Dr. Sang Hun Lee's Teachings from Spirit World
Life in Spirit World an on Earth

Received through Mrs. Y. S. Kim, National Messiah


Section 1
To True Parents and Unification Church Members

1. The Letter to True Parents

(Dr. Lee began with praying "True Parents! I wish that you can be consoled from my letter.")

True Parents! I would like to give my best regard to You. I wish that I could get your love and forgiveness because of my impiety of my earthly life. I cannot but feel very sorry to True Parents because prior to True Parent, I came here to the spiritual world.

I know very well the continuous desperate efforts of True Parents to fulfill the 3.6 million couple international blessing successfully. In this spiritual world, our members are also working very hard to witness people. However, even though we make efforts very hard to restore the spiritual world, the fundamental things can be resolved only when True Parents come. I feel very sorry for that because it would be a trouble to True Parents.

Since blessing in the spiritual world will be conducted by True Father, many people are waiting for you. Now, we are giving a lecture that the door of the hell will be opened and the hell will be liberated. However, even though we try to do our best, it cannot be compared with True Father's efforts. We wish that our small effort can reduce your burden.

True Parents!

When I lived in the physical world, some intellectuals often asked me about the spiritual world, but I could not answer about it. Whenever academic seminars were held, there were people who asked about the spiritual world. But I could not give a clear answer. The problem regarding the spiritual world was like to a riddle, which could not be solved by myself. Accordingly, without systematizing the doctrine of the spiritual world, I came to come here. Therefore, the reason why I try to tell about the spiritual world in detail is: firstly, I want to solve all questions of earthly people. Secondly, I want to help the lives of members on earth. Thirdly, even though this is a very small portion, I want to reduce True Parents' trouble. Fourthly, I feel guilty consciousness because I came to the spiritual world prior to True Father.

True Father!

So far, humble your son, Sang Heun has looked around various areas of the spiritual world. As long as it is possible, I want to search for all around the spiritual world. Now, I am going to send what I have surveyed in the spiritual world. If it has some mistakes, please blame me and correct it. It is my sincere heart that I want to help members by revealing the secret of the spiritual world This is because I wish that as knowing the spiritual world, people living in the physical world would not commit sin, and without sin, come to the spiritual world. By doing so, I wish that True Father's burden would be reduced when True Father comes to that world. Moreover, that is also because God is poor.

True Father!

I would like to deeply appreciate for sending me to this blessed place, and giving the name of "Blessed Man". After finishing my earthly life with your grace and blessing, I came to the spiritual world. So, I will desperately devote myself to liberate the Hell in this eternal world

True Father and True Mother!

We as blessing couple are asking for your forgiveness because we are living comfortable lives in the spiritual world. We would like to offer full bow in front of True Parents. May True Parents live long lives!

August 21, 1997 Sang Heun

2. To Beloved Members of the Unification Church

"I would like to offer this letter to our beloved members."

Dear members! What shall I write first? Nobody can escape the spiritual world. It is the way of heavenly law which everybody has to go. I am very missing our members of Unification Church since I came to this spiritual world. I am really concerned about how to make all members not violate heavenly law in the physical world, so that they would be able to pass the spiritual world.

Once you violate the law of the spiritual world, you cannot solve it easily, and you have to pay the price of indemnity through a suffering life in the spiritual world. Beloved members of the Unification Church! How hard time have you have so far? I wish that when you come to this eternal world, you can have happy lives. I wish that you would not try to escape the momentary hard time. If you are doing so, you will get the eternal lives.

If you violate heavenly law, your descendants have to pay indemnity in stead of you. When True Parents put in order the spiritual world, your wrong behavior would make True Parents' heart painful.

Dear members of the Unification Church! My name is Sang Heun Lee, who wrote Unification Thought. I am going to send you what I surveyed in the spiritual world. Please read it carefully, and make your earthly lives successfully. By doing so, let's console the painful heart of True Parents, and pray that True Parents may have long lives.

Please read my message very carefully. You should check your daily lives everyday by True Parents' speech. This is my advice as your senior member to help you to fulfill your responsibility successfully on earth. May God bless all of you!

August 21, 1997 From Sang Heun.

Section 2a
Earthly Life and Life in the Spiritual World

1. Meeting at the Seung Hwa Ceremony of Sang Heun Lee (March 24, 1997)

1) My name is Sang Heun Lee. Please don't try to test who I am. I feel bad for that. I had wanted to meet you more often during my earthly life. However, it was not easy to meet each other so often.

Dear Mrs. Kim! Through you, I am going to complete what I did not complete during my earthly life. Please don't say that you have no any qualification for doing that.

2) Unification Thought is the fundamental thought which True Father gave to us, but many people try to understand it just intellectually. Therefore, throughout my whole life time in the physical world, I was trying to write many books to make people understand Unification Thought more easily. However, I could not fulfill that completely. Therefore, from the spiritual world, I am going to send you what I did not complete in the physical world, so that you should give it to all people.

Mrs. Kim! From my earthly life, I have known that you worked very hard. Therefore, from now on, I am going to help you centering on Rev. Ho Woong Chung's family in the spiritual world. Please, wait for this. Even though God said that I don't need to stay on earth for 40 days, I will go around the earth as well as the spiritual world as far as I can, so that I will systematize my thought and send that to you. My wife also have many things to talk to you.

Mrs. Kim! Even though for a while you may feel trouble because of me, please forgive me. After putting in order my thought for 40 days, I will come back again. Although you go to Australia, I can go there. Then, I will visit you again. Thank you.

3) Also, I would like to appreciate very much because everybody overpraised my life in the Seung Hwa ceremony.

2. Memorial service at his home with his family members (March 28, 1997)

1) To Kyum Hwan, Jang Hwan, and Jin Won.

I want to talk with all of you for long time, but because of limited time, I am going to give my regard through this letter.

Kyum Hwan! Jang Hwan! Jin Won! The spiritual world which you cannot see can be described shortly like this:

"What a useless life the physical world was!
It was nothing.
It was nothing.
Oh! God! Oh! God!"

I don't know well how I can describe this infinite spiritual world. God is invisible. Even though I am in the Kingdom of Heaven, I cannot see God. However, there is brilliant and fascinate light, which cannot explained by human's brain, intellect, and reason.

Before such bright light, all contents of our lives are disclosed completely. In this brilliant light, we can have the same feeling of relief, safety, and happiness as what a baby feel when it is feeding mother's milk. In this light, everything seems to be melted like a blast furnace. We can call it the blast furnace of love.

Oh! God!

How such a wonderful world it may be ahead! Sweet scent, beautiful melody, which we haven't met before .

My Children!

Even though your father tries to write down all night about the spiritual world, it would not be able to express completely. Let me ask a question. How longer are you going to live on earth? What is your purpose of your lives? As your parents, I want to ask you to read thoroughly Unification Thought which I wrote and Divine Principle which True Father wrote. After reading that, you should decide your way. If there is greater teaching than those books, you may follow that. However, if you think that there is no such thought, you should work with your whole energy and life for the sake of God's will. You should not listen in local news such as various bad rumors and negative things about Unification Church, but must listen in the central news.

At the day of Seung Hwa Ceremony, many people over praised me. I want you as my children to receive those expression humbly. In the near future, I will explain about this huge spiritual world through Mrs. Kim after putting in order my thinking systematically and logically. I will also speak to the group of professors about the spiritual world. You also have to help Mrs. Kim. You should study how to live. Please keep in mind that the physical world which you are living is valueless one and momentary world.

1997 From your father. March 28,

2) To my beloved sons (a letter from mother)

Kyum Hwan!, Jang Hwan!, Jin Won!

Please listen 100 % carefully what your father talked. As your mother, what I want to ask to you is that you would have close relationship one another and help others. Please always look around if there is anything which you can help. How are you going to manage the problem of inheritance? After discussing about that between you, please talk to Mrs. Kim. Your father said that he would make conclusion about that. I also ask that you should study True Parents. How happy you are because you can listen this precious news from the spiritual world! As your mother, I appreciate very much for that.

From your mother.

3) After examining my life, please study Unification Thought. Please, follow me. (Father's advice to his sons)

4) Question of family members and Answer (dying wish)

(1) Q: What do you think of impiety

A: Since I did not fulfill filial piety to God completely, how can I desire for the filial piety from my sons? If you want to do filial piety, please follow True Parents when you come to think that your father's life was very valuable.

(2) Q: Why did you go outside window?

A: Nobody would go through window if one knows that it is window. But I went through the window because it looked like a way. Please, don't ask any more about that. I have no any regret about my past life. I do not even repent. If there is something which I need to repent, it is that I had not much more intellectuals enlightened.

(3) Q: How shall we do with your belongings?

A: Please donate important thing to Sun Moon University and burn away others.

(4) Instruction to his sons:

You should live for the sake of God's will. If you think that Unification Thought and Divine Principle are truth, you should follow that with all your mind, heart, and life. What will you have to do? Be practice after judging what is helpful to God's will! In the spiritual world, I will make educational materials which can be vital elements to people in the physical world.

(5) Instruction to staffs of Unification Thought Institute:

Please develop Unification Thought Institute. I will help you.

*God's word

(1) Sang Heun Lee! Congratulations your coming into God's bosom!

(2) God called me "Heavenly Man."

(3) God said that Sang Heun is trying to go around no matter where it is spiritual world or physical world. He is working very hard.

*Private conversation (March 29, 1997)

Mrs. Kim! I wish that you come here after your living on earth for the same age as mine. It is because through you, I want to disclose everything about the spiritual world as far as I can. We are now in new marriage. (Mrs. Kim saw the vision which family members are gathering around dinning table of the house filled with brilliant and fascinate light.)

*To Churl Ha Hwang and Jong Sam Lee.

"Thank you for attending today's meeting. Please publish this letter as well-refined book to deliver to the intellectual groups."( 10 PM, July 21, 1997)

3. Spiritual World and its Life (May 23, 1997)

Mrs. Kim! My name is Sang Heun Lee. When you test me if I am a Satan, my pride is broken very much. I would appreciate very much if you believe me when God concedes me.

1) Spiritual World

Even though the spiritual world seems to be the same as the visible phenomenal world, the scale of the spiritual world cannot be compared with the one of the physical world. For instance, in the phenomenal world, a car is limited in the space, but in spiritual world, a car can be changed to various types. Its direction is also free. It can pass through the mountain at a moment and can move as a driver's thinking. It can move freely like doing in fantasy movies or mysterious Universe travel, which children like very much. When reporter asked if there is car accident, he said "Even though they look like disorder, because they are keeping the law thoroughly, there are no car accidents at all."

2) Life in the spiritual world

Like that earthly people wake up in the morning and sleep at night, spiritual people are also doing in the same way. However, in the spiritual world, morning and night are not in the same order. According to one's thinking, morning and night can be changed. I don't know who distinguished the spiritual world as the Hell, Paradise, and the Kingdom of Heaven respectively, but it is very proper expression. They have big gaps in their level of life. For example, the Hell is the world which we can never see in the physical world.

One woman is standing as a nude without wearing pants, and beside her, a man touches her lower part of the body, and beside them, the other woman fights with arguing that the man's lower part is her own. However, they do not feel shameful.

When a Japanese woman runs wearing wooden shoes and fall down, other woman comes and hides the shoes like her own. The woman who lost her shoes tries to find her shoes, but the woman who hid the shoes says that she don't know. At that time, people, who saw that, shout out that that woman is bad one, thief, and come to her, striking and kicking her. Those things happen very often.

When an old man cannot eat food because his finger was hurt, an young man comes, taking that food, and eating all with his mouth. Such kind of things are always happening in the hell.

Woman, who was forced to get her hair cut fully, feels ashamed of that, and hides her head by towel. But every people, who are passing by her, takes that towel and cleans their hands and faces. When the owner of the towel takes it again from the people and covers it on her head, people take it again forcibly, cutting it off as a half by scissors and returning the other half to her. So, because she cannot hide her shameful part, she tries to go to the dark place.

4. Original heaven and hell in the Spirit World. June 1, 1997

(Today's words spoken not with excitement but with quiet and calm.)

1) Heaven is the place where thought and action become one. What kind of name is heaven? I don't know but these sentences are written either in heaven or Eden. Either way it is the place where words and deeds are one. As an example if I think, "Today what kind of meat will I eat, what do I want to eat?", with that thought simultaneously a huge feast will appear before me. Also if I think, "Today where do I want to go, who do I want to see?", I'm already there.

Even if I think, "How about if that person isn't dressed when I arrive there?", and he happens to be stark naked, then we will have a good laugh. I thought, "When both blind (while they were on earth), and people with good eyesight come to heaven, what will be the difference between them?". A grandfather, and a midget were standing in front of me. The midget was blind but grandfather had good eyesight, so I asked, "In heaven are there blind people?" Their answer was, "We came because you asked a question. When on earth I was blind but here in heaven there is not even the expression of blindness, there is no blindness. I can see everything." I asked, "Grandfather, you can see so why did you come?" He said, "You didn't ask about the point of difference of seeing or not." "You just asked what's the difference." "You can see both with your eyes and with your mind." "With eyes you can visibly see an object but the thing you can see with your mind you can see better than with your eyes."

Heaven is the place where you are surrounded by many bright jewels, because of such great brightness and luster you cannot hide any difficulties between each other. Everything is seen and known with eyes and mind. If I express with light, golden hair which dazzles, it is golden light which is filled with ecstasy of luster and radiant light. This is the place where your mind is always filled with peace and serenity, where there is no difficulty, no discomfort, and no hunger. This heaven is a place where you will have no difficulty to express or explain anything.

2) Hell is the place where you cannot imagine in heaven

In hell you are hungry and suffering, and there is too much jealousy and discomfort. Due to such suffering there cannot but be much fighting. Everyone is uncomfortable. In heaven you have freedom to follow your mind, but in hell you can't do even one thing according to your own will. There you take others' things by force and eat by stealth. People on earth cannot imagine how bad hell really is.

3) Sang-Hun-ah! It's love.

On earth, if Father introduces a story of love, He always speaks in reference to convex, and concave. If you come to the point of love you think about convex and concave but this kind of word, you realize, is too magnanimous. Calling out, "Sang-Hun-ah," that sound has such a feeling of love that it is like melting down everything. Having such sensitivity that must forgive even a brutal crime, being comfortable when near a person who stinks bad with the smell of fish, the thing which feels the passive feeling of ease and comfort. Calling it just using the word "love" is not adequate. It's just a little better, it's having a feeling without another envious word. When you take a step, or speak a word, or when you wear clothes, using just the word of "love" is unsatisfactory. God's word is that there is no phrase beautiful or deep enough which can express, or encompass, the thought of love. God calls out, "Sang-Hun-ah! That's love!" If you flawlessly embrace the will of love there will be no fighting or suffering on earth. There is no adequate way to elucidate perfectly the word ‚love'. This is love.

