them to Cheong Pyeong to make sure we have accurately found the right ancestors.
During the ancestor liberation ceremony the ancestors first wait to meet with their descendants on the earth. Then a shaft of light shines down on them from Heaven and they ascend to the spirit world, guided up that beam of light by angels. Then the evil spirits who were separated during the 2-day workshop and the ancestors liberated through the ceremony go together to the place in the spirit world where they will attend the training.
They approach the training center through the gate of the spirit world located between the Middle-Level Spirit World and Paradise. They enter the training center and then register for the 100-day workshop.
After my words of greeting they receive an explanation about the significance of the 100-day workshop and its schedule. In the first lectures I explain to them concretely what each of them looks like and why, and then I let them see their spirit selves. These spirits never had the chance or the interest to observe their appearance closely. They never lived in an environment where they could see themselves with their own eyes. In the workshop they are shocked to see what they look like. Some cry out when they discover how strange they look. What they see when they look at their own body is their actual life on earth. Also, they learn clearly where in the spirit world they will go for their dwelling-place.
After I let the ancestors see themselves in this way I take them on a tour of the whole spirit world, from Heaven to the bottom of hell. Next, I let them find their rightful dwelling-places as determined by their spiritual state.
As they travel downward towards the lower regions of the spirit world closer to hell the landscape becomes rougher, with high walls and ditches. Because the surroundings are dark, the spirits have a hard time finding their rightful dwellings even though they might in fact be close by.
In fact, most of the ancestors never had a chance to reach their proper dwelling-places in the spirit world after they left the earth. Often an evil spirit captured them as soon as they died. Hence, for many of them it was their first time to actually visit their due home in the spirit world.
Next, I let them feel how painful it is to stay in their dwellings. I leave them alone there until they see that there is no way they could continue living in such a place. I wait until they repent and make a heart-felt pledge after realizing for themselves how wayward their lives on earth were. Then I call them again to the spirit world workshop.
After this process I gather them together and give them serious Divine Principle lectures. These lectures are different from those on the earth. The participants can actually see the scenes played out and know the real situations as they happened. Hence, the participants can understand more deeply than people on earth who hear the lectures.
The first lectures are “The Principle of Creation” and “The Fall of Humankind,” which I teach. I tell them, “When God was creating human beings and the natural world He worked full of hope and joy. God created the natural world so that He could enjoy watching His children rejoicing as they took loving dominion over nature. God created each creature in the Garden of Eden with His children in mind.” As I lecture on the process of creation a screen on the side of the stage shows actual scenes from God’s creation of Heaven and earth. Through watching these images the participants can understand in depth how much love God invested as He created human beings and all of nature. When I ask the participants after the presentation if they had felt God’s heart of creation, they all reply, “Yes.” When I then remark that they had no idea about God’s loving heart in their earthly life, and pronounce that their life of ignorance was itself a great sin, they all nod and begin deep prayers of repentance.
As I continue with the lecture on the Fall of Humankind moving images of the actual fall are displayed on the screen beside the stage. The participants first see how Lucifer in his excessive desire felt more and more lack of love, how Lucifer led Eve to fall, and how Eve tempted Adam. They observe the spirit world and the earth becoming darker and darker after the fall of Adam and Eve, and how the sinful world came into being.
The participants then watch how, after the fall of Adam and Eve, their descendants inherited the fallen nature of Satan and committed sins. They see that as the lineage expanded its nature grew more and more evil. They witness the evil lineage from the false parents being passed down, as the sins of their ancestors were passed down, and then see how this caused the descendants to add still more sins of their own. The participants can see the entire process: sins flowing down and they themselves inheriting the accumulated mass of sin. They confirm their own evil nature and understand that they are the substantiation of evil. Thereupon they break into tears and start cleansing their sins, making effort to remove sin from every part of their body until their spirit self shines with light.
The lecture goes on to explain how the world deviated from God and how hell came into being. As the participants learn the process by which hell was formed they reflect upon their life on earth. After they listen to the Principle of Creation and the Fall of Humankind they can recollect 80 percent of their memories of life on earth through their reflections. If the lecturer can create the right atmosphere, they can recall 100 percent. In those memories they also see how their sins and fallen natures were passed down to their own offspring. As they comprehend that they have caused their descendants to suffer with pain in the sinful world they begin to weep in bitter repentance.