4) The concept of heaven and hell.

In heaven there is no way to worry or have any anxiety at all. Because you are living and going as one lump mass of love perfectly fitted. Hell is the place where you spin around on the edge of discomfort, worry, anxiety, and conflict, because you live in a world where you cannot know anything about love. In summation, hell is the place alienated from love, and heaven is the holy perfect sincerity of love. Simply speaking heaven is the place where there is nothing that doesn't have love, and hell is the place where there is not one iota of love. So it is possible for the fruit of love to bud and sprout and bring about the liberation of hell.

5. The middle realms of Spirit World. (June 1 =AD July 28, 1997)

1) What is the middle realm of Spirit World?

On the earth what we thought was the middle realm of Spirit World is actually somewhat different. Amidst the many communities of the world, people worked to establish nations which are far away from service to God. People work to elevate themselves without concern to religion, they gather in places without a relationship of faith.

In this place it is difficult to see something which resembles heaven, or hell. There are many similarities to the earth. As an example, during meal time in the kitchen someone is working, someone is cleaning dishes, preparing food, serving food, everyone working together. If we look at the people on this realm, in heaven people are very bright, and in hell people are always uneasy and restless, but here people are always very busy and working hard, never resting. At some special event people are alive with energy and live well, but there is no concern whatsoever of God or religion. In this place people hear Unification Thought lecture but some people ask foolish questions, like isn't there a world where only people alike live together? And such questions that make no sense, or are extremely simplistic. There you feel that witnessing will take a very long time.

The middle realm of Spirit World is not heaven and not hell, but has many different levels. It's a place where it is very difficult to get across to people any idea of God or Principle or UT The middle realms are massive. So it is difficult to explain. In this realm the common people are very distinguishable from Unification members. Unification members are full of life. You can't observe any difficulty among them. Also they are filled with peace and living enthusiastically. If they have some workshop there is a lot of fun and games and laughter and enjoyment.

Compared to our members others appear very different. They have no pulse, no life. Their activities are very passive and lazy. They carry weary and tired faces. Why do the common people, as opposed to Unification Church members, have such a sad demeanor? It's because they have no hope and no desire. But Unification Church members in the middle realms have hope and desire because they expect and wait for God's special privilege to come to them, and they know God's basic will. Common people don't know God's will. They are not in a place of hope.

The common people and Unification Church members stay in different regions. However, sadly there are many members who cannot stay in the Unification realm of Spirit World There are many reasons for this. 1st: Even though they received the blessing, one person deviated from the path and they could not accomplish making a family. 2nd: They received blessing, but lived without care of the will. 3rd: They received the blessing but their life went out of orbit from center, of which there are many cases.

They have the form and name of member, they are called members and so they came to the middle region of Spirit World What do they do in this place? This group of members is always in the place where they can receive God's, Heung Jin Nim's, and True Parents special blessings, and favor. How can they know this? They can enjoy time together and hear DP lecture and receive faith guidance. Therefore they all have hope. Also this area receives a lot of attention from God and Heung Jin Nim.

People of the world can enter this middle region of Spirit World but only Unification Church members can enter the special classroom to receive the education regarding the direction of righteousness and justice. This is really amazing. You don't really understand the meaning of the blessing while on earth. Because you can't see it. But from heaven there is an exorbitant condition which can be received. Now the question of receiving the blessing, in other words True Parents are giving the blessing without price.

The reason is because of Parents. This is the time while True Parents are living on the earth they are giving great blessing to you. So we must go out to give the blessing to many people in our area. That is the way of giving blessing to others.

2) Paradise?

Paradise on earth was thought to be somewhere between heaven and hell, but that is not accurate. In paradise people form groups within which they naturally belong. For example Koreans go to Korea town, Chinese go to Chinatown, and Japanese go to Japan town.

6. Life on earth viewed from Spirit World (June 9, 1997).

1) How are works done by people on earth recorded in Spirit World?

How people live life on earth determines what is recorded in Spirit World For example: how a president of a country lived his life is recorded in Spirit World Whether or not he lived his life for himself or for the sake of his country is what is officially recorded. If your life was just spent on petty things or irrationally materialistic, or if you were simply an evil person, not a true person, it is all recorded. Just like if you write your own autobiography. As you arrange the final moments of your life you consider how you established your life's path.

God appears unconditionally, how wonderful if in your life you worked hard. Even the president of a country comes to Spirit World without a guard. The foundation of your life will appear in front of you. You become a complete spirit person 40 days after your life ends. During this 40 days you travel back and forth between physical and spirit world, and your place of residence is prepared. During this time God does not intervene. Although your ancestors will cooperate with you they cannot help you 100%. Just as if the wind blows it doesn't care which direction it blows, so you have to work yourself to establish your residence.

No one judges you. Each person's seat of judgement is different. After you go to your home, if you get set up in the place where you desire as far as geography and topography are concerned, no one will force something upon you. The guide of yourself will appear and guide you naturally. According to the way of Spirit World the atmosphere of guidance or judgement is different.

You may receive some benefit as a result of having spent time as president of a country, although there were conditions which allowed you to be a large contributor to a nation. There is no room for not keeping a position of goodness, if you don't keep your existence of value then you'll receive punishment up to and not more than your just desert. This is the spirit world. In this country of Spirit World whether you are called the president or you are at the opposite end of the social stratum, there is no sway that class distinction holds over the spiritual foundation.

From a moral basis we estimate the value of a person and ask to what extent did he live a righteous life? "In spirit world," a reporter asked, "isn't there some inferiority awareness among the lowest level worker compared to those with much scholarly achievement? In physical world there is a distinction between the learned and the unlearned." The answer, "In spirit world the field of your work is different from your scholarly major that you had on earth.

But your greatest embarrassment is not that but rather if you made some mistake in your life and you were ignorant of the value of your life. How the distinction of academic achievement appears in Spirit World is very different compared with the earth.

2) The difference between religious and non-religious people.

The difference between a person of faith and a person of no faith is enormous. This also has a considerable class structure, or several levels. While living a life of faith, a sincere person is really able to get close to God's favor but even if you live according to faith, if you have no conscientiousness, whether or not you have faith doesn't matter. >From a position of ignorance of God a person who is alive in a common position comes to reside in a place where God has nothing to do with them. Regarding both religious and non-religious people, God's grace comes later to the non- religious. Even in heaven when a favor is bestowed there are apprehensions. God gives His blessing to humankind through the Holy Spirit, and as loving humankind, heaven also receives benefit. The time will come when you will move to a place that you desire, and whatever class position you are in your body will achieve freedom. (There is caring when people on earth pray together.) At that time, based on God's command, there will be movement.

3) What is the difference between Unification Members position and other religions' members.

It is a huge difference. I can explain this in a word. Spirit world regions are different. Here according to the form of life of each member, each one is a little different from another but, all realms in Spirit World are different. Here the thing which, as I've said is hugely different, is the position of God. There are limits to which people of other religions can hear or feel, or talk to God. But Unification Church members by all means are in a position to be able to breathe the same with God.

Here also there are several layers amidst a group. There are distinguishable revered positions. I'm sorry but, it is for the sake of our members that Sang-Hun Lee is speaking so as to enable and help us to not only adjust our lives here on earth but also to help for when we go to Spirit World This is because of thinking about going the way of True Parents. The 36 couples position is intense.

Regarding the class of families this is the highest, but from this highest position I truly cannot express the difficulty and hardship connected with it, and to have all of our own mistakes disclosed. As an example: when on earth, the problem of women, the problem of public money and all the other problems which higher families get caught in is not hell, but you go to live in God's house where everything of yourself is exposed.

You experience the high level without being able to speak a word. For example: We see at all times sex with a different woman. Also using public money for yourself and going to the bar and falling with a woman, we see everything. That place is even scarier than even one word of hell. Whether of a low level family or any other type of family. There are many levels according to the nature of the crime/sin committed. However we are mostly in the realm of Spirit World closest to God.

There is also a prison where such people of grave sins are kept. How wonderful if you can go the way of indemnifying your sin gathering in such a place among those criminals. There is no place here where you can indemnify and solve your sin by yourself.

*God's grace

Spirit people through prayer, tithing, service, and other such public efforts made for the sake of descendants on earth, the door to the prison will be opened and they'll be able to leave. If such a one comes out they will receive guidance according to their position. After paying all your indemnity at what point will you be able to live peacefully? Until your descendants indemnify your sin. So if your descendants pray for you and offer their whole heart, the spirits who benefit from that will escape their misery. But your position is to escape only to come back again. If earth people pray and invest their heart for you it inevitably shortens your indemnity period. They mostly don't however know your situation. So you must undergo such a course of mental suffering for quite a long time. If your path of hardship is long in Spirit World then whether your descendants on earth know or not you are incessantly hindered. If ancestors are miserable, then descendants are also in an uncomfortable position. More simply put, when ancestors commit crime, descendants will receive the punishment. There is no way but to remember the way of heaven. You must go the way of righteousness.

Section 2b
Earthly Life and Life in the Spiritual World

7. Life of earth and spirit people. (June 16, 1997)

Mrs. Kim! This is Sang-Hun Lee. I am Sang-Hun Lee. If you record my words your health will gradually improve.

1) Life in Spirit World

Spirit People decide their life's position by how they lived on earth. If you live to take one place for yourself then you will live in a position praying for a thousand years without special grace. In other words, people in Spirit World who live with peace whose position in Spirit World was decided by the life they lived on earth also enable their descendants to live peacefully. But if people lived evil lives then when they come to Spirit World they will live in hell and their descendants will always be oppressed with problems. For example: If we look at a person who undergoes life in hell in Spirit World they are really in pain. The environment is dark and as in a prison there is no freedom. There is nothing to eat or wear.

Your descendants can do nothing on earth to undo and disentangle all your evil deeds. They don't know how to carry your burden nor how to pray for you. But if their ancestors wrong doing becomes known, and they serve with utmost sincerity and pray, then the spirit person can receive some grace. That Spirit People can move to a different place where he is treated hospitably and undergoes a change. Who will make that happen? That is the subject of my talk today. Whether you spend money on earth or not there is some support for you, but it's not the same in Spirit World The wind blows, flowers bloom, and birds sing but you can't change just because someone commands you to.

There is no one who could command you to change and you would. It can only happen within yourself. You must come to the point of recognition of yourself. If descendants sincerely offer their hearts for the sinners in Spirit World then such Spirit People can come to the point of understanding themselves and how to change. Fortunately there are a lot of people who share this kind of thing. On earth while a shaman dances and delves into the ancestors situation, they can only comfort the ancestors. They cannot solve their position. But if they receive grace for the sake of praying for the higher dimension of Spirit World then they may be able to search out heavens messenger, and God's commandment.

2) Life of earth people.

Therefore life of people on earth is so important. It takes too much time for moving the position of Spirit People so they can receive special grace. It takes a long time to get beyond ignorance. Because of that adjust your focus on the eternal world and live that way, and while adjusting your earth life humankind would live lives of much more wisdom. We are hoping that there is no person who is foolish in their faith whose life isn't full of eternal mistakes because the natural outcome is a nation full of such people here. They can't solve anything. On the other hand, regarding life in that country, I can't explain everything but, to summarize in a word your life should be fruitful, you should bear fruit. You should harvest the land. If I speak more plainly, committing sin leads only to hell. Live a life of goodness and that is the action of heaven. Please live well for the sake of eternity.

8. Earth bound people and Spirit people have a different viewpoint.

(June 23, 1997)

Mrs. Kim! This is Sang-Hun Lee. Thank you. Thank you very much for preparing your mind beforehand to receive.

a) Earth bound people.

First let's take a look at the people on earth. Earth bound people look with physical eyes, touch physically, and act physically. Earth bound people live physically limited to a confined amount of space. For example: Humans live through a time period of 10, 20, or 60 years. Also on earth even though I desired something I could not attain it. Earth people are able to artificially make things, but they cannot adequately bring about the appearance of something of the mind which occurred as thought. Earth people get hungry, but if they don't move they won't eat. Also because you act within finite space, when you are missed by someone in the realm of thought it just stops there. Also when you go through physical pain, regarding the solution, you don't know for sure. For example: when people of faith have illness they turn to prayer and other such approaches to healing, but non-believers just go to the hospital.

b) Spirit People (Spirit People)

Spirit people are different. Spirit People, because they are not confined by physical bodies, have an infinite realm to act in. Let's look at an example: whether looking, touching, or acting, because it appears simultaneously with your thought, there is no length of time. Because Spirit People can simultaneously move something with thought as with the touching of the hand, time is condensed and it doesn't require someone else to aid you to solve a problem. Spirit People at the same instant of having some instinctive thought it is delivered to another person, and doesn't require words. Spirit People when they feel they have developed their logic with definiteness and exact precision, they can deliver the exact details and it will appear right before the face of the other person.

So by yourself you can very quickly express your circumstances because you recognize your partners expression of feeling. Spirit People can know completely all of God's creation from the beginning, and the whole concept of what we call a person, so we can never cause pain to God's mind. (This is one thing that separates heaven from hell.) Spirit People if they work hard from their own sphere they become the highest master of something and a reward comes to them. There is no greed and so they always carry a tranquil countenance. (This is also a dividing point of heaven and hell.) In other words, for the sake of solving a problem of food or clothing, there is no harassment, and no annoyance and our facial expressions are always benign and humble.

If I summarize the difference between physical and spirit people, physical people live and act within the confines of space. They are always busy acting to solve problems of difficulty and suffering due to food and clothing needs but, Spirit People can move freely throughout limitless space. Because the worries of food and clothing are removed we are infinitely bright and humble. Our conclusion from here is bearing the fruit of your physical life and when you come to heaven you'll find this an unmistakable comparison.

1) Principle of Duality in spirit world.

In the Divine Principle, in the discourse on Unification Thought, the principle of duality teaches Give and Take Action takes place when subject and object give and receive reciprocally generating Origin-Division-Union Action (O-D-U Action). Through this we receive joy. This is the fundamental principle of God. So lets talk about the difference between physical and spiritual worlds. In the physical realm when subject and object, through Give and Take Action achieve O- D-U Action, there is joy at becoming one.

In Spirit World the feeling of joy which comes from becoming one in O-D-U Action through Give and Take Action is somewhat different. For example: In the process of giving to another and their reception there is no time involvement. Because O-D-U happens with thought, you don't actually see any sign of Give and Take Action. This is a clearly revealed record of the basis for heaven where completed individuals are gathered according to the principle of duality.

2) Give and Take Action in spirit world.

The fundamental concept of Give and Take Action is subject and object unity through giving and receiving with each other, and becoming one through love, we can see this achieves the model of the Kingdom of Heaven. In heaven Give and Take Action happens even when you just look up towards each other, you become one perfect literal body, but in hell or outside of this realm, there is a lot of difference in the level of Give and Take Action based on the class or position of each person.

The fundamental teaching of the Creation Principle is that Give and Take Action in heaven is the place where you fundamentally accomplish and complete the purpose of God's creation. Because hell is the place where you cannot understand God's foundation at all, there is only one relative principle in hell, even as you progress you must think of one very important point, in order for the possibility of solving the problem of the liberation of hell, you must go towards the accomplishment of Give and Take Action. This point is very similar to the earth's situation.

3) The intimate relationship between the life on earth and the life in Heaven

a) How can my life on Earth be summarized in Heaven?

The eternal position we are placed is decided based on the standard of good life and evil life on earth. Based on around whom my life was centered on earth, the position in the eternal world

(God's side, Satan's side, Atheist) is decided. Though there might be some differences in basis based on individual contributions, a spirit of nationalism and a world view, more important thing in heaven than a spirit of nationalism and a world view is in the formation of personality. The thought that because I worked in higher position on earth, I would be placed in higher position in Heaven is wrong. Therefore, the most worthwhile and fruitful life is to live with my basis centered on God. While renouncing personal greediness, and leading a life of reverence and respect, then it can be summarized that we can live with our heads up in Heaven.

4) Questions and Answers

(1) Questions from daughter

(a) Q: What should we do to compensate for the impiety that we could not wait on you in your lifetime?

A: I just want to ask you to live sincerely and faithfully in your position

(b) Q: Please give a word to your children.

A: I do not want to make a clumsy explanation. If you think the path your parents have followed is right, just follow the path. Yet, if you think otherwise, then there is nothing I can do about it either and I will think that your father's life was not enough for you.

(c) Q: What about the books we are keeping?

A: Donate them to Sun Moon University (Institute of Research for Unification Ideology)

(d) Q: What about the problem of the burial ground?

A: Just do as you please, I have done nothing good for God, have I?

(e) Q: The property..?

A: I want you to do as you please.

(2) Inseung's question (the son of who is dictating this message now.)

(a) Q: How difference is it in Heaven between those faces of Misses Korea and those homely faces?

A: Those pretty faces on Earth are still pretty in here. However, those homely faces, because the beautiful heart is expressed on their faces in the light of God, are endlessly (like on earth) beautiful. It is beyond comparison between those pretty faces in Hell and those homely faces in Heaven. Though the faces would not change based on the faces on earth (round face is round and long face is long too), since the faces would change based on how we lead our lives on earth, those who are trying to come to Heaven with their hearts and characters cultivated are wise persons.

(b) Q: How different between those who are courageous and who are coward?

A: Courageousness and cowardice is not that important to God. Try your best on earth to come to the Heaven since the desire for Heaven does not come from courageousness, nor are people ignored because of being coward.

(3) Reporter (Y.S. Kim)'s question

Q: Are you reading from your note or just saying as you think?

A: It is very complicated and hard to explain all. Whenever I think, it just appear to me as recorded. It can be said that your thoughts are automatically recorded.

9. The fundamental meaning of Love

Mrs. Kim! The weird thought that those who are living in Heaven come to those on earth ., Mrs.! since you have experiences with My wife (Hansook Kim), please do not worry. If I describe the scene here for a moment, the present time is very precious where lots of people who got orders from God are praying and are about to begin. Now, let's begin.

Love, as the letter can explain in itself, is the state of mind where you are doing with all your heart sincerely and devotedly for others. In love, there are physical love, spiritual love and religious agape love.

1) Physical Love

Physical love is the love where men and women are connected physically. On earth, we can feel emotions when bodies can meet and love. But, it would be hard to understand that in Heaven, those two man and woman without body can love. Those physical love between those of high classes (those who are close to God) is like a beautiful picture. Since the bodies of the two become one totally when they love, they can feel stronger emotion though body and mind, which is beyond the feeling of love they can feel on Earth. It is like creating existence from the state of complete absence of ego, that is the kind of feeling you can feel when you are in a magic world. Also, you can actually see the scene of making love with your own eyes.

The couples on Earth make love in their bedroom most of the time. Here, in Heaven, absolutely not. It is not the hidden love which only you can do in your bedroom. In Heaven, You can love among flowers in a wild field, on beautiful land, and on the wave. Even you can love in the mountain where birds are singing and the scene is so beautiful that those who see them become intoxicated.

Rather than feeling shame or disgrace like you felt on earth, you can behold the scene with peaceful mind, feeling beautiful. If I describe one scene in Hell, that is just the opposite. They love hiding, and those who see the scene curse them. They pointed their fingers at them saying they are ugly. Those love scenes in Hell are very similar to those on Earth.

2) Spiritual Love

Since the spiritual love does not have body, it looked like it is not really related to those live on Earth, yet, it is the absolutely needed love to those live on Earth. Either you have body or not, since everybody has his or her won inner self, if you do not cultivate your inner self well, you are going to run into lots of problems in making a complete love (Becoming one between husband and wife) in Heaven. For example, suppose there is one couple where husband's inner self is well cultivated while the inner self of wife is not, then there will not be complete love in this family. Then what happen? They cannot make a elegant and beautiful love, yet since they have a desire to love, they make love with physical manifestation ( they can feel in Heaven).

Therefore, they only can have limited love with limited places, like bedroom. Then how these couples can make a complete love? When the husband's heart to respect wife and wife's heart to love her husband become one, their love can become maturated to a complete love. Since this is not happening in a short time in Heaven, when you are on Earth, when you have your own body, you have to try to cultivate to bear a fruit of complete love. In conclusion, the short life on Earth should be blessed for the complete love which will be stored in eternal storage. Also, those couples should bear a fruit of complete love by cultivating each other to accomplish a complete love.

3) Agape Love due to Religion

Like the unconditional love Parents have toward their children, when God created us, human, God bestowed us with endless elements. This is Agape Love. However, due to the Human Fall and the changes over the ages, the original standard of love God gave to us has been deteriorating, therefore, many times because of the existence of the Hell, God and human had to keep pains in their hearts. Therefore, by acknowledging the worth of fundamental love, the Hell can be destroyed and the path to the Liberation of the Hell can be opened up.

Physical Love, Spiritual Love can be assumed only between husband and wife. However, by the destroy of this kind of relationship of love, Human became shaken from the foundation. The endless element God wanted to bestow us is Love. This is the one you want to give and give, and it becomes bigger and bigger even after you give. However, since the foundation was destroyed, today, the road to salvation became difficult. By establishing the correct sense of husband and wife, we must love, make a conciliatory attitude and trust each other. Sometimes, forgive and reconcile with each other. Therefore, becoming one with the love God bestowed us, the road to liberation of all Human will be opening up, the Hell in the eternal world will disappear.

Accordingly, if we trust and love each other, there will not be so called Hell nor War to mankind. Because we lead our lives without knowing this principle well, the Heavenly world became this complicated and the hellish groaning punishment came into being. We have to cultivate and keep the love between husband and wife and the fundamental inborn love God bestowed to us.

10. The activity of spirit selves through persons on earth

1) Spirit selves' help for persons on earth

The spirit selves in the Spirit World cannot improve themselves from their position without cooperation of the person on Earth. That is, the spirit selves are to live forever in the Spirit World with the basis of life on Earth. Therefore, if the spirit selves cannot rid themselves of the sins committed, they are destined to live, receiving punishment for the sins committed, forever.

For example, when he who murdered a person came to the Spirit World, the horrible (cruel) punishment will be with him forever. That is, he who killed a man with a knife, his spirit self would be stabbed with knife, he who shot a man to death, his spirit self will have a bullet stuck in his heart. Also, he who beat a man to death with a stone, his spirit self has to live with his eyes pulled out, being bloody bruised. He who killed a person kicking and stepping on with feet, his spirit self will stay prostrated with his face down being stepped on with his own feet. He who killed a person with poison, his spirit self will be collapsed spitting blood, and he who killed a man with an ax or an sickle, the instrument will be stuck in the chest of the spirit self.

Among those spirit selves, some are trying to hide their lives on earth, yet it cannot be hidden despite their efforts. Also, those spirit selves are trying to liquidate the past lives on Earth, yet it cannot be done either as they wish. Myriad of spirit selves are trying hard to lead a better life than their current situations, again, it cannot be accomplished either as they wish.

Those spirit selves miss the lives on Earth and are willing to do any odd and peculiar things to rid themselves of their sins. However, the recorded once entered cannot be erased. It is common for all spirit selves that they wish to hide and erase the lives on Earth (the sinful behaviors), and feel shameful of those lives being shown to others, yet it seems more tragic since their efforts to hide and erase are also shown to others so vividly.

2) How do spirit selves help persons on earth?

In order for the spirit selves to be liberated from their positions, they cannot avoid the pain and sufferings without the help of the people on Earth. Also, since they cannot rid themselves of the sins they committed, the spirit selves go to the place (they lived on Earth) definitely. They go to their own blood and flesh or someone related somehow and keep sending signals. However, because those who live on Earth are not aware of it, unusual disasters happen, such as a sick person at home, financial difficulties, or auto accidents. Finally, when the descendent can find out the reasons, therefore pray and donate for that spirit self, then the spirit self can be promoted to a little bit better position from his current position in recognition of his descendant's services.

However, if they do not know the reason, then there will be continuous accidents and mishaps, people die, again another accident. As a result, there will be more troubled ancestors. Therefore, if the family, though cannot find any problems in their faith, yet have continuous accidents big or small, it can be concluded that this family has ancestors who have complicated problems, therefore the fastest way to solve these problems is to resolve the issues through pray, with faith.

Now, the fortune-teller whose spiritual level is rather low can solve the issue, yet those spirit selves can be only consoled temporarily, however, still, their sufferings and pains cannot be solved completely. This is the big difference between those who know God and those who do not. ( the spirit selves can stay quite for a while, yet, as the time goes, they will be the same). The spirit selves do not have any solutions from where they are placed despite their struggling and wiggling at their position, the severer those spirit selves' lives become, the lives of their descendent on Earth become difficult and complicated. The spirit selves in the Spirit World, in order to receive the cooperation from those on Earth, come to their descendent mobilizing all sorts of methods. However, because the descendent do not know the method to solve the problem, a family fortune is on the wane and their painful lives repeat themselves.

Since those spirit selves who promoted to better position from their current position with the help of the people on Earth can lead more comfortable lives, the lives of their descendent can be more peaceful.

3) The relationship between spirit selves and persons on earth

Now, let's examine the relationship between the people on Earth and the spirit self in the Spirit World. The relationship between those two can be compared with the one with needle and thread. That is, the relationship between the people on Earth and the spirit self in the Spirit World is like the relationship between the body and spirit. Also the relationship between the two are like the one with husband and wife which cannot be separated, therefore become oneness. Therefore, it is without a saying that when the person on Earth should lead a good life when they have body. However, it is when they no longer have body, that is, when they already become spirit selves, they come to a realization that they did not lead a good life. I would like to conclude that when you live on Earth with your body, you have to prepare for the eternal life, summarize your life, and lead everyday life sincerely and faithfully.

What and how can the descendent do for the sake of those spirit selves who already lost their bodies? Their position can be comfortable when the descendent on Earth pray for them. Today, the order that our True Parents bestowed us with the right to become a Tribal Messiah is, an immensely special grant. It is a great grant that I can save our ancestor through pray with my name. Therefore, because my life on Earth can be comfortable by praying for our ancestor, therefore having them stay in comfortable places, it is so natural that I myself should save my ancestors. Keeping in mind that this is the path I can be of little help for our True Parents, by lightening the pains of our True Parents in the Spirit World, we have to finish our lives on Earth well when we have our own bodies. It is so natural that we have to complete our duties as a Tribal Messiah for our ancestors' savor, it also can become the path to a special grant for those spirit selves who observed these.

"In the relationship between the person on Earth and the Spirit Self on the Spirit World, do those spirit selves who are placed in good position without any difficulties still need cooperation, favor, or pray from the person on Earth?" Reporter asked. And his answer is as follows, "Since a human is composed of spirit and body, a dual structure, the principle is that those who lost their bodies should live in the Spirit World and those who have body is supposed to live on Earth. Then, it should be assumed that there must be reasons the spirit selves send signals to the person on Earth. Because of the tie of the blood lineage, they are sending signals sometimes on good things or sometimes on bad things. The person on Earth should be able to discriminate these based on the Law of Principle and the Spirit Self should not confuse the person on Earth. Many times, since God does not intervene in the matter of blood lineage, we, human, should reborn with the spirit of God, in order to have the truthful lives."

4) Common point of spirit selves and persons on earth

Since the person on Earth have body, there are times when they cannot do at their conveniences. The spirit selves, though do not have body, are free to move within their position (though different based on their position). The person on Earth, though have body, lead a limited life in everywhere. However, the spirit selves, though without body, can lead an active life in the eternal world. Also, the person on Earth, though have body, cannot have eternal place. The spirit selves, though do not have body, can have eternal place. If I list the differences between those two, it will be endless.

Now, let's examine the common points. Both lives on Earth and in the Spirit World only have half side, therefore accomplish only half. Then, how can the successful resolution of body and mind lead to the bearing of complete fruit? Before the body and spirit is separated on Earth, they have to finish their lives on Earth, then they can be a complete fruit. However, when the spirit come to the Spirit World with their spirits not fully ripen, there arise problems. Therefore, to solve the problems, the relationship between the ancestors and the descendent becomes complicated. Now, again, we have to keep it in mind that how important the lived on Earth is. In order to live forever in the beautiful house God prepared for us, we should not live for the half life as our goal. I hope your life on Earth is the one where it can bear a complete fruit of spirit and body, therefore greet the harvest season with joy.

While recording the message, the reporter showed some doubts about Dr. Sang Hun Lee. Then he said, "Please let's stop writing the phrase of I am Sang Hun Lee who wrote the Unification Ideology."

11. Image of God's love

1) I, Sang Hun Lee, came to the Spirit World from Earth, yet I do not have any other interest than to graft the ideology of True Parents on another. Because, I came to realize that there are no higher ideology than the one of True Parents to that extent.

2) Those who have love and those who do not (true love and false love)

Love is one precious element Human received from God when they are born. However, the heartbreaking situation is that this Love is the one which made human serve two owners from the birth. This is the beginning of our misfortune. Human can not live only with the physical love between husband and wife. Among the original personality, there is precious personality he was born with. That is Love. Due to the Human Fall, Human lost the essence of Love. It is like applying new paint on the surface of fallen and ugly love, therefore be turned into an artificial love. Love is located on the yolk of an egg among the God's nature. We cannot analyze nor disclose this God's love. Now, I am going to record these fundamental love in this Spirit World.