After the participants wash away their sins through the lecture series, I let them go out to find the dwelling-places that would be fitting to their new spiritual state. They discover that their new homes are quite different from the ones they had occupied before. They recognize that they are getting closer to Heaven and gain new hope that they, too, can become Spirits of Absolute Goodness who can enter Heaven.
Next, they listen to a lecture titled “Good and Evil,” which is presented by President Kee Seuk Lee. This lecture clarifies the meaning of “absolute goodness” and the meaning of evil. In it the participants learn how evil became stronger with the passage of time. They learn that from the Principle perspective there was not a trace of evil in the world of God’s original creation. Evil emerged only after the fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, evil itself cannot be absolute. Ultimately the world can only end in absolute goodness. Nevertheless, evil emerged after the fall of Adam and Eve and grew greater and greater with time as evil nature and sin were passed down to generation after generation of their descendants. They see how the power of evil became greater than the power of goodness. Then they learn how the situation changed after the True Parents were born on the earth as the Second Coming of the Messiah. True Parents have prepared a foundation of victory and a heavenly environment that can move both earth and the spirit world centered on God’s absolute goodness.
During this series of lectures the screen on side of the stage shows the world of goodness and the world of evil, as well as how sins are passed down from ancestors to descendants. When the participants see such scenes they reflect on how they passed on sin and suffering to their own descendants, and they repent. They realize that there is no way for them to enter Heaven unless they first change themselves into Spirits of Absolute Goodness. They recognize that as long as they have even a spot of sin they will never be able to stand before God. Therefore, once again they try hard to find their sins and cleanse themselves. After this I again let them go and find their proper dwellings. After seeing that they have ascended to better places they work even harder to cleanse their sins, separate evil spirits, and remove their fallen nature, so that they may become Spirits of Absolute Goodness. They begin to offer their deepest gratitude to God and True Parents for giving them such grace.
Next come the series of lectures on the Principle of Restoration taught by President Hyo Won Eu. These are lectures on the Providence of Restoration centering on Adam’s family, Noah’s family, Abraham’s family, and Moses and Jesus’ life courses. Here participants can understand deeply how the central figures of the Providence of Restoration failed to fulfill their responsibilities and thus extended the Providence. These events are again shown as actual scenes on the side screen. The participants reflect back on their own lives to see whether they committed similar mistakes and failures. This is another occasion for them to reflect and repent as they work to cleanse their sins.
As the workshop progresses and more sins are cleansed the participants gain greater hope to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, they invest more effort to participate in the workshop. The spirits offer glory and thanksgiving to True Parents for revealing to them such a tremendous truth.
Then follows a lecture on “True Parents’ Life Course,” taught by President Cheong Goo (Tiger) Park. He explains that True Parents came to earth but had to experience pain and loneliness due to the betrayal by Christianity. He describes to the participants that even after True Father was sent to the Heungnam death camp, he continually comforted God, offered thanks for the blessings that God would give him after his imprisonment, expressed his determination to move forward despite any difficulties and persecution, and asked God to forgive his persecutors. President Park goes on to explain how True Father set each condition of indemnity and exposed the facts about Satan, how he discovered the Principle, and how he searched for his disciples to build God’s nation on earth. He also goes into depth on True Father’s sermons, his Holy Wedding, and several providential events in the present Completed Testament Age. All this is displayed as images on the side screen.
Through these presentations, the participants learn to offer thanks for God’s deep grace and love in sending True Parents on the earth to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. They also repent for being so ignorant about this aspect of God’s heart.
Further Divine Principle lectures on “Eschatology and Human History,” “Resurrection,” “Predestination,” and “Christology” are taught by those who were Divine Principle lecturers or church leaders during their earthly life. They received special training to be the lecturers in my workshop.
All participants go through these Divine Principle lectures and watch the moving images on the screen. They see and understand the actual events and situations in history. They take this opportunity to reflect on their sinfulness and wash away their sins with repentance. As they strive to reach the standard of absolute goodness they confirm how much they have changed. They go through this curriculum over and over, each time gaining more hope to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This curriculum is indeed extremely effective and good for the spirit people.
After completing a period of 100 days in the workshop at the training center in the spirit world the spirits come back down to the Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center to receive the Blessing. They arrive there having removed all their sins except the Original Sin. Their Original Sin is removed through the Holy Wine Ceremony at the Blessing Ceremony, and when this is done they become Spirits of Absolute Goodness. They have gone through the ancestor liberation ceremony, education in the spirit world workshop and the Blessing to become Spirits of Absolute Goodness. This means that they are restored into the lineage of God and True Parents.