3) God's Love

God's love cannot be touched nor expressed. We neither can verify God's love with our own eyes. It is because God's love is hard to understand to us, as a human. Also, God's love cannot be analyzed with our human brains.

God's love, though given to us endlessly, the place is still the same, not dwindled. It is like when you leave a tap open, the water just dash over the ground, likewise, God's love keep springing forth continuously. God's love, though we receive and receive, no one does not like it nor can have a full stomach with love. On the contrary, they become humble like those who are hungry (modesty). Though God's love cannot be measured by weight or bulk, it is turned into a infinite valuable appearance to us.

I would like to say about God's love as follows. Suppose that the whole world receive God's love altogether and return all the love to God, still the God's love is bigger in size. Then how is the standard of God's love, the love toward human, be expressed? God cannot be seen nor touched. God is neither limited material which can be skin rubbed, nor is some solid mass. Then, how can human express God's love and with what can human be realized?

I am going to analyze "God who loves Sang Hun Lee." Let's do it. God calls me "Sang Hun" I hear the voices clearly with my own ear. Then, the brilliant and bright glittering radiate and reflect light at front, back, and above my head. And, among the light, a streak of light, unidentified, capture my heart, yet it was beyond description. I, with my ability, could not find the right verb to describe it. If the similar description would be like, a baby, the peacefulness of being held in mother's chest meets the eyes of mother while listening to the heart beat of mother. Though this description cannot be fully compared to the experiences, yet to me, this comparison is the only way.

Also, as God's calling voice changes, the brightness of the beautiful light changes, then I just get into an ecstatic state, like my whole body seems to be melting down. Then, suddenly, I am standing by myself. Because, suddenly, I cannot see God. How does such an enrapturing light come visit a human being instantaneously and continuously? God's love coming out as light feels different from moment to moment. Brilliant lights, which are big, small and round shaped fires as shown in a fireworks display, come out as light of love to human beings with various types of splendors. According to the shape of radiating light, the sentimentality we can feel from the light is different. Besides the love I experiences, I also saw the God's love shown to other persons, and still, God is the essence of love.

4) The Image of God is fire and light.

Based on what can we tell that light is the shape of love. Because the image of God is fire and light, the elements of love in human mind interact immediately when they see God's light. Like the light is on when we press the switch, when you see the God's light, love can start operating and turn your heart into a Love itself.

5) The reason for the gateway of Blessing to be wide opened.

God's original will for Human is for them to stay as they are originally created. However, due to the Human Fall, the descendent could not be born with the natural love. Since human with dual structure, that is, since human were born with a heart of two different directions, the wrongly structured human from the beginning made God heartbroken.

Therefore, in order to solve the human problems who has a heart of two directions, who was fallen off from the Original Restoration and from the God's authority, mentioned in the history of Restoration, we have to go through the course of rebirth, by being born again. Therefore, by being born again without original sin, then we can take after the essence of Love God originally wished, then we can experience the complete love of God.

That is why we have to be reborn through True Parents, in order to proceed the course of rebirth. This is Blessing. That explains why, recently, True Parents widened the gateway for the Blessing, therefore grant big favors. Though they do not understand by themselves, once they receive the big favors through the course of Blessing, they become the people of the Blessed. In addition to that, while True Parents are alive, they grant a way to special favors to myriad of people endlessly, those who receive the special favors are the Heavenly people, and since they are the ones who go through the course of rebirth, these are the period when their descendent (ancestors) receive fortune and blessings without any reasons.

6) Love is God's biggest gift

Love is the most essential yolk of an egg from God's image human received from God when they are born. Human should inherit love as it is. However, since it went wrong, the relationship with God was disconnected. To reestablish this relationship, human should resemble God. The best way to resemble god is to go back to the original image of love as sons and daughters. Love, Love, Love, it is the fundamental power with which we can overcome and melt down every difficulties, therefore accomplish everything. Love is the biggest gift we received from God and a sealed proof as his children. Love! We have to strive and exert ourselves to find the love we lost.

Section 3
Life of the Spirit World Viewed from the Principle

1. Subject and Object (Law of the Spirit World) July 21, 1997

1) Subject: (The time is short, but I have a lot to say)

Force or energy is generated when a subject and an object interacts with each other with a desire to give love and receive beauty during the earthly life of human beings. This is called universal prime force in the Divine Principle. The Force that is reciprocated between a subject and an object is called universal prime force and God is the subject of the origin of the universal prime force. The force endowed by God operates as the fundamental force that is used for a subject to give force to its object or for an object to return force to its subject. Further, it does not work alone, but is originated from God, by which we sustain our life and continue to exist.

Therefore, all of the fundamental force of the world exists with the force of action that forms a reciprocal relationship between a subject and an object. There is nothing that can independently exist by itself. Existence itself can be possible only through the force generated from give and take actions between a subject and an object. Therefore, whether in the spirit world or on earth, the force of all existing beings is manifested in the process of reciprocal relationship between a subject and an object.

At this point, I would like to write down the actions of a subject and an object that I witnessed in the spirit world; In the spirit world, when God who is in the position of subject force, gives us, spirit selves (bodies: literal human beings), in the position of an object, His force/energy is immediately reflected in all of us, spirit selves (bodies literal), becoming one like a shadow.

For example, if God calls my name, "Sang Hun!" in a non verbal way, I, His object, with an original mind, am automatically drawn to His order. I would not question Him or express my own views such as: God, what is it? I do not know. I do not understand, etc., but I would be automatically drawn to Him. This can be compared to a northern magnetic force that is drawn to a southern magnetic force.

Therefore, in front of God, human beings or spirits (knowledge) are attracted to God like a shadow in the relationship of a subject or an object. This is (from) the original reciprocal principle, that is the fundamental force.

Which is stronger between the force that a subject gives to an object and the force that an object returns to a subject is not a question. The important question is how they can have give and take at the same level of force between each other. If Human beings are given the universal prime force by God, we are to live according to the original will of God at the time of His creation. Therefor, the fundamental force of the universal prime force can have smooth give and take actions only when a subject and an object establishes a reciprocal base (standard: literal).

For example, when a couple (a subject and an object), an animal (male and female), and a plant (stamen and pistil), etc. form a reciprocal base (standard: literal), the force of multiplication comes into being, but if there is a conflict or a friction at this point, an action of force does not take place. Therefore, since God is the original subject (standard: literal) of the fundamental force that is required for us, human beings to exist, if we have an attitude through which we live, attending God in our mind, we can immediately receive the force of the subject and reflect the same force as an object.

2) Object

The force of an object should take place like a beam generator, immediately returning force at the same time of receiving the fundamental force. This means that when a subject appears as the subject of fundamental force that is received from God, its object can also receive the same force. Therefore, a subject and an object should not be in the position of relating to each other independently, in the rule in which someone must give first and the other next in an orderly manner, but should have a reciprocal relationship on the same level. Its reciprocal standard cannot dispute over whose position or level is high or low.

For instance, a conflict that arises out of disunity of a husband and a wife who cannot become one as a subject and an object is not a fundamental force originated from God. Since this is from the fallen nature, it can be compared to a case in which both a subject and an object derailed from the (right) track, losing the original force from God, and deviating from the realm of God's dominion. Accordingly, since an object is reflected by the action of its subject's original/fundamental force, it should not deviate from the original force that strives to respond/return to its subject in the position of an object. If an object deviates from receiving force from its subject, an object should strive to have the force of an object establish a reciprocal circuit.

Let me give you another example: In terms of relationship between a husband and a wife, a husband is in the position of a subject. Yet if something goes wrong with the husband, the wife comes in the position of a subject, in which case since the original position is reversed, until the husband returns to his original position, it takes time. However, only when an object does not deviate from her position, both the subject and the object will stand in a right position.

3) Main Topic

When a subject and an object have a good reciprocal relationship, the force of original value can be manifested. However, if something goes wrong with one party, and thus their position is reversed, until the one party returns to the original state, the other remaining party should keep his or her position. Otherwise, the fundamental force given by God will leave them or be lost.

Therefore, in order for a subject and an object to have proper give and take actions, they should serve and attend God, the original source of the force. Since all beings sustain their lives by the force generated between a subject and an object, unless they become one, both of them will walk a path of destruction and death.

Both subject and object must make effort to become one. Always examining themselves as to whether they may love the original force or be accustomed to the fallen nature, as if they are crossing a bridge made out of stone, they should take each step with care toward the world of eternity. Then they will be able to lead a life of wisdom.

4) There Are No Exceptions to Spiritual Laws.

Many people understand that the fundamental force of God is from the universal prime force. Yet people do not think about how they can possess the force themselves. During their earthly life, they should realize the value of the original force. The rays of the original force can be reflected only when it is on the original rail, not off the rail. And even when you are on the rail, you should watch not to be derailed. In the spirit world, no exceptions nor forgiveness are applied.

On earth, we can be forgiven based on the circumstances or heartistic relations, but in spirit world, even in case of parent child relationship, it is not acceptable. It is not so because the spiritual laws are fussy, but everything is done in accordance with the principle. You might wonder why God of love cannot be more understanding, but because He is the subject of the original love, if He allows exceptions, the fundamental order will be destroyed. In other words, He cannot accept them in order to keep a right order in the world of eternity. In other words, because He loves us, He cannot forgive us. Therefore, we should live each moment fully for the life of eternity. The reason why I (Sang Hun Lee) am saying this is to fulfill my obligation of helping True Parents as Their son when They would reorganize the spirit world. If we are truly Their children, should we not live a life of filial piety, helping our Parents when They are in difficulties?

* Since what is seen in the spirit world is so clear, Dr. Sang Hun Lee seems to be emphasizing his views, after analyzing his observations and experiences. (Reporter: Y. S. Kim)

2. Three-Object-Purpose

(Completion Of Conjugal Relationship) July 28, 1997

1) Three-Object-Purpose

The three object purpose is God's precious blessing and gift to humans that is given to them at the time of His creation of them. This principle came into being as a condition for humans to come before God. However, due to the fall, the principle of love and beauty that should have been reciprocated between humans and a husband and a wife was invaded. In order to restore this to the original state centered on God, the three-object-purpose that wrong from the time of Adam and Eve should be corrected.

Especially, centered on God, Adam and Eve should have had a reciprocal relationship of love and beauty, but because their relationship was centered on Satan, the circuit of the original reciprocal relationship was destroyed. Therefore, God desires to build the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven based on love, by restoring humans to the original standard of three-object-purpose value.

2) The Completion Of A Couple

One of God's blessings to us humans is a multiplication of children. This is Agape-type love that gives and give without any conditions attached to it. Such type of love is not often experienced in our life. However, like a spring water that never dries, the love of God who desires to infinitely give as the king of love never dries.

Likewise, as a husband and a wife, we should also resemble God's love and become one with His love that constantly desires to give and give, when love and beauty will be returned to God as a precious offering. How many couples exist on earth today, actually practicing and living God's love according to His desire?

The Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world is a beautiful place where a couple lives, returning love and beauty to God, reaching the standard of the three-object-purpose. Therefore, there can be no deceptions or falsities in such couple's love. Since the conjugal love is given and returned centered on God, it should have the standard of supreme value. Further, during the earthly life, a couple should live a life that is totally united with God's true love which fulfills the three-object-purpose. Otherwise, even if we go to spirit world, we cannot possess love of the Kingdom of Heaven.

3. Fallen Nature (Rebirth) July 28, 1997

1) Fallen Nature Is...

Fallen nature refers to a mentality that is derailed from the original track of the principle that God originally desired. Then, how can humans return to the original track of the principle, overcoming (removing: literal) the fallen nature? The reason why God loves us without any reasons or conditions is simply because we are His children. Humans who are derailed from the original track should return to the original position, God's children. However, in order to do this, it is impossible without making a proper condition. Then, what is that condition? When humans created as the children of God fell, by being derailed from the original track, they came to serve another master, resulting themselves to attend two masters. However, they should clearly realize that God is the true master. That is, only when they return to God after cleaning up their position of dealing with two masters, they can be fully/completely restored.

2) Rebirth

A complete restoration is easy. In humans who deviated from the original track of the principle, leaving their original position of being children to God, fallen blood is flowing. Therefore, fallen activities should be stopped. However, in order to be reborn, they should understand the process of rebirth. If explaining this more in detail, our defiled lineage should be completely sanctified, and we should inherit the love of God, which is called rebirth. In order to be reborn, our body needs to go back to the womb from which we came.

This may sound like a fantasy, but the principle teaches us that we can go back to God (which is a rebirth), by making an indemnity condition of small value. However, for this, we need a mediator. The mediator is True Parents. Humans cannot go to God without True Parents since the original since (fallen nature: literal) can be removed only through True Parents, and only through Them, fallen humans can come forward to God as His original children with God like value.

Therefore, since we inherited (the original sin with) fallen nature from Satan, we should be separated from it. It is wrong to think that we can do it on our own. Separation from the original sin (of fallen nature: literal) is possible when we realize the value of the blessing given by True Parents. From this perspective, we can learn that the blessing contains many meanings. Further, after coming to spirit world, I realized the amazing value and greatness of our True Parents even more deeply

4. The Four Position Foundation (True Parents) -1997. 7. 31

1) What Is The Four Position Foundation?

The Four Position Foundation means a foundation where a subject and an object are united and multiply their children centering on God. Human beings who are created as children of God based upon His purpose of creation and who are supposed to follow His ideal of 'subject and object' should grow up within the sphere of God's love and fulfill the ideal of creation God originally intended.

However, Satan became the dominator of this world. So, the ideal world can be built when the world under the Satan's dominion is restored and completely turns into under the dominion of God. God has been looking for the human beings to build Heaven on earth through His providence of restoration. Therefore, when the people on earth come back to God's bosom, the eternal 'Kingdom of Heaven' in spiritual world centering on God will be built.

2) True Parents of Heaven and Earth

The ideal world God wanted to build became evil world due to the human fall, and the process of 'history of restoration' got entangled. The history of restoration is supposed to untie knots of resentments and sorrows in history one by one, and by doing so, the world should be under the dominion of God. A master who should end this providence of restoration should come to this world, and from then, it can be started to build Heaven. The one is True Parent.

The 'History of Salvation' for humankind initiated by True Parents has greatly contributed to the development of human history. Through this fundamental providence, a eternal ideal world can be settled down here (spiritual world). Since True Parents who are now in physical world are True Parents not only for physical world but also for spiritual world, they are the masters of eternal Sabbath of spiritual world and they are the masters of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, spirit men in all different levels have lived with the hope of the day when True Parents come to the spiritual world and build the ideal world. The spirit men in high level know the coming world of hope, but spirit men in low level don't know how such a scary world of punishment will change. For them, there is no hope and no waiting. There is only continuous pain and suffering.