Spirits of Absolute Goodness do not have even a spot of sin. Therefore, Satan and evil spirits cannot approach them; much less tempt them back to their realm under Satan’s rule. The appearance of these Absolute Good Spirits is truly bright and beautiful. Their fragrance is deep and lovely. Such spirits can attend True Parents, and when True Parents open the heavenly gates they will enter Kingdom of Heaven together with True Parents.
After these Spirits of Absolute Goodness receive the Blessing on the earth they return to the training center in the spirit world to go through a 40-day True Family Education Workshop. This time Mr. Ho Cheol Shin gives the lectures.
The True Family Education Workshop is the time when the participating spirits learn about the great value of the Blessing they have received from True Parents and how to lead a life of attendance to God and True Parents. They are informed about their descendants on earth—what kind of life they live, their problems and sufferings. They are given the opportunity to study the situations and sins of their descendants in detail. They receive practical education on the natures of the evil spirits who infest the bodies of their descendants and what they should do to take control of these evil spirits. As they learn their descendants’ situations they become more serious, because those descendants who liberated them and gave them the chance to receive the Blessing still suffer from the influences of evil spirits. They become anxious that something terrible might happen to them.
During the True Family Education Workshop the ancestors also learn about the difficult and suffering course that True Parents went through to indemnify the sins of humanity. They learn the importance of fulfilling their responsibilities in accordance with the timing of True Parents’ providence. They also receive education about the actual responsibilities of Spirits of Absolute Goodness in connection with the missions of Tongban Kyukpa (Grassroots Breakthrough) and Tribal Messiahship, and for the safe settlement of the Cheon Il Guk. They learn how to wash away the sins of their descendants and change the world to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
These Absolute Good Spirits then return to the earth to help their descendants break free from the dominion of evil spirits over their minds and bodies, and to make their earthly life into that of an ideal family living in accordance with heavenly fortune and the will of God. They guide their descendants to contribute to God, to the whole Unification Family, and to humanity. They also help them to establish God and True Parents’ tradition of the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships centered upon the ideal of creation and the will of God. This tradition fosters true families that are based upon the eternal true love of husband and wife, and such families in turn become the foundation for building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in Heaven.
Absolute Good Spirits work together with the angels to help Blessed Families separate from evil spirits, so that they may break free of the suffering due to the dominion of evil spirits. When they return to their descendants they realize that what they learned about their descendants’ lives at the training center was true. They become serious to help their descendants rid themselves of sin and fallen nature. They worry that their descendants might commit a serious mistake during this time when Satan and his evil spirits are doing their last evil works. Therefore, they offer their utmost effort to help their descendants.
The ancestors are very sincere about fulfilling their responsibility to cleanse their descendants’ sins, which, as they learned during the workshop in the spiritual world, were passed down from ancestors like themselves. They sincerely want to help their descendants to overcome their problems. Although they don’t have a body, they want to work with their descendants as if they were their body. They want to enable them to live according to the way of citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, and through this to build the Kingdom of Heaven.
In this New Age that is being opened through the grace and love of True Parents all Blessed Couples must unite with True Parents by living the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.


Changes Since the Coronation of God’s Kingship
True Parents have demonstrated to us their heart of filial piety through offering the Coronation of God’s Kingship based upon their hard life-long course of indemnity conditions. After Adam and Eve’s fall Satan raised so many barriers to make the world completely his own. No one could surmount them. Only True Parents made the indemnity conditions that could conquer them. Through their declarations and rallies all the barriers were released. Knowing the heart of God and knowing the misery of life in this sinful world, True Parents worked extremely hard to restore this evil world and establish the environment of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Up until now evil was stronger than goodness. Therefore, strong and evil people were more prosperous. But now, in these times after the God’s Coronation, the side of absolute good will be the wining side because the Spirits of Absolute Goodness are working on the earth. Hence, from now on, if you live centered on the standard of absolute goodness, the way of the Divine Principle, you will prosper. God Himself will work on behalf of His children who have separated themselves from their sins, and He is determined to free them from sickness and misery.
Up until now the earth spiritually looked completely dark because of the sins that covered it. But ever since the Coronation of God’s Kingship God has been free to go down to the earth. Traveling back and forth between earth and Heaven, God works in person to illuminate both worlds.