Therefore, if there are many earthly men going to hell, the spiritual world will be complicate, and the True Parents have to put more efforts and their suffering will be longer after they come to spiritual world. Even if the external blessing looks like given freely, the destiny of earthly men bounded to go to hell will change. So, let's become a pioneer who build the eternal world. That's the way to fulfill our filial piety. Therefore, completion of the 'Four Position Foundation' is the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven. The completion of the ideal Kingdom of Heaven is to show our filial devotion to True Parents.

5. The Ideal of Heaven (The Gateway of Heaven) - 1997. 8. 7

1) Heaven

Heaven is the place where people who received recognition as God's children gather. They are the owners of Heaven. Ideal Heaven is realized by those who live for the sake of others, not thinking or behaving for themselves. What is the proper behavior in Heaven? In Heaven, people's behavior is motivated by their humble attitude not by someone else.

Is there a fence in Heaven? It is not a place where someone asks you to come or go out. It is not the place where someone makes an order. Rather, it is the place where people act by knowing and feeling God's breathing. There is no class in Heaven. There is no such level that someone is higher or lower than others. This place doesn't care about people's social position. The one at the highest position and the one at the lowest position are united into one with their loving each other. In Heaven, there is no such a gruesome scene of earth where the lower washes his hands in invisible soap in front of the higher. Therefore, the one who accomplishes the ideal of Kingdom of Heaven is the one who knows God's ideal and the one realizes God's fundamental will and lives following it. Also, the laws of spiritual world is very strict. Examination is strict like computer. The earthly men should try to live looking forward to living in the ideal of Kingdom of Heaven.

2) The Principle of Relativity and Ideal Kingdom of Heaven.

The principle of relativity can be explained through the principle of 'give and take action'. The meaning of the 'give and take action' is not only to give and take well. They also should know whom the action is centered on. A subject and an object shouldn't pursue their own ideals centering on themselves. They should realize that it is the right guide to ideal of heaven toward God when they live in the direction of which a owner of the such a fundamental power pursues through the circuit of 'give and take action'.

The subjective force in the principle of relativity is generated when it is for the sake of its object, and the objective power is generated when it is for the sake of its subject. These forces are the fundamental forces of the principle of relativity, which direct the forces to be forwarded to God. I'd like to say realization of heaven is the main issue of the 'principle of relativity'.

3) Gateways to Heaven

There are many gateways until you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is the garage where you collect all your fruits of your life. Here, they measure the weight of your bundle and see how much award you can get. In other words, they compare the weights of the Good and Evil.

What was your earthly life? 1) Was it for God? 2) Was it for yourself? 3) What were your view of world and view of country? What did you leave on earth? These things are taken into consideration. Other than the fact that there are so many such examinations, they examine your life in full detail. It is like a water finally coming to your dinner table after sterilizing and filtering so many times since it is collected from a river.

It is not done in the way that a guard asks you and takes you to a certain gates. I myself, go to this gateway and that gateway like being attracted by a magnet, and pass each of the them. The pain when you get to a certain gateway and you are rejected because of your sins is beyond description. It is so shameful and fearful.

There are so many levels at each gateway. There are much more places than heaven, paradise and hell as discussed on earth. Then how could we go to heaven safely passing all gateways? If there are some gateways you cannot pass due to your sins, you will spend a certain time of indemnity (based on the condition of God's special blessing, achievements of your descendants, prayer, offering, service, and so on.) Spirit men are waiting for True Parents to come to spiritual world and to build new standard of passing of each gateway. I am really worried that there will be more work for True Parents.

6. Formation of Four Position Foundation and Dual Characteristics (Ideal of Unity in Love)

1) Formation of Four Position Foundation and Dual Characteristics

Four Position Foundation is the core of the divine principle, which says a couple should be united centering on their love and multiply their children. However, the formation of Four Position Foundation reviewed in spiritual world is much more exciting and mysterious. Four Position Foundation means a husband and a wife are united and multiply their children centering on God, but when they are in love and united with each other, there is no distinction between a subject and an object. They completely become one body. More than that, God's love covers their love, so the only visible thing to us is resplendent light. The beauty itself is the only thing that can be seen.

2) Ideal of Unity in Love

Then how does the children's love look like? The children's love become a unity just like a couple' love does so. Being differently explained, it is the time when parents and children are united into one with their love. In other easy words, they are distinct three people, father, mother and a child, but they don't look separately when they are united in love. The unity could be seen as father's figure, mother's figure, or children's figure. However once they start to talk to each other, they look different three people, again.

The formation of 'Four Position Foundation' means that if we are united centering on God, we will be one body with God. If so, it doesn't look like there are four status of existence (including God) as it is seen on earth. Therefore, a couple united with God live just like they are forming one body even though they are two different people. This is how the spirit men at top level look like. However, a subject and an object who are not united with each other don't look embodied into one. God's resplendent light cannot be seen, either. The only people who pass the all gateways to Heaven can achieve such unity. Therefore, the basis of the Four Position of Foundation is that a dual characteristics called a couple is embodied with their love for God. That is, the Four Position Foundation is God's fundamental purpose, and it is the foundation of fundamental power (love) for God where He can exist and operate the world with the power (love).

7. Universal Prime Energy, Give and Take Action, and Principle of Relativity Reviewed by Principle of Dual Characteristics. (Oh! My Dear God) August 4, 1997

Dual Characteristics' means the figure of created world that resemble God's characteristics. These characteristics are given by God. The fundamental force of it is 'Universal Prime Energy' and 'Give and Take Action' is the action between these two forces. Then what is the 'Principle of Relativity'? When a subject and an object do 'give and take action', the force of 'Give and Take Action' (Universal Prime Energy) makes them give and take with each other. In other words, this force is like the one attracted by a magnet. Divine Principle describes this the utmost fundamental energy as 'a subject consisting of the dual characteristics, or universal prime energy or give and take action. However, the origin is same. It can be simply said and understood if we say 'God's fundamental energy'.

The fundamental force of seasons' change (spring, summer, fall and winter) is not formed by human beings. Like this, the original force of all energy used by the created world and human beings stems from only one force given by Him. We cannot explain the fundamental force that is described in many ways in Divine Principle. That is the energy of existence of the eternal God. That is the energy of God, my Father, who is sole creator of humankind. God is the master of the spiritual world, which is unlimitedly wide, which our reason cannot understand, which we cannot see all with our visual sense, and which you cannot grasp or explain. You cannot describe God no matter how you study Him. He is the One who cannot be described nor explained with our senses or emotions.

I, Sang-Hun Lee like logical reasoning and analysis, but God is the master of the eternal light that cannot be divided nor analyzed. God is the One who runs the providence and leads people profoundly with His resplendent light.

2) Oh! My God

I thought I could analyze God if I came to spiritual world. However after I came to spiritual world, I am just full of admiration for its huge scale, and my expectation to analyze the spiritual world sounds stupid. 'My God, pleas forgive this son. You are the One cannot be compared with anything else in anywhere. The value and existence of You is the one and only, Heavenly Father. There is no other way to express my feeling other than 'Oh! My God, Oh! My God, Oh! My God, Please forgive me'.

Therefore, one who tries to analyze and study God is the most stupid person. The wisest man only says 'My Heavenly Father' and thinks the fundamental source of all energy is the expression of the Heavenly Father's prime energy, which is explained in Divine Principle.

8. Human Structure Based on Subject and Object Relationship (Life for the Spouse) August 4, 1997

1) Human Structure

In light of human structure, a man isn't supposed to live individually. He/she is supposed to live for the subjective/objective existence. When a subject and object perform give and take actions well and become one, God can work on the foundation and they become the ultimate object of joy of God. Most of people are living with thinking that they simply live for themselves. However, living individually does not agree with the original Will of God. For that reason, a person pursue a single life is not filial child of God and is one of the people who are ashamed in the spiritual world. If the human structure was to live single, God's creation with highest intelligence would be called failure.

2) Life for the Spouse

If a man is the God's ultimate creation, the man should possess an element which God desires. It is the heart with which a man can't help care for the spouse. Therefore:

a) Double structure of external appearance (needs the object)

b) Internal character is formed with the heart of caring the object

Fore example, it can be examined by the shapes of sexual organs (reproductive organs). A man is supposed to live according to the direction (to live for others) given by God. If a man goes against the direction, it will be a crime in front of God and he will have no home in the spiritual world as a man is not supposed to live on earth forever. He will be lost there. For that reason, a man should appreciate the value of life given by God and live a life to serve God and others.

9. Medium of Love (Human Perfection) August, 4 1997

1) Man is the Center of Love

As a man has double structure, he should be the center of love to be completed in front of God. In other words, a man was created by God with highest intelligence not like other creation. For that reason, a man should become more valuable existence than other creation. Because of the fall, a man could not do that and he must fulfill his responsibility as a true son with following the direction to go back to the original position. What does it mean? The creation is simply made by God. It's value is merely to offer its beauty and growth to God.

2) Man is Medium of Love

God has provided a value of love to a man, which other creation doesn't possess. The love can't be generated by single existence. It's value can emerge when a subject and object are united and become one. A man, which is a medium of love, becomes the center of love and he leads God to the ultimate joy being qualified to be a true son. For that reason, a man should be the medium of love to offer the ultimate love to God and leads God to His joy. A man should reach the standard of value that God provided. A man should do his best to live his life in order to make God joyful. For that, a man should love with his object. They should become one to be His children returning glory to God. It is the perfection of a man.

10. True Love (Luminous Body) August 7, 1997

1) True Love

True love is the original love which was lost in the garden of Eden and which we try to find in order to live with God. It can be call true love only when it's standard of value is centered on God. There is no true love without God. Because Adam and Eve didn't offer the first fruit of love to God, God and men have lived in sadness as parents and children. Because the first fruit of love is taken away by Satan, God had to work in order to take back the first one again. However, since countless seeds of sin are planted on the earth already, God is working to collect the pure grain from the separation of empty heads of grain after the harvest of fruit of sin.

In here, God needs the strategy of bringing back the first fruit that was taken away by Satan. This is the indemnity condition. Since True Parents came to the earth, this formula has finally been solving. This is because the ultimate purpose of God restoring the providence is to seek the lost children. Humankind must realize the origin of True Love and return the True Love back to God. Only those who have been selected through True Parents' standard of rebirth (Blessing) can appear as True Children of God. For this reason, those who had not passed the procedure of Blessing are not qualified to be the first fruit.

In order to be guided to God by the original True Love, the couple who received the Blessing from True Parents (in other words, the Blessed couple) must love each other, multiply children and establish four position foundation. True Love is the sight of a couple becoming one, the parents and children becoming through loving each other centering on God.

2) The appearance of the True Love is a luminary of the light

In the spirit world, the appearance of the True Love radiates as a perfected appearance (it is an incredible bright luster). The light of a luster at this time can be seen as an appearance of children and can be seen as an appearance of parents. The original luminary of the light is the true incarnation of True Love, and the True Love that God has given to us. If a husband and a wife cannot become one, and children cannot become one, the light of True Love cannot be radiated completely. In general, we image the True Love as a love of agape that we give and receive eternally. However, True Love is that established the four position foundation of complete oneness centering on God.

Therefore, those who have not reborn (who have not received the Blessing) cannot join the line of True Love. Also, they are those who do not have ticket to come to the Kingdom of Heaven (spirit world). Everyone must do ones best to participate in the line of the Blessing.

11. Original Love (Original appearance of a husband and a wife) Aug. 7, 1998

1) Original Love

God said it is beautiful when watching Adam and Eve loving (including lovemaking) each other. God was rejoiced even to the degree of feeling rapture. However, because of the fall of mankind, God had lost such entire love. For this reason, mankind has responsibility to console God's Han and return His rejoice. 'Original love' was discuss in the section of 'True Love.' Therefore, I will categorize the appearance of the Original Love. Those are:

a) Love of a husband and a wife centering on God

b) Love of children centering on God

c) True Love centered on God is indeed the Original Love.

2) Appearance of original couple standing in front of God

In what appearance does a person who has established the original love meets God when he/she comes to Kingdom of Heaven? He/she comes to this world (spirit world) just as a bridegroom and a bride enter the wedding hall in beautiful dress on earth. For the bridegroom and the bride whom God receives are extremely beautiful, the scene makes us to fall into the image that an angel from Heaven has descended to the earth. A good man and a good woman go forward to God and offer a Kyung Bae while receiving resplendent light within beautiful melody.

Within the bright radiant of light, a couple loves (including lovemaking) each other. The appearance of a couple loving is just as the world of light becoming one and is very bright. Within the light, God embraces and rejoices by radiating the love in a stem of light. How can that be possible since the couple did not come to the spirit world together? When a wife who came to the spirit world before her bridegroom goes forward to God when she receives him. This is a description of the time when Sang Heon Lee was going forward to God. This made me to think that this was the original love of God that God wanted to establish at the Garden of Eden.

12. Principle of Relativity in the view of Original Love (Life of Original Couple) Aug. 8, 1997

1) Foundation of Principle of Relativity

Original Love is the love that God wanted to seek in the Garden of Eden. Then, in what relationship does it have with the Principle of Relativity? The foundation of principle of relativity is the giving and receiving for the sake of other (object). What I want to say about the 'Principle of Relativity in the view of Original Love' is the appearance of a good man and a good woman forwarding the Ideal of Kingdom of Heaven.

2) Life of Original Couple in the view of Principle of Relativity

What is the life of original couple in the view of principle of relativity? For example, let's say there is a couple eating together on a meal table. If there is a specific food that a wife want to offer her husband, at the same time with her thought, the food is put in front of her husband (this is just as a wife prepares a meal table for her husband). When the subject (husband) express gratitude to the object (wife), in the same moment the object recognizes the thought of the subject and smiles.

However, when I see the scene of people eating in Hell, they do not recognize each other's thought. The scene is just as we can see easily in a physical labor area and/or in a prison that they fight for more food because of their hunger.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, couples do know each other's thought, word, and action by simply looking at each other's eyes. Since they always know each other's heart of wanting to give and the heart of willing to give (no one has such thought of selfishness centering on 'I'), it looks exactly same as a magnet always follows the compass.

Therefore, they are always very humble to each other, they always express respect to each other, and they live always showing warm and peaceful smile. The world of original love is the world where couples live with the heart of willing to give and receive centering on God and dance around within the rapturing light of God just as the warm sun light in spring. Within the life of Couple's Love which you are dreaming the ideal of the original love on earth, I want you to live the life that you can be accepted by God.

13. Dominion of Universe and the Value of Mankind (Harmony of Cosmos) Aug. 8, 1998

1) Mankind is the main role of entire world of creation

God, who has created the creation of heaven and earth, has created the mankind as the main role of the entire world of creation. However, because of the fall of mankind, it seems that the value of all things and the mankind has reversed. For this reason, mankind has lost the value of existence as the children of God. How painful God feels that the world of creation that God built for the sake of His children (mankind) grows and multiplies on its own, but the main role of the creation of heaven and earth is not appearing? Mankind's task is that he must correct the fallen position and go to God in his original track.

However, the only way for mankind to appear as the owner in front of all things is by standing on the standard of the value of Blessing (rebirth) through True Parents. God originally blessed mankind to do everything that he desires in the Garden of Eden was because God allowed the qualification of the manager for entire world of creation. Through the rebirth, mankind will restore everything as the main role of the Garden, and will receive the standard of value of the manager of the universe.

Then, up to where, does the standard of value of mankind reach? That is to obtain the qualification as the children of God, and to obtain the qualification of the owner of the entire world of creation. God created all things for the sake of mankind. Therefore, God will rejoice only when mankind rejoices together with God looking at the all things.

2) Appearance of harmonizing mankind and all things

Don't you think that the reciprocal relationship must be established between mankind and all things since the object of joy of mankind is all things? Then, let's give an example of an appearance of harmonizing between all things and mankind who is the main role of the universe. When a couple become one and love (including lovemaking), grass, flowers, and birds surrounded all harmonize.

Grass radiates its beautiful colors. It swings light with an excitement.

Birds get all gathered and sing with their own beautiful songs.

Passing by breeze harmonizes with the silky soft touch.

All these various scenery radiates in beautiful appearance. When a couple loves (including lovemaking) within such atmosphere, God answers with a stem of bright ray. Sometimes we see a scene in a movie that a queen of a castle wearing soft and beautiful clothes makes love and a beautiful music of harp is heard throughout the scene. However, this cannot be compared with that.

Mankind received abundant of treasure from God as a manager of all things. However, because of the fall, he cannot feel or see them. Yet, if we reach the standard of the value of a perfected man, we will restore every relationship. Therefore, mankind must again realize the value as the original owner of entire universe and return gratitude and glory to God.

14. Dominion of Universe and God's True Love (God's Rejoice) Aug. 8, 1997

1) Mankind is God's children

God created mankind as His children. However, God could not abandon the painful Shim Jung toward the children when they do not return to God's bosom and wander around in a distance. For this reason, there are times when God reverses the management indirectly. By doing so, God has been consoled and patient through watching all things. However, God feels joy when His children appear in front of all things as the very main role. This is because all things desire mankind to have dominion on them.

2) God's joy and love

God wants to bless a beautiful good man and a woman by saying that the world of creation is all theirs when God sees the appearance of entire surrounding all things harmonize while the couple appear in front of God and return joy and glory to God. One stem of a brilliant light harmonizes with all things and reconfirms that the main role of such beautiful world is the mankind. Then, God blesses mankind that he can bring as much as he wants.

When a good man and a good woman received such Blessing walk by, entire grass dances with joy. Mankind feels God's love within the beautiful enraptured atmosphere where birds rejoice with their own chirping sound, melody coming from the breeze, and indescribable fragrance. Therefore, since the world of creation is the description of God's devoting love that is given to us, we must joyfully return our love toward God as a main role of the world of creation.

15. Perfected Man holds the value of God (One lives with God) Aug. 8, 1997

1) Perfected man is the God's successor

When mankind grows in right way and completely accepted by God as His children, he becomes perfected children to God and is bequeathed everything. Thus, mankind who is admitted as the manager of the world of creation can stand as the object of eternal joy. Such mankind will have standard of Shim Jung that can recognize God's thought through living and rejoicing with God, and he will have the standard of the value of God.

2) One who lives with God

For this reason, indeed, mankind is to go to the position of standard of value of God, and this God's last desire toward mankind. God wants mankind to be in the perfected position where God can bless mankind with the word, 'These are all yours. You have done everything.' Therefore, such position is the position where we always live with God within God's radiation.

16. Cain and Abel in the view of Principle of Reciprocity (Relationship between Cain and Abel) Aug. 9, 1997

1) Relationship between Cain and Abel

Already, the origin of the principle of reciprocity was mentioned several times above. In here, I will appeal how the relationship between Cain and Abel in the view of principle of reciprocity is systemized in the spirit world. God was going to give the exact same love toward Abel to Cain when Cain and Abel match the reciprocal standard to each other by Cain appearing as a respecting person in front of Abel and love Abel. However, rather than loving Abel, Cain was arrogant by showing off of his qualification as an Elder Son. This made Abel's heart in pain, and became the motivation to hate Cain. By doing so, Cain result a sorrowful history within God's providence. God had to re-indemnify pieces of history that left mistakes. In order to do so, God pulled mankind by making mankind to set another condition that he can receive the messiah in the position where God can say that mankind has no sin.

For this reason, just as the principle of reciprocity mentions that the subject and object become one with the love caused by the heart wanting to give to each other, the original relationship of Cain and Abel will be the same if man did not fall. Cain would not had the emotion that he hated Abel to the extreme that he wanted to kill him. On the other hand, the power of respecting and helping each other (wanting to sacrifice oneself for the sake of each other) must have functioned stronger.

2) Cain and Abel Relationship in Heaven

There clearly exist the Cain and Abel relationship in Heaven also. There are various people in Cain and Abel relationship, such as elder person, younger person, upper level person, lower level person, one who receives more love nearby God, one who receives less love of God, etc.

For example, between the elder person and younger person, rather than the elder person ignores and orders by screaming, he will ask 'what are you doing now?' with such a warm heart. Then, the younger person will smile and respond 'what shall I help you?' In such atmosphere, each other's heart come and go.

Also, when a younger person has a question to ask to the elder person, he will ask 'I am very curious about such context, could you help me to understand?' Then, the elder person does not answer with such an attitude of authority and reputation, but with the love of true elder brother, he answers.

If I add more, God did not apply the principle of reciprocity between subject and object of mankind, but to every creation, God gave the heart of love that wants to give for the sake of each other. Since such relationship has broken, the Cain and Abel relationship became in distanced. Because of the earth situation became complicated, the situation of spirit world became more complicated.

The ideal of Kingdom of Heaven must first established on earth, and on such foundation, the spirit world becomes organized. I want you to live the life on earth through reorganizing, rethinking, and reestablishing the origin of the principle of reciprocity (living for the sake of object).

17. Kingdom of Heaven Aug. 9, 1997 (For the sake of Eternity, do not live every moment foolishly)

1) What is Kingdom of Heaven?

In simple word, the Kingdom of Heaven is the place where the gather of people with no individualism or self-centered thought live. In other words, it can be summarized as the world of 'living together,' 'glorifying together,' 'together' where overwhelms the heart of willing to live for the sake of object, willing to give endless.

2) What is Hell?

Hell is the place where the gather of people with attachment of 'I' individual, my situation, and my possession. Hell is the world where mankind with such thought goes.

3) World of Eternity

In general, most of people living on earth pursue the physical joy as their ideal of life. This is the reason that the life of physical world who do not know God can easily become the practice center for the Hell. World of eternity is an unavoidable way for everyone. For this reason, comparing to the eternal world, we must close our short life of physical world with daily examination. The law of eternal world accepts no excuses just as the physical world. There is no personal reason. This is the context that Lee Sang Heon truly wants to tell and help the people in physical world, and this may be the best gift. All I want to mention and mention again is 'for the eternity, do not live the moment foolish.' This is the way of filial piety to True Parents. (This is because, organizing in the spirit world is very complicate.)

18. Established Place of Kingdom of Heaven (Place of Eternal Happiness) Aug. 9, 1997

The Kingdom of Heaven is the fence that we all become one with each other's love centering on God. In this world, every respect each other's personality, always be humble, always be warm, always gives smile and live. Your height being tall or short, your look being handsome or ugly, your position being president or security, you being rich or poor, you being highly educated or never does not matter at all. In this world, there is no difficulty, no envy, but exists only eternal happiness.

Section 4
4. People whom I met in the spiritual world

1. Jesus Christ, August 10, 1997

Every person is concerned about Paradise, where Jesus is staying. Then, how is Jesus Christ doing? He is living like only one existing person in the cosmic world. What does it mean? He feels very lonely. There are many Christians around Jesus Christ. Some people are wearing Cross necklaces, and others are holding a rosary. However, even though Christians serve Jesus as the highest goal of their earthly lives, Jesus Christ feels lonely and shabby. What is the reason for that? If Jesus is the highest Christ as Christians believe, why did he is stay in the Paradise? Because in the spiritual world, Jesus is not considered as a person who fulfilled his mission completely. So he is in the lonely and miserable position.

Paradise is not a totally happy place. Christians who are in the Paradise are begging for Jesus to go forward to the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. "Oh Lord! Let's go together with you!" They are begging like that. Whenever they do so, Jesus feels pain in his heart. He answers saying, "I am not to stay here with the qualification of Christ, but as God's son. I am happy and feel grateful for this place.

Then, when would Christians be able to move from the Paradise to the Kingdom of heaven? Until when would Jesus have to stay in Paradise? He has to wait until True Parents come and liberate. At that time, people of Paradise can receive many advantage. Then, can't Jesus get God's full benefit in the Paradise? He can't. I saw many times that Jesus was going together with God, but many Christians did not know that. (This is a different place than the Kingdom of God.)

2. The Holy Mother Mary, August 10, 1997.

The Holy Mother Mary was a great woman who was respected as Jesus' mother. Even though she is always with Jesus in the Paradise, I have never seen her walking proudly. She is living with a guilty conscience because she did not fulfill her responsibility for Jesus. Even though she is not a nun, she is living like a nun. Therefore, the relationship between Jesus and his mother are in a very difficult situation. However, they do not blame each other. Rather, they are very careful of each other.

3. Joseph, August 10, 1997

Joseph is the husband of the Holy Mother Mary and lives in the same position as Mary, but he is also living a very lonely life, separated from Mary. Even though they were a couple on earth, now they are living like strangers and even do not meet each other. Joseph is too embarrassed to meet Jesus; Holy Mother Mary also feels sorrowful when meeting Jesus. Moreover, they seem to be afraid of what people think of them. Joseph is repenting for his past earthly life and feels very sorry for Jesus. Because most of people who are around them know the relationship between Joseph and Mary, their lives are not free on earth as well as in heaven. Therefore, Paradise is not a happy and joyful place, but it is the place of wishing and hope.

4. Buddha, August 11, 1997

Buddha is the most famous and respected person to Buddhists. I am going to tell the story of my meeting Buddha. He is spending his time with sitting at the foot of a high mountain and deeply sighing. When I asked him why he was sighing and worried, he answered that "You did not come here to meet me, but came to analyze me. Since you are living in God's love, you may know every situation. In spite of that, why do you ask me?" "Whenever it comes April 8, many Buddhists celebrate a festival for my birthday, but I only want to hide. I feel very sorry and repent that when I lived in the physical world, I did not teach how to serve God. Because I lived without knowing God, my teaching seems to lead many people into sinfulness. What can I do?" He says this with deep sighing.

His face does not seem to look bright and he likes to walk on the high mountain. He dislikes meeting people and wants to go where no one is. He is always repenting in his prayer and continues to offer full bows before God with his whole sincere mind. Even though some believers around Buddha are following him, he does not appear in the place where many people are gathered. Moreover, the place where Buddha is living seems to be in the high level of the middle spiritual world.

I am going to lecture Divine Principle and Unification Thought to Buddha, continuously. His character is very mild and humble. He does not walk proudly with an uplifted head, but dropping his head to 45 degrees. He always talks with a benevolent face. When he was listening to the lecture, he continuously thanked me for my lecture. When I ask him to promise to come for the next lecture, he did not promise easily. After several silent moments, he made a facial expression saying that "If you have time, please come and lecture." He does not say unnecessary things. He was very humble and benevolent.

How does Buddha meet God? Some Buddhists may believe that because he was the highest religious founder on earth, he should be treated most highly. However, even though it may be a very sorry story for Buddhists, he cannot meet God directly. However, he can sometimes receive God's direction indirectly only through a messenger. When he receives God's direction, as a servant does before king, he gives a full bow before God and kneels down to receive that direction. He also gives full bow again, before God's direction like reading a King's order.

Buddhists sometimes can see such a scene, but they do not know what is going on. Moreover, God's direction does not come often. The contents of God's direction seems that God consoles Buddha. That is, it seems to console Buddha with its contents. Since it will take a long time until he comes into the direct realm of God's love. He needs to wait silently. It was very surprising that God is going together with Jesus, but He is not with Buddha directly. Why is that so? Jesus served God, but because Buddha served himself, he is a sinner who can never go before God. However, God forgives him and consoled him.

5. Confucius, August 11, 1997

Confucius is the great King of Confucianism. He is on the same level as Buddha's which is the highest level of the middle spiritual world. Even in the coldest winter, he wears the oriental classical overcoat and hat, and has a deep meditation, sitting on the snow for some time. Therefore, if I do not make an appointment with him, it is not easy to meet him. When I greeted him saying that "I came here to meet teacher Confucius," he responded that "Isn't it rudeness if you come here without appointment?" I introduced myself to him. When I was living in the physical world, I thought of your Confucianism as the most valuable thought, and I wrote Unification Thought, and I lived a life with having a new view of life through Rev. Moon's teaching. When I finished to introducing myself, he said "How can you call your great teacher's name directly? You should call his name respectably as letter "Moon", letter "Sun", and letter "Myung". He taught me like that. He also said that "Since your seat seems to be uncomfortable, please change to this seat." His word and behavior were very courteous. So, it was not easy to tell him my opinions.

Whenever I visited him, he came out with wearing humble dress. He seems like a stone Buddha. Since he did not speak quickly, it took time to listen to his words. His facial expression did not change. He looked severe. He liked my the lecture of Divine Principle and Unification Thought, and he gently asked me to come again. However, he was worried that his request might be difficult for me, he glanced at my facial expression. Since his character is very reticent, it is difficult to know his inner situation.

I was curious how God's love is delivered to the place where Confucius lives. In case of Buddha, God's love was delivered through someone, but Confucius was different from him. Confucius was called by God. When God said that you should teach God through your thought, he gave a full bow before God. Because he gave full bow very politely, it took quite a long time. Why does God treat them differently? Buddha himself acted like God, but Confucius taught various requirements of etiquette and norm. He did not act like God. There were many people around Confucius who looked courteous,  wearing traditional dress such as an overcoat and hat. It was not easy to meet Confucius. When I went to meet him, I had to pass through many doors like passing 12 gates.