Since the fall of Adam and Eve the children created by God have suffered, unable to connect to God. Because of their sins walls have been blocking all the different levels of the spiritual world. Now, because of True Parents’ authority, and based upon their victories step by step, these walls have been broken down. As a result the original minds of people in the spiritual world and the physical world can have a base to respond to God’s heart. Their response is to repent of their personal sins and cleanse themselves of evil. Thus, the meaning of the Coronation of God’s Kingship is that now God’s light of love is reaching out to the whole cosmos.
True Parents said, “Everyone must go toward the era of heavenly blessing upon the accomplishment of God’s Coronation, the Registration Blessing, and the settlement of the unified Blessing in Heaven and earth centered on the relationship of brothers and as the family of unchanging filial children.” Therefore, now is the time of worldwide brotherhood. Going beyond national boundaries, everyone must become brothers to one another. Therefore, the Blessed Central Families must protect the nation of God, the family of God and the kingship of God. We must be resolved to settle the Cheon Il Guk nation on the earth.
All this will be accomplished. I am organizing all the saints and sages centered on the One Religion in Heaven and earth. Together they go the same direction centered on the teaching of True Parents based on the ideal of the family of God.
Since the Coronation Ceremony God can use His almighty, omnipresent, and omnipotent power. All the world’s organizations will come under the power of God. Satan’s world is surrendering before God’s omnipotent, almighty, and omnipresent power.
In the spiritual world there are no more clear demarcations of nationality or religion. No one can speak anymore of their religion or their sovereignty, as all is coming under God’s ideal. The satanic world is submitting to True Parents since only the True Parents, who are in the absolute object position to God, can have the authority of God. Those authorities or sovereignties that do not submit to God and True Parents will decline or collapse.
Now the time of indemnity is passing. The time is coming when the authority of God’s law will govern. From now on, there is no latitude to overlook your transgressions. The time is coming when you will be judged immediately. In order to become the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, you must keep a pure lineage, not violate human rights, and never steal other people’s things or take public money. Your way of life must only be to live with true love.
To become the good object partners of God and True Parents we must remove all the evil spirits from our bodies. Then we can be reborn as absolutely good people who can attend True Parents as their absolute object partners. To transform this evil world into the world of original goodness, God Himself must be able to directly manifest His almighty power. Now that the True Parents have offered the Coronation of God’s Kingship, God can reveal Himself to humanity. God has waited so long for this time. At such a time as this we must understand that God is alive and working, and live our life in such a way that God’s almighty power can move in us. We must make effort to build the happy and peaceful Cheon Il Guk nation through living with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.
Honorable and precious True Parents, I am truly grateful to you for establishing order among the spirits and creating Absolute Good Spirits. You created the absolute good lineage. As you have allowed Cheon Il Guk national citizenship cards to be issued to the members on the earth, please allow the Blessed Couples in the spiritual world who are Absolute Good Spirits to also receive them.
Everything accomplished up until now has been done only because of the blessings given by True Parents. I was so moved when I saw how True Parents comforted God by conducting the Ceremony of the Coronation of God’s Kingship. We also want to do our best to love both the spiritual and physical worlds and show True Parents’ heart of filial piety toward God. As I become more and more deeply aware that we are the fruit of True Parents’ blood, sweat and tears, I know what attitude I should have to go this way.
I will make more effort to expand the Kingdom of Heaven to the worldwide level. After clearing up the evil spirits in the spiritual world based on the victory of the True Parents, I, with the Absolute Good Spirits in the spiritual world and on the earth will take responsibility to establish the Cheon Il Guk nation. I will build the Original Palace of the True Parents, and then I will offer the Coronation of True Parents’ Kingship and liberate the True Parents. I will work hard so they may rest comfortably after having gone through such a difficult indemnity course. I will do my best together with all the Blessed Couples in the spiritual world and on the earth to fulfill this.
Together with Young Jin, Hee Jin and Hye Jin; and Dae Mo Nim, Choon Mo Nim and Dae Hyung Nim, my direct relatives in the spiritual world; the four great religious founders, saints and sages, and all absolute Blessed Couples, we will work hard together and fulfill our responsibility.
True Parents, please trust us, rest comfortably, and take care of your health.


– Offered by unworthy Heung Jin at the Cheong Pyeong Training Center, January 1, 2002