6. Mohammed, August 12, 1997

Mohammed is at a distance from God and the Holy Spirit. His living place is neither the middle spiritual world nor Paradise, but is also not Hell. If it were in the physical world, I can could name the place, but in the spiritual world, it is difficult to express it. His place is located between the Paradise and the Hell. In going to meet him, I met many difficulties. It was also difficult even to find the way to go to him. This is because he dislikes to revealed himself to other people. Therefore, the meeting place wasn't bright. I met him in a slightly dark place, like basement.

He asked why I wanted to meet him. After introducing myself, I said that "Since you are the person whom many earthly people want to meet, I also came to see you." After thinking for a while, he began to open his mouth to speak. "When I lived in the physical world, many people did so, but after coming to the spiritual world, this place seems to be excessive to me. I believe that God sent me here to have me recognize my sin in the physical world. I feel very sorry and repent that I made God suffer by my wrong thought. Because of God's grace, even in this level, there is no the punishment, like Hell. I am very grateful for God because this place is too good for me when compared with my sin."

He continuously said that "When I was staying in the physical world, I thought that my thought was the best one, which could not be compared with any thought regarding the theory of God. However, it was very big mistake and I feel very shameful for that. I cannot lift up my head before God. However, since you came here, please give me your deepest advice and thought." It was the fourth time I met him.

The reason why I met him many times is that I wanted to understand his thought clearly. At the second meeting, I explained a part of the Unification Thought and introduced True Father, and he accepted it positively. He had already known True Father very well. He said that he was looking forward to seeing Rev. Moon in the spiritual world. When I asked why he is waiting for True Father, he explained that he already knows that True Father will establish the law of the spiritual world and liberate that world. When I asked how he knew that, he said that he attending many seminars which were held in the spiritual world.

Mohammed was wearing the clothes that covered his whole body from the head to foot. He seemed to have the character of religious founder, and his body looked dignified. The place where Mohammed was staying seems to be located below middle spiritual world. Most people there were wearing similar clothing, which we can see in the Arab countries. People who are living in this Arab area try to escape meeting people. If I tried to see them, they turned their faces. Even though I asked the reason, they didn't answer me. I came to understand that because I am living in the good place, they would want to hide their shabby and shameful place.

Mohammed seemed to glad to meet me, and at the same time, seems to feel shy. He always met me bashfully. While my staying here, I have never seen God call Mohammed. I didn't even see God send a messenger. Even though he recognized God's love and felt sorry for God. On the other hand, I could not see that he gave a full bow and devotion like Buddha and Confucius. However, I don't know if he is doing that secretly. He doesn't seem to feel lonely like Buddha, and he also doesn't seem to have meek face like Confucius. How did such great leader of Islam come to such a low level of the spiritual world? I have thought deeply about that.

Humans were created to pursue goodness, resembling God's love. However, Mohammed seemed to try to pursue individual desire rather than following the goodness and love through his autocratic authority. The mind with which we serve God should spring from original nature automatically. The faith which came by forcible and cruel methods is just formal faith. Moreover, such forcible methods oppress human's original nature. That is far from God's idea. Therefore, they must stay in such a level of the spiritual world.

Now, Mohammed is looking forward to seeing God. His teaching about Allah should be destroyed. It is a very difficult problem. Only when there is some cooperation of earthly people and people in the spiritual world, can Mohammed go before God. Therefore, when his followers on earth attend the blessing ceremony Mohammed asks them to pray for his wrong teaching to be corrected. He would like that very much.

(The conversation between Mohammed and Y. S. Kim who is the reporter)

My name is Mohammed. I know that you came here as the responsible person of this middle area of East Asia. Even though you are a most precious person, I cannot treat you well, I feel very sorry. I know how big a mistake I made. Even though because of selfishness, it is very difficult to restore Moslem people, I wish that they would be restored to God's love and True Parents' love. The reason why I came here is because I have something which I want to ask to you. If you make a 40 days prayer condition to restore the realm of the middle East Asia, I will open the way to meet Islamic people. I can help you through the prayer condition. If you do it, your precious family will stay here in safety. Thank you very much. (He was thinking how to witness Islamic people in the middle East Asia.)

7. Swedenborg, August 13, 1997

Swedenborg was the one whom I wanted to meet in my earthly life. In order to meet him, I waited for God's will. How does God think of that? God said that even though human ability is limited, the power of the Holy Spirit is infinite. Swedenborg was the one who thought the power of God more preciously than human ability.

He is staying in the good place which is close to the Paradise. Before I met him, I looked around his surroundings. His disciple came out to meet me. He said "My teacher welcomes you." He said that my teacher got a revelation that God's messenger will visit today. So, now he is waiting for you. When I entered the room, he greeted me with bright smile and face. It was very good feeling.

When I set silently to introduce myself, He said that "You are the one who received God's love and special grace and had lived attending the precious teacher. Therefore, can you give me a lecture of your teacher's thought?" So, I briefly introduced Divine Principle and Unification Thought. He also asked me to introduce True Father, who had given such precious teaching.

When I responded, he already knew about True Father, "Your teacher is the one who shines the light like Sun and Moon. Because you attended such teacher who cannot be evaluated by human's thinking, I have to learn from you." He asked me with a humble attitude. I promised him that we would have many chances to talk.

He has very systematic and logical thoughts. However, I was wondering why this person stays in Paradise although he experienced God's love and was serving God. He was in the place which he can see God closely and was waiting for God's grace.

However, because he lived, communicating with God for long time, even when he came to the spiritual world, his spiritual eyes shone very brightly. People who are serving for him also were the people who had bright faces and humble minds. However, because they don't know True Parents' thought and blessing family, I came to think that before True Father comes to this world, I would witness to them by giving lectures as soon as possible.

8. Sundassing, August 13, 1997

This person is the one who lived with seeing the high level spiritual world in the physical world. I could compare Swedenborg and Sundassing. The place where Sundassing is staying is located in the middle spiritual world which is lower than Paradise. Before I met him, I saw various decorations which are spread over his area. It was like before a female shaman dances. The surroundings of his house were similar to the Buddhist style. When I entered his house to meet Sundassing, a servant guided me, spreading salt before me. Sundassing did not come out from his room and instead someone opened the door. When he saw me, he said, "Why does such precious person visit here?" I introduced myself in detail. I told him that I came in order to introduce Divine Principle, Unification Thought, and True Parents. He said that "Thank you, but I don't have any qualification and I have a guilty conscience." When I asked why that is, he said that while he stayed in the physical world, he received not only the Holy Spirit, but also spirit of other levels. He feels shameful before God. He said that after making a sacrificial offering, he wanted to listen my lecture.

He was very humble and silent, but he spoke very clearly and logically. However, I could not say that God would like the decoration around his house. I think that when he receives the Divine Principle lectures, his ideas will be changed.

Even though the spiritual world is very different according to its level, people who are close to God are more comfortable, but people who do not know about God often argue with one another and are in anguish. Although I wanted to restore this area of spirit world, it seems not to be accomplished, even giving tens of Divine Principle lectures. I feel very sorry for True Parents.

9. Socrates

Many people think Socrates when their thought is complicated and confused. Humans are trying to seek God and their original nature from birth. Even before humans recognize rationally the fact that they were created by God, they are in a heartistic relationship with God, which is the relationship of father and son. Therefore, the human original mind to pursue God is necessary to seek God. However, if you are captured by your own thought, you will lose God. I think that Socrates is such a person.

In order to meet him, I made a lot of effort. It was not easy to meet him. The place where he is staying is located in the lowest level of the middle spiritual world. The reason why it was difficult to meet him is that he was not willing to meet me. After I visited there three times, he admitted me with a dark and gloomy facial expressions. The reason why he disliked me was because he didn't want to meet people who have different thought from his own. He wanted to know the fruit of his own thought only, and at first of he did not feel any need to listen other thought. He was very arrogant. He did not even like to talk. He was not willing to listen my lectures.

Even so, I began to speak about Unification Thought, step by step. While I was giving a lecture, he suddenly asked me "Who made this thought? Is it your thought? If it is your thought, you seem to think about it a lot." Therefore, I began to tell him about True Father. He did not know about True Father before. After talking for a long time, it seemed that he opened his mind a bit. Through him, I came to recognize that philosopher's thoughts can be obstacles before God. Because he was filled with his own thought and logic, it seemed to take long time to change his thinking.

When I came again and asked if he wanted to listen my lecture, he said that "Even though your lecture is not necessary for me, if you came with the mind to change my thought, I can hardly welcome you."

When he has a problem, he was not willing to meet other people until the problem was solved. Therefore, his surroundings were dreary and at a distance from other people. He did not have an interest in the harmony of nature, in which flowers bloom and are wilted. He was not interested in the fact that a human's death and life are derived from God's power and God's existence. Because of that, it took a long time to remove his egotism. However, I did not give up a hope for him, because our thought is on a higher level than any other thoughts. When the reporter asked if he did not know True Father but know God well, he said that "Even though he knows God, if he does not know True Father well, and he don't want to know True Father because of his thought."

10. Adam, August 14, 1997

Adam, the first human ancestor and the first grandfather, is a handsome looking man with a warm personality, and always made us feel comfortable. I was curious on what level of spirit world he was living. If I describe everything it will take too much time, and I will be sorry for Mrs. Lee.

Adam remained too distant from God to appear before Him. However, since his indemnity period is finished, he is now living in a good part of spirit world, which is close to God. Adam is always afraid of coming before God, being cautious.

Adam says that his life in that realm of spirit world is a lot better than that of the Garden of Eden. Things are abundant and he can meet with many people. When he was living in the Garden of Eden, he was lonely and fearful to face God. According to Adam, he did not know that he was supposed to make Eve happy. He just thought that he was to stay with Eve in the Garden of Eden. In other words, he was not mature enough to relate to Eve as a grown man. He was not old enough to realize that Eve was to be his wife. When things went wrong with Eve, he eventually realized it, but it was too late for him to do anything about it.

Since Adam failed to fulfill his responsibility as the first human ancestor, he suffered a lot, working hard for many thousands of years, and therefore, as a sinner, he felt incredible guilt before God. Although he is now living near God, he still is always cautious before Him.

11. Eve, August 19, 1997

It may sounds harsh to say that Eve is the greatest sinner in human history, but it is true that she committed truly a serious mistake. Eve is now living with Adam near God. She is always warm looking and thoughtful but also quite stubborn. To me, her face is not the most beautiful one, but she is very good looking. Whenever I tried to speak to her, she turned her face away from me. When I had another chance to see her, she again turned her face away from me or bent her head down so that she would not have an eye contact with me. Therefore it took a long time for me to have an opportunity to talk to her. As we were conversing with each other, she discovered that I (Sang Hun Lee) was close to God, she attempted to have an open and honest dialogue with me. She started by saying:

It may not be necessary for me to talk about my past faults, but I would like to be honest with you. Adam an I always lived close to each other, eating together, sleeping together, etc. We were so young at that time and we did not know that we should become husband and wife. Adam always liked to have fun, running here and there. I also liked to play, but I preferred to stay in a quiet place, spending time with the creation. Although Adam and I had time together, since we were both busy playing separately, we did not have chances to express our love for each other as a man and a woman. The being that actually opened my eyes to the opposite sex was Lucifer.

Lucifer was always with me. He was always kind and willing to teach me everything. Sometime he would bring things that I would like to eat. In the meantime, through Lucifer I developed a feeling towards the opposite sex. Lucifer also came to fall in love with me. At the time my relationship with Lucifer came to fruition, Adam began to notice it. But Adam did not interfere in our relationship, nor did he express his love for me. He just left me alone. Then my love for Lucifer became more passionate, and Lucifer led me well. I just could not let go of Lucifer. This lasted for quite some time. Lucifer was scared and so was I. Yet whenever Adam saw me, he ran away from me. After a while I came to realize that my deeds were wrong. One day God struck us with a terrible reproach. He said that we were no longer qualified to be with Him.

Then I looked for Adam with a sincere heart. I desperately clung to him, appealing to him to help me. Afterwards, as was taught by Lucifer, we slept together. When I had a sexual relationship with Adam, I could not feel the same passion for Adam as I felt towards Lucifer. I came to miss Lucifer more and more. Strangely Adam and I felt distant from each other. Whenever Lucifer glanced at me and tempted me, he was irresistible. Eventually I was drawn to the bosom of Lucifer and could satisfy my burning physical desire through him.

As time passed by, I could not avoid God's eyes on me. I was scared of his anger towards me. Then I went to Adam. Although I had no physical relationship with him, strangely enough, I felt a sort of peace. Without realizing the reason why. Whenever I went near Lucifer, I was captured by an intolerable fear. As time passed, I came to realize that what I did with Lucifer was wrong and felt more guilt towards Adam.

Adam comforted me, but my heart was always tormented. That has been the story of my life. I felt sorry for Adam, and I am a terrible sinner who cannot even ask for forgiveness and salvation from God.. As the indemnity period is over, I am elevated to this place, but I am the worst sinner.

I wondered why God called such a sinner, Eve, so quickly to be near him. When considering Adam and Eve are the unforgivable sinners as the first human ancestors and the ones who caused the greatest pain to God. I was curious how they could be in this spiritual realm.

As human history flows, the day of joy when hell is liberated should arrive as soon as possible. Otherwise, humans in physical bodies cannot be liberated from pain and suffering on earth. Now, since an indemnity condition was set on their behalf, Adam's family is finally liberated. Through the liberation of Adam's family, a foundation for all sins and crimes to be forgiven is also established. Someday, the gate to hell's exit will be wide open, and an eternal day of liberation will come.

12. Noah, August 19, 1997

I came to encounter Noah, Father of Faith, who built an ark on the top of a mountain. He was residing in the upper level of the medium spirit world. He always prays, bowing down and making special conditions such as sacrificial offerings to God with all of his heart, mind and soul. He works very hard and dresses like a farmer who plants rice seedlings, He makes an altar to make an offering to God. Using his talent that built an ark, he thoroughly checks here and there to make sure everything is perfect. He does his very best with everything he is involved in. He does this wherever he goes, in whatever he does, not only for himself but also for others. He also encourages others to pray and makes special conditions. His facial expression is very kind, good-hearted, and pure, without thinking of his own interest.

I asked him, "Have you not changed your heart while building an ark for 120 years at the top of a mountain?"

Noah answered, "According to the direction of God, I was building an ark. Therefore, I could not change my mind in the middle. If I changed my mind, I would have doubted whether that direction was from God. I do not recall how the time period of 120 years passed because I was totally committed to building the ark. Actually, it was fun to build it. My children and wife also helped me, but their support was not 100%. People usually seek for what is visible. They often turn their faces away from God who is invisible. So, many times they shook me while I was only focussing on building the ark. They would say: How can we live alone when all others die in the flood? Why would God let us live alone? Let us ask this question of God and when He gives us a clear answer, we can continue to build the ark. If God destroys all humankind, there will be no descendants. God is not so cruel as to do such things to humans, etc. All kinds of temptations came to me, but I did not pay any attention to any of them, but only focussed on building the ark. Still, I am grateful that my wife and children did not turn away from me. While we were living on earth, the greatest joy was to attend God with all of our hearts and obey His words. That is why in a wonderful place like this, I am teaching people how to attend God in the right way. This is the most joyous time for me. It may sound rude, but may I ask how you came to be given such a great grace of the love of God? How well did you attend God when you were living on earth?"

Noah did not know True Parents well. I explained about Them for some time. Then, he was immersed into deep thought for a while until he said, "You seem to have been born at the right time." He seemed to be expressing an envious heart by saying this. When I told him that everyone can be this close to God, he replied, "I am grateful for where I am. People go to the level that corresponds to the merit they received while attending God on earth." He expressed the desire to learn more about True Parents.

Another thing that I was interested in was the time of the flood judgement. Noah responded. "God one day gave me an urgent order: Noah, Noah, hurry up and get into the ark with the others." Three days thereafter, it started to rain. From that time on, all family members began to believe in me. When we were confined for three days, everyone including the animals made such a commotion to get off the ark. At that time I only depended on God and prayed constantly. The main theme of my prayer was. "Please build your nation through the flood judgment." As it started to rain, everyone inside the ark remained silent. All of my family members paid attention to my every movement or action.

The flood that continued for 40 days and nights was truly an incredible tempest. Due to the heavy rain, the entire world was dark. The rain flowing in the valleys made mountains fall down, with their tree branches broken. Lightening and thunder was ceaseless. Realizing that this was truly a punishment from God, I only continued to pray. All I was wondering about was when God's indignation would be stopped. 40 days later, after the rain had stopped, God said that my faith calmed His indignation down. A ray of sunshine shone on the window of the ark, the tempest started to die down. Ever since then, all of my family members followed my directions, depending on me. There was unity in the family. It was a happy time of our life together."

I asked, "May I ask you about the mistake made by Ham?" He replied, "That year, all of us worked very hard. Especially, the harvest for grapes was a great success. Since all of us did our best, everything was abundant and our hearts were peaceful. We were just so happy. One day, I had a glass of wine after working hard and happened to fall asleep out of fatigue. I must have been too hot from drinking the wine and without realizing it, I must have taken off all my clothes, making me naked. Usually, my second son was obedient to me. Since I was sleeping, he had the desire to make sure I was sleeping comfortably. He must have come into my room, when seeing me sleeping naked, he must have been surprised.

My family members who had returned from work and saw me in such a condition made a commotion about it. Especially, my wife was upset with me, asking me why I could not even take care of myself as a person who attended God. The fact that I could not do it became a great sin before God. Although I attended God all of my life, since the flood judgement I became arrogant rather than being humble. For this, God punished us, admonishing us. God always thinks that humility comes first. "Then he added that whenever he thinks of his mistake, he always feels repentful, without being able to lift his face up before God.

Noah attended God all of his life. Thus he thought that God should be able to forgive the mistake of his son, Ham, but He would not. It is because of the Fall of Man, and if God forgave, it could be another condition for Satan to invade. That is why God could not forgive Ham's act. This is the law of the spirit world. There is no exception in the heavenly law. Therefore, those who want to be treated generously before God should live a life that can pass the heavenly law in the spirit world. Then you can be treated by God accordingly. I sincerely hope that people on earth will be able to come to God by passing all of His tests.

13. Abraham and Isaac, August 20, 1997

I think I was introduced to Abraham and Isaac even before I met them in person because I heard, while I was in the spirit world, that Abraham had been meeting important figures in God's providence. They came to visit me, saying that they could not have someone important as me to come to them. Abraham is a good looking and gentle hearted person. I said that I would like to go and visit his place, he answered that people around him are able to attend God well, bowing down to God in the morning and the evening, according to the heavenly law.

I expressed my interest in the offering of Isaac. He understood me, agreeing with me. And he started, "Since I did not have a child for a long time, I made special efforts in attending God. There was nothing that I could reject or deny in God's voice. Further, my wish was that I depend on God in everything and live with Him. As I made special efforts every day, at the age of 100 He gave me a son. The preciousness of this son was indescribable. I was so immersed in enjoying him that I almost forgot to make offerings to God although God is the one who gave me that son.

As the child was growing, he was interested in everything that his father, I, was doing. He loved me very much. Perhaps, it is because he is a son who was given to me after making many special conditions to God, and he would say, "Father, today, why is there no water on the altar? God should be upset with this, and I will bring some water for Him." In such a way he grew and grew in health and wisdom. One day, God called me and said, "Abraham, I would like to receive an offering from you, that may be a difficult offering for you to give. Will you still do it for me?" I replied, "I will do whatever you ask me to do. Please go ahead and tell me what to do." Then God said, "Abraham, I would like to have you offer your precious son, Isaac." I thought I misheard Him and asked Him again, "What have you said?" He answered, "I told you to offer your son.

I could not tolerate the pain. Whether it was day or night, everything seemed so dark to me. For several days, as I was in torment. Isaac came to me and asked, insisting that I answer him, "Father, is anything wrong?"

I told him, "God has asked me to make an offering." Isaac was surprised and asked wondering, "Father, why are you taking so long to execute God's direction? Please do it quickly." With his push I told him, "I should not make this offering here, but at a place far away, in a deep mountain."

Isaac said, "Then it is all the more reason why you should be in a hurry. Let us leave quickly." Due to his pressure, I could no longer resist him. Several days after our departure, when we arrived at a mountain, he asked me, "Father, what will be the sacrificial offering object this time?" I could not answer him. As fire wood was piled up, I just called Isaac's name and embraced him. Then Isaac said, "Father, God asked you to offer Him Isaac, right? I knew it when I saw your gloomy face." Then he continued, "I am grateful for God to choose me as the offering object. Father, what are you worried about? Becoming an offering object is good. It is a blessing." Then he lay down on the fire woods without hesitation. Looking at the sky, I earnestly prayed with mixed feelings in my heart and with fear towards God and grief for my son, "Father, I am offering my son to you!" With this prayer, as I am about to strike him with a sword, I heard a voice from the sky,

"Abraham, I now know that you respect me. Stop what you are going to do." Then, Isaac, who was lying on the fire woods sat up and pushed me, asking, "Why are you stopping? Please continue to make the offering!" He continued, crying out loud, "Father, if you falsely swear before God, I cannot look at your face." Then God called, "Isaac!" Isaac who heard His voice this time listened to me. Through this, although I failed in making the burned offerings according to God's direction, God forgave us, father and son. At that time Isaac joked, "Perhaps God thought that I was too young to be an offering object."

Isaac has a small build, but he is taking after his father, he is a good looking man with a humble heart. Abraham and Isaac were so close to each other to the extent that I was envious of their relationship. Abraham's offering of Isaac teaches us many lessons.

14. Judas Iscariot, August 20, 1997

Judas Iscariot always ran away when I saw him. I went to visit him a number of times, but he did not want to see me. So one day, I left a message on a piece of paper, "Your past fault should not be hidden, but should be revealed in order to be forgiven." Then, after several days, I visited him, at which tie he agreed to see me. Bending his head down like a sinner, he asked me. "Why are you coming after me who is such a great sinner?" I did not answer immediately. After some time, Judas continued, "A historical criminal like me cannot come to God nor to the Lord. As I am repenting my sin, living here like this, please do not come to see me anymore."

"How painful your heart must be. It may not be a great comfort to you, but I thought I might be able to ease your painful heart," said I. He responded, "So far, there has not been even one single person who tried to comfort a sinner like me. But no one, and nothing can be a comfort to me, and therefore I again request you not to visit me anymore." I could not introduce either Divine Principle or Unification Thought to him. His living environment was barren like that of a prison, and I could hardly see anyone around him. Earthly people usually think that hell is a place where many people are crying and screaming, filled with an unbearable bad odor, but actually, hell is a lonely place. I returned to my place thinking that I would visit him again and help him after a while when he is more calm.

15. John the Baptist, August 20, 1997

John the Baptist is short but has a smart looking face. When I asked Jesus how John the Baptist was doing, Jesus asked me not to say that I met him (Jesus). He also added that John the Baptist would not want to meet me, and thus I would not be able to meet him. The place of John the Baptist was very distant from that of Jesus. When I went to visit him, a gigantic person who was carrying a sword stopped me, saying that not everyone is allowed to see his master. Then he asked me to put down my name in the visitor's book. As I entered his house after signing my name, John the Baptist received me, bowing down and said, "How could the messenger of God come to such a humble place like mine," and he sat down, kneeling down before me. Even before I asked him any questions, he started to talk, "On earth, I was respected and followed by many people, but now, my dwelling place is so humble and I can not even see the Lord. Further, even if I would like to attend the Lord, He would not come here. I was so accustomed to be attended to and I did not pay attention to Jesus' life at all. And because I thought and related to Jesus not with God's eyes, but with human eyes. I did not realize that it would be such a great sin. Since I do not know how to be forgiven, I am frustrated. As you came here as the messenger of God, could you help me?" When I asked him why a man with a sword was guarding the gate, he answered that he is always insecure with a fear that someone might come to hurt him and therefore he meets people selectively. I told him, "You need to continuously repent until the day when the gates of hell will be opened." And I introduced True Parent to him. Then, he asked me when that day of liberation will come. As I was returning home, my heart ached because I know that before True Parents, there are many people like him on earth, who will be living a life like that of John the Baptist in the spirit world.

16. Kim Il Sung, August 21, 1997

To meet him I had to go everywhere to look for him. I asked to God about his whereabouts but God only shook his head. I asked around but nobody knew. So I finally decided to go down to low levels to look for him. When I went down to low level, I really felt hell. And then what happened! A giant man injured by gun and knife was leaning against the door, I could not even go inside, and sat there with the ghastly sight. I asked him, "By any chance are you the Premier II Sung Kim?" He was moaning and groaning and could not even hold his head up and yet asking who am I? I told him who I am and mentioned Father's name.

He was bleeding everywhere but he changed his position to kneel down. And he said "I committed so much sin, and did so much wrong things to him (T.F.) therefore I am paying for all that now." I asked him why don't you go inside instead of staying here by the entrance? He said, "I wish I can do that but as soon as I go in, those people throws stone, knife, gun and all kinds of things at me and create such a riot that I cannot endure. Also they scream and saying, Go away, you son -- to me that I cannot stay inside."

"Why are you looking for me? Do you think that my son Jung Il would know about all my misery? North Korea will perish. I knew that before I came to spirit world, but could not do anything about it. I was just hoping that Jung Il would attend True Father and listen his advice to lead the country. I never knew of North Korean people's shouting, and screaming is so loud like this. I really did not know my sin was so great, like this. No one welcomes me anywhere. Could you please save me?" he begged. I had to give Divine Principle and Unification Ideology lecture. I really could not bear to see that gruesome scene. I went inside the door, and it was like the open space of a jail. All of the people whom were there rose and ask me, "Who are you? How could you come in here so imposingly?" I told them that I am a messenger from God. I asked them to give me a little time to talk to them.

From here and there, I heard them saying sarcastically, "All right. We have plenty of time. Give us a speech." I explained to them God is the main person of love and after that gave a lecture about dual characteristics of God. I also appealed to them with tears for about 40 to 50 minutes. I told them that they have to live for others. Love and help each other and forgive each other's faults. They must endure and wait until the day of their from liberation of hell.

After that, I told Kim Il Sung to lay down so that I could treat his wounds. People around us started to help by cleaning his wounds, and atmosphere changed to very calm and composed. I asked them if I could come again, later on, for more lectures. Some said fine and some did not want to be bothered.

Kim Il Sung sat down anxiously. He could not lift his head up and he could not even look at me when I was leaving. On the way back I was thinking, earthly life is so short who can know about this kind of fact and earthly people cannot see the spiritual world, therefore they only cling to what they can see and are only concerned with their earthly lives. This leads to the punishment of hell. That kind of life can only face this kind of wretched hell. What a poor life! I am writing this letter in the hope of being a vital energy for our members so without suffering, all of our members can directly be embraced in God's bosom.

17. Realm of Unification Spiritual World, August 21, 1997

Explaining the realm of Unification Spiritual World: "Here is a real heaven. Here is a real Eden. Here it is really peaceful. In here everybody is happy. Here is full hope. Here is a real garden of love. Here is really enraptured. Here is the place where the bud of love sprouts. Here is a real holy place, that cannot express enough beauty." Here Heung Jin Nim is always the first to work very quietly, humbly, and in complete detail. And he always ask to God about the work and seek his opinion. He goes around each level and listen to their situations and comforts them and so on. Missionary Jong Koo Park always attend Heung Jin Nim and goes everywhere with him. Sometimes Missionary Park stops Heung Jin Nim from going to too hard places and he takes care of the things instead of Heung Jin Nim.

Dae Mo Nim always prays, just like she had done during her earthly life. She does not move from Heung Jin Nim's living place, and she always prays. Dae Mo Nim lives with only one mind and wish, which long life for True Parents. Choong Mo Nim calls Dae Mo Nim elder mother, and she always follows beside Dae Mo Nim, and tries to learn all the little things. One time I witnessed a very interesting scene. Dae Mo Nim's couple and Choong Mo Nim's couple were together and talking to each other, and Dae Mo Nim's husband said, "Let's have fun time together. I feel we are so distant because we are too serious and too formal to each other." Then Dae Mo Nim said, "How can in-laws have fun together? Aren't in-laws supposed to be formal and serious to each other?" After that atmosphere changed to serious again. Choong Mo Nim is always serious and formal, and she try very hard to learn.

President Hyo Won Eu always give Divine Principle lecture. He returns to the lecturing position even when talking with members comfortably. Divine Principle lecture is his life itself. Even in this kind of happy atmosphere, we have some bad times too. Also many of our members are here but that doesn't mean that everybody is happy. They carry the names of their sins like a name tag. It is revealed to the public. Therefore until they pay off the indemnity, they face many embarrassments and pains. Even in heaven, there are different levels. I am not going to say anymore about it. But if I summarize it, heavenly life is the extension of earthly life. Spiritual World is like going in to the storage with the fruit of your own life. But more precious than grain is an attitude of serving others. We all learned about give and take action from Divine Principle and the very basis of that is for the sake of others. Therefore if we live for others rather than ourselves, it will be all right.